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Give Me Piano Music!

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Okay, summer's upon me, and now I'm going to have a lot more time to...do nothing.  I work, I play the piano, and I sit on my computer at work.


Well, you guys can help with one of those things:  I'm seeking piano sheet music from your favorite visual novels.  I could find plenty of stuff myself, but I want to see what the community wants.  I plan to either record video or audio, and upload it to YouTube to share with the community.  So link me the sheets either here or in a PM, and I'll get to playing it!


I may or may not also be using these as ideas for Ren's competition...

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Kara no Shoujo



Edit: Oh yeah this guy has lot of good stuff:



Particularly "Answer" from G-senjou...I can't play it properly but its a very fun song.


that's an amazing piece but not a really easy one to pull off :P

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OH yea, that reminds me, I like this song quite a lot.... it's melancholic yet still has some momentum. The speed ups and slowing downs make it feel like the path one walks is uncertain with fears and doubts, yet one still manages to find solace and small comfort along the way.


Hane Tsuki (跳ね月) from Gin'iro



The sheets are based off the live playing.

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