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Eyy looks like i reached 3000 posts! ill probably write a blog later when i get home detailing my journey from 2000 to 3000 posts or more specifically, my journey from a regular member to board moderator and all the shenanigans that happened behind the scenes


Random Trivia

Batman's 3000 posts;

  • total time: 12 Nov 12 ~ 26 April 15 (29 months)

Ceris's 3000 posts:

  • total time: 19 Jan 14 ~ 19 April 15 (15 months)

Eclipsed's 3000 posts:

  • total time: 15 Sept 14 ~ 28 May 15 (7 months) <- fking pleb spammer man

Flutterz's 3000 posts

  • total time: 10 Oct 13 ~ 19 April 15 (18 months)

Marie-hime's 3000 posts

  • total time: 02 May 2013 to 14 March 2015. Too lazy to count the months. 

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I already pulled some data regarding biggest spammer / most unnecessary PM threads / useless shit spam postfarm topics.




This place is not worth saving.

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Since Tay/Nay has access to the databases, one of you guys needs to check the biggest spammer.  Nosebleed is currently sitting at an average of 16.3(5), and Eclipsed last 74 days have been 13.(5)


Have the spam wars begun?

I miss my 20-40 post/day.

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