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Why no Team Baldrhead game translations?


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Because the game is fucking massive and it would take forever to translate all the text and edit all the images. 

This.  All the Baldr games are 30-40 plus hour games, even for me.  For the average Vn-reader, that is something like two hundred to three hundred hours (untranslated).  For a translator, that probably means at least several hundred hours of work...  that means years. If it is a commercial effort, the pay for that translator is going to be pretty huge, and localization companies prefer to keep the initial investment in a project low to maximize profits.

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Well, according to Ixrec, since Futsuu more or less fucked off restarting the Baldr Sky Dive thing, he intends to start it after he finishes Rewrite Harvest Feista, when I spoke with him about it. I also asked Futsuu myself as to whether he actually intended doing it, he made it pretty clear that if anyone wanted to take it on he would not object at all plus he wanted some weird engine changes 

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