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Purrfectly Ever After (Kickstarter)


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Purrfectly Ever After is an original English language visual novel (OELVN) for girls. This dating sim is filled with side-splitting comedy, over-the-top drama, and of course, heart-melting romance. This first game from Weeev aims to bridge the gap between Japanese-centric otome games told in a not-so-Japanese point of view and storyline.
Purrfectly Ever After focuses on a food-loving burglar cat who gets herself into a series of unfortunate events which ended up feeling sorry for herself. Luckily for her, she also encounters kind strangers who rescue her along the way. She wished that she could become a human so that she could earn food honestly. Her wish is overheard by a fairy godfather she didn’t even know she had. And so begins her story.
Game features
  • 5 characters to romance
  • Multiple endings and high replay value
  • Japanese voice acting
  • Available in English and Japanese
  • Episodic content
  • Available for iOS and Android, Windows and Mac if Greenlit
  • Price: USD3.99 for main stories, USD1.99 for epilogues
  • Release date: Tentatively October 2015


Register for iOS TestFlight Demo: goo.gl/KtQegc










As an up-and-coming game developer, Weeev develops games with gasp-worthy plot twists, amazing art, and dozens of sweet moments that provide engaging experiences.
We hope for your support and feedback!
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Happy Sunday peeps!

Let us begin with numbers. We are now 63% funded with over AUD$6k worth of pledges!! And we have exactly 2 more weeks to go! Although we have been getting pledges steadily, we are not sure if we could meet the goal at the end of it because pledges has not been coming in fast enough. Please take a look at this Kicktraq chart below:



Although it's trending to hit 101%, we had better percentages previously...


So we urge everyone, please help us to continue spreading the news to your fellow otome/visual novel gamers or anyone who is interested to see this game come to live! You can also help by voting for us on Steam Greenlight and also lend us your social media voice on Thunderclap. The Thunderclap system will not work if we do not hit 100 registered social media accounts. It doesn't matter if you are active or not, just register so that we can hit the target. For Steam, we are at 76% towards the Top 100 but let's try to boost it up faster!


Ok, now let's move on to the more exciting part of the update, an interview with Sirius! Let's see what he has to say...


Check out this link for the audio files. 
Somehow I couldn’t upload multiple audio files here. If anyone knows how, please PM!


*Note: Some sentences are restructure in Japanese for a better flow.  


Interview with Sirius

Interviewer: What type of a doctor are you? 
インタビュア: シリウスさんはどんな医者ですか? 
Sirius: The sort who heals people? Duh.
シリウス: 普通に人間の医者だが?他に何があると言うのだ


Interviewer: What do you like to do on your off days? 
インタビュア: 休日は何をして過ごしていますか? 
Sirius: Off days? What off days? 
シリウス: 休日?何の事かさっぱりわからないな


Interviewer: You mean you don’t get any days off? 
インタビュア: 休日がないのですか? 
Sirius: If there’s an emergency, it’s not unusual for me to get up at 3am after going to sleep. That’s the life of a doctor.
シリウス: 緊急患者がいれば夜中に寝始めた後午前三時に起きるのも異常ではないからな


Interviewer: How would you describe yourself? 
インタビュア: 自分自身をどう思いますか?
Sirius: An irresistibly handsome, sarcastic sociopath.
シリウス: 超が付く程のイケメン、近寄りがたい人、かな


Interview: That sounds complicated ... 
インタビュア: なんか....複雑ですね
Sirius: Isn’t everything?
シリウス: この世の全てそうだがな


Interviewer: *shrug* Do you have a particular type of girl that you like?  
インタビュア: そうかもしれませんね。では次はどんな女性がタイプですか? 
Sirius: I like bony girls, with pale skin and deep set eyes, similar to her there, Ms. S. Just joking! Hahaha! Really. Although I look at my skeleton companion everyday doesn’t mean I have a crush on her. No, seriously.
シリウス: 細く、色白で、奥深い目...そう、そこにいる骸骨の様に....くくっ、冗談ですよ。毎日標本の骸骨を見ているからって惚れているわけじゃあるまい。いや、本当に


Interviewer: O…K … Among the other guys, who do you get along with? 
インタビュア: は、はぁ....では男性の方では何方と親しいですか?  
Sirius: Yoshino, we’re from the same neighborhood and I basically watched him grow up. 
シリウス: ヨシノかな、近所に住んでいて結構面倒見てたからさ


Interviewer: Talking about the bath house, rumour has it that there’s a girl that you like from there- 
インタビュア: 銭湯といえばシリウスさんが興味を持ってる女の子がい.... 
Sirius: (uneasy) Skip please.
シリウス: (即答)次の質問どうぞ


Interviewer: Would you consider yourself a compassionate person? 
インタビュア: 自身を情熱的な人だと思いますか?  
Sirius: That is a difficult question. Pass. 
シリウス: 難しい質問だな、次


Interviewer: If you’re alone on a deserted island, what are the 3 things that you’d bring with you? 
インタビュア: もし無人島に一人で行くとしたら三つ持っていく物は?
Sirius: My brains, a book and definitely not you. What is with these weird questions ... シリウス: この俺の脳、本...お前は絶対に持っていこうとも思わないな、こんなバカみたいな質問を聞いたところ無能としか思えないな

Interviewer: T-Thank you for your time … And next week we’ll have Cassian with us, so until then!


That's all the time we have in this update! See ya and have a nice weekend! 


Pledge@Kickstarter: kck.st/1H5IYst
Vote@Steam Greenlight: bit.ly/1fY3VK3 
Thunderclap: thndr.it/1GAKg9p 
Tumblr: purrfectlyeverafter.tumblr.com 
Twitter: twitter.com/_Weeev_

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Campaign Health + New Expressions + Sekai Project


TGIF everyone! 

How are you doing today?

Campaign Health

We are going to cover quite a bit in this update so again, let’s start with numbers. We are left with 9 days in the calendar for this campaign and we have reached 74% of our goal with AUD$7,255 funded, which is a whopping 11% growth just from 5 days ago! Woohoo!

This remaining 9 days can do wonders, especially with the funny way of how Kickstarter works. We have seen many projects surge at the last few days but let’s not wait, we want to see some stretch goals yea? We continue to urge everyone to keep on reblogging reviews/updates, retweeting, tell your friends, bug your family to make pledges etc. It doesn’t have to be a big contribution, just a dollar pledge will drive us 1 step nearer to the goal. Not just that, the more backers we have, the better the visibility of the game in the first rows of Kickstarter’s search. To date, referrers via Kickstarter who pledge Purrfectly Ever After is a mere 16%. Most of you found us from external links like tumblr, twitter, Steam etc. Let’s continue to push ourselves up!

If anyone is still unconvinced about the project, check out the extensive list of reviews and PR releases here. Watch out for our interview with Fuwanovel later this week! And below are a few new ones, hot off the oven! 






As usual, please help us to upvote the game on Steam Greenlight if you haven’t already. We are extremely near the Top 100 and we can almost see the infamous green light shining through the gaps! And do lend us your social media voice in Thunderclap. How Thunderclap works is, it will send out a signal via your social media to announce the last hours to pledge for Purrfectly Ever After. We currently have 32 registered medias. We need 100 to enable the function.

New Expressions

Ok, on to more exciting news! We have some artwork updates! Woot! We did mention that we are gonna do up some expressions right? Here they are!


They were prepared much earlier but we wanted to show only when they are more polished. They are more coming up, which we will reveal after the campaign through KS updates and Tumblr. Our iOS TestFlight demo will close in 4 days due to Apple’s limitation. We are contemplating to reupload the same demo which would confuse current registrars as it will still be the same demo. We have also updated the stretch goals chart on the main page, just to let you guys see what’s on the wish list.

Sekai Project 

And lastly, we are partnering up with a well known VN publisher, Sekai Project! What does this mean? Will there be changes? Relax… They are here to handle our distribution on Steam. There will be no changes in pricing, route release etc. They are here to help us to market the game to the right crowd. And now, they are also helping us to reach out to more interested parties through their immense social database. A very big thank you to the team!

We will be posting more frequent updates till the end of the campaign, stay tuned!

Pledge@Kickstarter: kck.st/1H5IYst

Vote@Steam Greenlight: bit.ly/1fY3VK3 

Thunderclap: thndr.it/1GAKg9p 

Tumblr: purrfectlyeverafter.tumblr.com 

Twitter: twitter.com/_Weeev_

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Oh you're are there too!
I really REALLY love the art of your project and the plot seems really fun ^^ Sometimes I regret not to be mega rich to help as this type of project (* cough * -and have the final goal- * cough *)
I have a few question about the production/project progress. Can I send you a pm?

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Oh you're are there too!

I really REALLY love the art of your project and the plot seems really fun ^^ Sometimes I regret not to be mega rich to help as this type of project (* cough * -and have the final goal- * cough *)

I have a few question about the production/project progress. Can I send you a pm?


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Words cannot contain our excitement now that we have reached 100% (now 107%!) of the funding goal!


Not just that, we also manage to sneak into Greenlight Top #100 (now #99!)!


We are sorry that you guys have been getting updates so frequently from us. But you have heard this from us all the time but we need to say this again. First and foremost, a big thank you everyone (all 183 of you!) for making this happen. Thank you backers for believing in us and offer us your hard earned moolah to support the game. We hope to bring the best that we could in this first game from Weeev.


We would also like to thank our small but tight team for supporting us all the way. They are Mei, Badriel, Jake, Sendo, Teza, Ashmoon, Shuh Fei, Chasing Summers, Hiro, 横割れスプーン, 山原水鶏, 冬沙悠, ひげ太郎, 神崎智也, あきら. This is just the first stage. From now on, we have to work much harder!


Special thanks to these amazing people that helped us bring to where we are. To Darren who did the PR for us, he’s THE man to look for if you wanna market your VNs. To Sekai Project for partnering with us and drive traffic to our campaign. To Tim of indiegames.com for your constant push and advices. ToTay of Fuwanovels for the continuous media support. And all the followers, reviewers and media outlets that took the time to reblog/write about our little game. Thank you all for believing in us and Purrfectly Ever After!


But wait! What about stretch goals? 

Everybody love stretch goals. It’s the extra stuff that we get to produce and you get to enjoy (without extra charges!) if we hit a certain milestone. Here they are:



So let’s continue the journey and let’s hit some of these milestones in the next 7 days! (we will add more if we manage to hit these!)

Pledge@Kickstarter: kck.st/1H5IYst 

Vote@Steam Greenlight: bit.ly/1fY3VK3 

Thunderclap: thndr.it/1GAKg9p 

Tumblr: purrfectlyeverafter.tumblr.com 

Twitter: twitter.com/_Weeev_

1st Stretch Goal Reached! + New Tiers + Greenlight Status




You did it guys!! We made it to our 1st ever stretch goal! And Bucky is unleashed!! He’s all jumpy and super happy now! He was being super whiny the whole time for not being in the main cast hahaha!


Are you ready for the new stretch goal add on?

With every stretch goal hit, we will release a new goal. At AUD16k, you will get 6 all new side stories WITH additional event CGs! There’s still 5 days to go! Let’s aim for it! Check out the stretch goal chart below:



New Bucky Tiers

And with Bucky’s goal released, we also have 2 new tiers open, for designing his character art or writing his story, both at AUD$300 each. You will, of course, be receiving the goodies from the Wine tier as well.


Greenlight Status

We wish that we could tell you that we are Greenlit too but this is not the case. However, we are pleased to inform that we are now ranked at #66 of Greenlight’s Top 100 games and *SHOULD* be noticed by Steam soon. So let’s cross our fingers yet again that they will release the green monster soon.



That’s all folks! Next update will be exciting!


Pledge@Kickstarter: kck.st/1H5IYst 

Vote@Steam Greenlight: bit.ly/1fY3VK3 

Thunderclap: thndr.it/1GAKg9p 

Tumblr: purrfectlyeverafter.tumblr.com 

Twitter: twitter.com/_Weeev_

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Pastel Design + 48 Hours Wonder + Q&A for Weeev




Pastel Design
We are sure you guys have been waiting for this. We wanted to show this to you for the longest time but save the best for last right? Here, we present Pastel's transformation CG. This CG is suppose to be the last scene in the prologue where she transformed into a human after her wish was granted. How do you like her design?




48 Hours Wonder
With 48 hours left to go, we still have a couple of stretch goals to aim for. Anything we get above the final stretch goal will go towards further enhancing the game, paying Weeev's wages and also initial funding for our next project. Although it's still in the preliminary stage, we are cooking up something and will announce after the first route of Purrfectly Ever After is released. If you like our first game, we hope you will continue to support us to be a full time indie gaming company!


Q&A for Weeev 
We have been doing a few interviews which you can check out at these links. If you wish to know more about us, feel free to ask and we will address them in our next update.


Shout Out


For those who would like to break away from otome games, we have 2 games to introduce in this update. First up is sphereFACE, it's a retro 3D shooting game that's cool looking! They also need your vote in Greenlight!



Next, we have The Last Time. It's a narrative, choice base game with pixel art! Looks interesting eh? They are also currently running a Greenlight campaign, please support them.


Pledge@Kickstarter: kck.st/1H5IYst 
Vote@Steam Greenlight: bit.ly/1fY3VK3
Tumblr: purrfectlyeverafter.tumblr.com 
Twitter: twitter.com/_Weeev_

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