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Lost Winter Nights [Recruiting GUI DESIGNER]

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Oh, another question.


What kind of protag are you going to create?


Are you going for a badass char with a Sylvester Stallone personality?

Or a  "crazy" and a little odd character, more like Okabe Rintarou?

Or are you going for a blank character with no personality? 

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That's a veeery good question !


More likely the 3rd one, just because the real main character is Alice & everything in the story revolves around her. The last choice of the game is even hers & not the protagonist's. It may sound strange, but that's the kind of story I wrote, & we all agree with it in the team right now !

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I'm confident in my story and in the writer we'll find to pull that off ! :D


I feel like I'm more limited in terms of a creating a protagonist since he has to fit most people so they can get easily into the game.

Mmm, don't take it as a general rule, a well made protagonist may be even more interesting for players than a blank protag, don't forget, this is not a dating sim but a story-focused VN. 

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That is totally true ! I have been thinking a looot about her being the protagonist anyway, & I'll keep thinking about it.


i have a lot of options, as I was also considering telling the story from a 3rd person point of view, therefore creating a more developped "MC". As my english is not good enough to be the main writer, I'll have to talk a long with the one who will accept to join the team & get his opinion on the subject, but for now we're trying to do our best on getting some work going & precising the game atmosphere.


I hope we'll be able to find a good writer soon enough, I have so much things to talk about.

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Update 3.0 !





- Team update -


Team Leader, Developper, Scenarist : Nahilys.


Script Writer (All 3 Routes) : ThanasisK


Chara Designer/Sprites Designer : THE UNKNOWN ( :D)


Graphic Designer/Animator : In talks.


Composer : MrKapow (+ Guitarist & Singers)


Programmers : GreyWolfXx, Sylvain S.





- True Heroine promotional chara design DONE. [Our artist does not want to see posted unfinished work so her art will be shown when our promotional video is done as well).


- 1st Side Heroine chara design [Work in Progress]


- Both Side Routes summaries [Work in Progress]


- Promotion Video planned for Kickstarter.


- Promotional/Opening Song [Work in Progress]

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