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some assorted question


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to whoever whos pros at visual novel or someone that can answer this.


could you explain this:




also just wondering what visual novel has the least line in a h-scene?




thanks and maybe im losing my mind since im playing this game.

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You meant the unvoiced lines? I'm not really sure about the first screenshot, try to be more precise. As for the question regarding h-scenes, it depends on the title. A h-scene can be even described with a couple of lines, although most games usually have them a lot longer. Some can be really long. 


That title is actually pretty on spot. You can't create good eroge without any sort of sexual experience, unless you mean copypasting content from other developers. It's also one of the reasons why the majority of japanese games are so ridiculously bad with h-scenes :makina:


I'm not expert to answer your questions, but my God what system are you running? That thing looks older than Windows XP. And I don't know anything older than that...

It's propably Windows XP SP3, working with the classic windows theme. I was using the exact same setup before I upgraded to W7. It's a really decent system to run japanese titles; if someone uses a PC mainly to work and read vn's, there's no need for a better setup, as XP still provides everything one needs to get the job done.


Also its probably Windows XP since the oldest system the porn game can run on is Windows XP

Wrong. The oldest system that ran eroge was PC-88's N-BASIC/MS-DOS.

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