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Digital shops for Japanese-language eroge (digital downloads)

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I'm curious what are the recommended shops, as a foreign customer, to buy digital downloads for Japanese-language eroge.  My favored shop is currently DLsite English, but they don't carry all titles (even on the Japanese side).  I have a couple titles I'm interested in that appear to be carried by a wide range of digital retailers.


Potential considerations:

1) Ease of use for foreign customers (e.g., whether they accept foreign credit cards)

2) DRM presence and restrictiveness

3) Price

4) How much of a cut they're taking from Japanese developers

5) Availability of an English guide for using the shop (though I know enough Japanese to grope my way through the process if need be)

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I ended up buying the game I wanted from Japanese DLsite.  The site is split into doujin and professional sections, so that's probably why my first search missed it.  Registration is in Japanese, but otherwise I didn't have any issues.  I checked out DMM.com also, but their English mirror hilariously didn't even have a search bar.  Therefore I went with DLsite simply because I'd used their English section before.  I'd also heard bad rumors about DMM's DRM on one or more titles.

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