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Stray Cat

Birthday Side-Bar Back Plox

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Discuss that in the mod box, this is getting a little repetitive.

He has as much right as any of you plebs to make petty issues go public unnecessarily. We never know what will spark the next FuwaDrama - it's much better if we provoke it in a controlled environment such as this.  :MareWish:


As for the thread itself, I also kind of want it (birthdays) back... But that's just what I think with no objective advantages to it.

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Not in the sidebar, but back down where the user online list is. I hope this is good enough a compromise to end this shi...lly discussion.



Stellar going!

You unlocked the thread after Nosebleed specifically said not to. Go on, flash that shiny badge on his face.  :MareWish:


...The stellar was directed at the birthdays though. They blend in really well now.

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