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Stray Cat's Anime Journey: Choice 1

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When I saw the title of the thread, I thought you will give us the titles of two or three good anime. Not a bad and a good one. Shinsekai Yori is basically the anime that made me regain hope in the industry of anime especially modern ones when I was losing all hope in this industry. It's really good and a nice change of pace, It's not a masterpiece thou at all. But it's just a great change of pace for the bad anime thrown around all the time during the last few years. I hope I can see something like it come out again soon although I really doubt it. Apparently the industry needs more edgy shows and moe shit and waifu war aminu.

As far as love live goes, it's your typical idol anime , and its events are rather predictable. Unless you wanna fanboy over the girls, you shouldn't watch it... really. I never liked love live as an anime from objective views but then again I don't really wanna turn this thread into an argument about whether or not love live is good to be watched. 


TL;DR Watch Shinsekai Yori NOW

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Your reaction will ultimately decide if I'll watch it or not.


If you like it, then I'll watch it to see just how good it is.

If you hate it, then I'll watch it to spite you.


Either way, it all depends on you. :holo:

Better than Cyr and I, who basically do "I hated this, you'll probably love it."


The fact that she said I wouldn't like it is already a good warning. 

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