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Monthly Donation Badge Decision Thread

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As a small 'thank you' for community donations (see this post for details), we're opening up a special "badge" on the forums software. It can be changed up to once a month (for holidays, seasons, or the everlasting war between Purple and Pink for #1 most fabulous color), and this thread is meant to be the place for hashing that decision out. 


June 2015 - First Badge (Ever):

Currently we're using this glorious placeholder: Placeholder-Badge.jpg, but that doesn't mean we can't change it! Entries are open for anyone who wants to submit a badge mockup (width should be 93px, height should be between 20-25ish). If need be we can vote on a winner.





Past Votes:



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Sorry but I decided to go with blue and not purple or pink. #BlueMasterRace

Jokes aside, decided to give it a try since I took a break from reading.

Yep, decided to go for a similar style with the current badges for mods/admins for the sake of consistency and not because I'm too lazy to think

Sorry Lewy but you're the sacrifice.

Click it for a full size view~


I used decided three times

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A'ight, please excuse the double post, but I'm feeling pretty doggone unfabulous right now, so it's time to get started on this shizzle.



If you don't think that it looks good on your heathenish dark skin or whatever, I can make the entire background thing transparent.




If you call in the next 12 minutes, I'll even make the text outline darker!




Want more transparency? Want a different font? Want more saturation? Want a picture of your dad on it? Want less saturation? I don't care! The world is your oyster! The fabulous placeholder has done its job well, and it's time to step down to leave room for something more fabulous. WON'T SOMEONE THINK OF THE FABULOUSNESS!?


I wouldn't mind making a transparent version (or whatever fixes it) of Nosebleed's, either.

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