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Jast´s Peter Payne Interviewed By LewdGamer


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Since the interview´s first announcement by Lewdgoddess Rilliana, some time has already passed, but last but not least its finally up now. & for those of you, who posted some questions on mg´s forum etc., there´re included, too. enjoy!



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I couldn't tell you what the holdup was in this case, maybe JAST wanted to wait until Starless was out and people saw how the patch thing actually went down before listening. But these kinds of postponements/embargos are really common in the rest of the gaming industry. I mean, they announced the interview months ago so the whole process takes time.

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Peter Payne confirmed that their goal is still to get Raidy 3 and Shiny Days out before Anime Expo (July 1).  However, he cautioned that just because the games would be ready for the conventions doesn't mean they'd be ready to ship, as they wouldn't have the manpower to make it to all the conventions and actually ship everything out.


We are aiming to get both Raidy III and Shiny out by AX. As usual, we can never be sure. Among other things, printing proper boxes causes all kinds of delays with printers, who suddenly need 7+ weeks just to print the boxes/artbooks/whatever.
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