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Fuwanovel Member Trivia Game Final Round

Stray Cat

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I think this is what everybody wanted to address, no?


1. It is normal for me to spend up to forty-five minutes in the shower.

2. I am a nocturnal person and an animal lover.

3. I'm an only child and I live alone.

4. I don't eat fruits or vegetables.

5. I absolutely hate milk.

6. Lasagna is my favorite food.

7. The first online game I ever played was Gunbound.

8. I was an avid Lemon Demon fan.

9. I'm a very picky eater. If there's something I don't like, I'll most likely never try it again.

10. I find the sound of rain calming and peaceful, but the sound of thunder not only frightening, but downright terrifying.

11. I am allergic to almost every type of fruit you can think of (except for apples and bananas).

12. My favorite band is Nirvana.

13. I'm just a boy who likes vodka.

14. My favorite film is Seven Samurai.

15. My favorite food is fried rice with tempeh as the side dish.

16. I own all 3 original sets of Pokemon cards and have a mint condition holographic 1st edition Charizard from the base set.

17. My favorite food is mashed potatoes.

18. I own a Beatles poster.

19. I absolutely hate pickles.

20. Penguins are the most adorable creatures in the world.

21. I dislike eating meat, but I still eat it a few days a week.

22. I love beards a lot, despite not having one.

23. I like servile heroines.

24. My favorite VN is Rewrite.

25. I love thinking about literature, but find the actual process of reading traditional books tedious.

26. I was turned down by my crush on March 15, 2015.

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