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Hocus Pocus Prince - Otome

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New commercial otome in development by a group called Oasis Plus, and this one's looking damn good. The following is cut and paste straight from lemma (because I'm lazy and busy  :( ) Link: http://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=32438





Shy Violet never expected black magic to be real. Yes, she loves horror and the paranormal – the scarier, the better! And she’s even started her own Occult Club, though that just creeps her classmates out. But when a popular male student is cursed for real, even Violet doesn’t know what to do.

Now that Prince Not-So-Charming has transformed into a very strange ‘beast,’ it’ll take much more than a kiss to break the spell. Help Violet stop the curse, break out of her shell...and maybe even find new love (or at least new members for the Occult Club).




  • PC + mobile ports
  • 3 love interests you can buy separately
  • Unique paths with different curse victims and new ‘beast’ forms
  • 5 CGs, 2 endings, and a special extra for every path



Our heroine Violet (her name can be customized in the game)...




The three obtainable characters - Vincent, Ace, and Orion. Each of them can be cursed into a different form, which will be revealed later...








And some side characters...

Layla Blair
Violet’s best (and only) friend, who started the Occult Club with her last year. Layla is now studying abroad, and always seems to be getting in (well, more like causing) wacky kinds of trouble.

Dr. Cross
Violet’s single mom. Despite being a busy ER doctor, she has an easygoing attitude and a close relationship with her daughter. 

Layla’s grumpy black cat, whom Violet is currently taking care of. Lucifer likes being fed on time and hates everything else.
























Oasis Plus is a visual novel group created and founded by Bunpurr and Syncaidia. We focus on bringing you fun and creative visual novel games. We are also working on the fantasy otome game Waxwing.




Check out our social media links for our latest updates.





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I think Violet's sprite would piss me off the whole game tbh. That hair in her eyes in just the most awkward way. : /


I'll keep an eye on it I guess but it'd have to get really good reviews for me to want to play it because the male love interests in otomes don't normally interest me.

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