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Online Team Game (4players)

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I just wanted to share this, since it can be kinda fun to play



You need 4 players, so you guys can join a random room, or copy/paste the private room link on here, pm or w/e so other people can join.


It's a game where players keep each other alive by completing some puzzle tasks repeatedly. It gives you a result at the end on how well your team did together.


If one person can't keep the next person alive, everyone ends up failing.



The game can kinda get repetitive~ but it's fun for the first few rounds  ^_^  Try it out!

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You guys can make a private room and invite your friends  ^_^.  It tends to last longer when you play with people you know, since they will know how to play, no one will leave, and you guys can blame whoever makes you lose at the end.  :P


The longest so far (from playing earlier), lasted 5min  :rolleyes: ..and not my fault we lost!

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