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Searching for artists.

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Monmon here. I`m gonna get to the point,

i need a good artist to make original anime chars. And i would be willing to pay for the servies ofc(If You willing to do it for free i`ll give u a free kiss  :yumiko: )

Please send a pm if anyone interested, Thank you.


P.S It will be nice if someone can recommend me websites for it too.

P.S 2 Have a trap


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I think you need more detailed your project. Make a quick summary of the story, describe globally the characters, the universe in which the story takes place, etc ^^

For recruitment sites, you can try your luck by posting an ad on Lemmasoft or Deviantart forums in the "Job Offers" ;)
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Still not much info to go by monmon :) 

you dont have any wishes for the character at all? lol . 

people like to draw different things and makes it easier for them :P


There's good artists at lemmasoft and deviantart. but from what ive seen the deviantart artists is usually alittle more expensive.

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