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Not receiving email notifications.

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As the title states above, I am no longer receiving email notifications from Fuwa.  I have them set to a notification on both the site's side an email side when someone replies to a followed thread/quotes a post, in addition to an email notification when receiving a personal message.


However, as of a few days ago, I have stopped receiving these email notifications and my inbox is curiously Fuwa-less.  I have checked my spam inbox, and they have not ended up there either.


I have not tried any solutions yet, as I'm not even sure where I would start on my end at the moment - regrettably things are hectic IRL-wise at the moment and my problem solving skills are dampened.


In case it helps, here is the last post I received an email notification about.




Does anyone have a solution?

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This is probably obvious, but I can't think of anything else - have you actually checked your settings? Something might have gotten messed up.





Settings in-Fuwa are as normal, with a screenshot for confirmation.

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I really hope this is fucking fixed for once, I'm tired of the back-and-forth.


Following thread, got a notification email from this post.  For the time being, seems to be mission accomplished!

Appears to be fixed, but I'll let you know if something pops up again just in case.

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