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Need help with an encrypted .xp3 file

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Some time ago, I made a spanish translation of Twofive's otome game Gakuen Tokkyuu Hotokenser (https://vndb.org/v5473), but not as a patch, I just wrote down the translations in a text document since I couldn't extract the text and at the moment I was just trying to practise.


If possible, I'd like to make a patch, but I've been told the game's files have some heavy encryption. The game was made with the KiriKiri2 engine, and the content I'm interested into is compressed in a data.xp3 file. With the XP3Viewer, I was able to extract the data, but the script files only have gibberish text and the image files won't open.


Any help is truly appreciated :).


Upload the file that contains the scripts, in a rar archive. I'll have a crack at the scripts, though I doubt i'll be able to do it... if i do, repacking i most definitly can't do.

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