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Angel Beats


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Ehh, really? I'd be really shocked if that's the case. Maybe if you're slow at reading because of being inexperienced at japanese.

Well, I mostly read VNs in english.


I only read one VN in japanese and that was Fortissimo.

I needed machine-translate since I can't read kanji etc. (but I do understand what they say, since I saw too much anime and played too many VNs).


From what Kanbe said I would say it's 30-50 hours VN.

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Got ma pre-ordered Angel Beats woooo

Taped that Tachibana illustration to my wall and received weird stares from my family. I wonder why.

Also fml I forgot that I didn't have any computer with a dvd drive

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Not surprised to hear anything about Angel Beats on the localization front to be honest. Sekai Project does want to translate Angel Beats while, from what I hear, Key has stated they're open to seeing more of their games receive an official translation even if not by Sekai Project. However, both have stated multiple times they're waiting to see how well Clannad does in the west first before they consider Angel Beats or any other Key game for localization.


Even then, I hear the game's text count is so large partly thanks to the amount of choices available in-game I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't hear anything about an official English release until after all six volumes are out in Japan.

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Hey I'm not sure if this is the right place to do it, but eh.


Here I got the original version of the Trial Edition of Angel Beats! - 1st beat. I broke the Japan-Only restriction using a program, but my only problem is I can't find a way to translate the game in English ( Visual Novel Reader doesn't work for me, maybe am I doing something wrong ? ), since I can't read japanese at all. Do you guys have any solution to that problem? Really wanna play it 



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Y'all ready for this?








So not only did my local game shop still have a copy, they were giving away posters, naked Tenshi cardboard square thingies, and a bonus Girls Dead Monster single (Million Star). The actual box itself contains everything you see above; trading cards, a mini art-booklet (that's the black thing), a piano OST and an Angel Beats radio show CD, a big plastic emblem thingy and some ads for their upcoming games/anime. All for less than $70. Key sure knows how to stuff their stuff. Can't wait to get started.

All of that for 70 is very impressive.

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