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Walkerman [Act 1 Released]

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Walkerman is an Adventure Game/Visual Novel about hunting supernatural creatures. These creatures follow rules similar to old folk tales about vampires and garlic, or werewolves and silver bullets; rules that must be exploited to defeat them. Each act of Walkerman centers on a creature and the process of investigating it. Players will study the monster in order to ascertain its weaknesses, gather the necessary items, and then confront it in battle. Combat takes place on an isometric, pseudo-board game in which the player selects actions from a list of options. These battle sequences have multiple solutions, depending on the player's collected items and their knowledge of the monster. Players also steer the protagonist through his personal life in a similar fashion: deciding whom to trust, where to borrow money, etc which alters how the story progresses.




We've released the Steam page for Walkerman: Click Here

We are also on itch.io: https://scalemail.itch.io/walkerman

We also have a twitter at: https://twitter.com/Scalemail_Vox
And our game is also available at our main website:
And here is our vndb entry: https://vndb.org/v16907

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Steam Page Launch

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This sort of reminds me of Sorcery!, just kind of.  I'll look for it again once its a little more finished.  At least it's not one of those feels games that people seem to like.


Good luck on this, it might be the first OELVN that I even bother to look at.

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Thanks for the responses. We're off to an okay start, considering we're just running off small vn communities right now. Again, if you'd like to support the game but aren't interested in Kickstarter, you can always vote for us on Greenlight or tell your friends on twitter, tumblr, etc.

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