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Ragnarok: Believe Visual Novel


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Ragnarok Doujin Game

Price: USD 5.00 Free For Linux

Size: 20Mb

Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac.

Synopsis: Evangelina is searching herb for cure Kyrie's body. Reva can't accompany Evangelina until gets the herb because he needs to go immediately. When searching herb alone there is an assassin targeting Evangelina.

Buy Link: http://www.illuminesia.com/2014/06/ragnarok-believe.html

Download Link:

Ragnarok: Believe English Linux Version

Ragnarok: Believe Indonesian Linux Version






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There are words missing in your synopsis bro

I am not native English speaker. You can correct me.



It does indeed seem like you some important things...

Yeah I am not native English speaker and this has not been proofreaded yet.



I was hoping the synopsis wasn't representative of the VN's writing, but the screenshots.... D:


The art is nice, though.

The art was made by my friends. There are their names in the credits.

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On not having it proofread before posting:


You are showing us your visual novel for the first time. I am sure you want to give us a good impression, right? In your post, there are four screen shots and a little text. What made you hurry so much, that you did not even get this very small amount of text proof-read before showing it? I have seen many people say that the writing will be proof-read, or better in general, in the final version - and when it comes, it is still not in a good condition. Why should I believe you?


I'm sorry for sounding so harsh, but I have seen this kind of thing very often, and I am getting a bit tired of it.


You are charging money for (the Windows version of) this visual novel. If you want to make people believe that the proof-reading will be done, a good first step would be to get the people that will do that to fix what you wrote. Not us.


First impressions are important, and honestly, you blew it. What's done is done, but you can at least think about this for when you want to show your visual novel in other places.

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