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Astraythem Translation Project

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I just started a side trnalsation project on Astraythem visual novel from Chuuablesoft in french









This thread is mainly here for those who would be interrested in translating it into english.

I have created a SVN repo on assembla so you can give me your nicknames to add you of the project.

This being a side project to improve my japanese and use it as exercises i already have extracted the scripts using Nagato's tools for Katahane.

Though the tools are made to work on an old version of majiro VN engine so their might be problems for the integration or even in the scripts.

We then need a hacker / programmer to make new tools.


So if you're interrested in getting this VN in english with a complete team or even alone feel free to contact me i'll give you access to all the data i have for now

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Hey awesome

so basically you have a project to translate into French, but you are wondering if there are others interested in turning it into English? (btw where is some french VN fansites?)

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Sorry i wasn't precise enough in my first post, i'll edit in sometime later.

Well basically i'm not looking for anyone, i just have a SVN in place, extracted all files and was wondering if nyone was interrested to join in the JP>EN translation.

I will only be doing JP>FR in my spare time but that way we can help eachother.

I can also add folders for anyone who would like to translate into another language than english or french.

@Aaeru, yep you got it right.

Also their aren't that much french VN sites except the ones that the french teams have.

Only this fan VN forum wich is only one year old: http://esprit-vn.fr/

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What a nice coincidence I was actually going to write something here :)

Anyways, since the very first post I have to admit I did not do anything with the game, I had ans still have my french rewrite translation project ongoing and my life has also been a clusterfuck mess during the past year.

As I mentioned at the very beginning of this thread this is a side-project until I finish rewrite meant to work on my Japanese. I do intend to finish it at some point but don't expect it anytime before 2017.

Here's what I've done so far (I'll also update my website):

- Extraction of scripts and images to the right format.

- Scripted line count has given me 85.5k lines, /!\ This is not the real number of lines in the game. Problem is, the scripts actually have sentences cut into pieces so 1 lines in-game can be 3 to 4 lines inside the script.

- I've set up all my advancement monitoring tools (scripts + excel sheet) to keep a better track while I'm busy with other stuff.

- I have translated in both french and english around 300 lines.

Also here's the website where I'll post updates: https://astraythem.wordpress.com/


Finally, I'll be moving to Japan in January for a year WHV and will be taking intensive classes there as well so expect quicker translation then.

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