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Nagato Yuki-chan no shoushitsu - A camping trip


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Hi everyone!


A lot of crazy fantasies haunt me regularly, but this was the first time that I actually became productive and made something out of them. Please keep in mind that this also is the first time for me to write something like that in english, which is not my native language. I´m a total beginner regarding storywriting, but I still want to share my little scribbles about the adventures of Kyon and Nagato.


(Do I have to mention that this leads to a H-scene? Anyway, it does.)




Nagato Yuki-chan no shoushitsu  – A camping trip

by Amon


It´s raining heavily out there. Of course it is, our glorious student council decided to hold the camping trip even though it was clear that the rain will pour down heavily. Nevertheless, we went off and as soon as we were wandering within the deepest woods, the first drops began to fall. Well, that alone wouldn´t be that much of a problem, if it wasn´t for my usual tendency to be involved in all kind of strange situations. Situations like the one spreading before me.

Our teachers went straight ahead and are probably already sleeping, considering the amount of alcohol they exterminated. So much about responsible supervisors. We were also free to set up our tents wherever we wanted to. Asakura, who usually kept watch over Nagato, was abducted by Tsuraya, who planned out some girly-adventure with her and Asahina, but somehow totally forgot about Nagato. Of course Asakura initially protested, but we all know that there is no chance of winning against that hyper girl Tsuruya.

Nagato was walking silently beside me. No trace of our schoolmates and the weather seems to hate us. Thank God I was carrying one of our tents. Considering our helpless situation, I just said what had to be said.


Kyon: “It`s no good. We have to take shelter. It`s getting dark and the rain pours down like hell.”


I was well aware that I was suggesting something absolutely unthinkable. We are not allowed to share tents with the other sex for obvious reasons. I mean, we are talking about a bunch of pubescent juveniles here. Nevertheless, petty school rules have to be left behind when facing the harsh conditions we are currently exposed to.


Kyon: “It seems like the others left us far behind.”


Nagato of course already grasped the situation. She was giving a silent nod, holding onto her goods, fearing that her dear handheld console would get wet. Without further discussion, she pointed to a place surrounded by a bunch of trees.


Nagato: “That place seems suitable.”

Kyon: “So it seems. We shouldn´t waste more time and settle with that place.”


Indeed, it was covered with treetops to protect us from the rain and therefore the ground also seemed good enough to secure our tent. I still kinda felt uneasy for having no other choice but to have her in such a situation with me.


Kyon: “Sorry for having you be in a tent with me. I know that this is against the school rules, but I guess we have no other choice here.”


Her answer was barely hearable.


Nagato: “No.. I´m fine.. with you.”

Kyon: “Man, that rain really sucks.. What were you saying?”


Now noticeably louder, she said:


Nagato. “I´m fine. Let´s build up the tent.”

Kyon: “Right. Let´s go!”


It didn´t took us long to build up the tent. We went inside and tried to make it as comfortable as possible. It already became pitch-black outside. We activated the portable heater and spread out our futons. It was not remarkably cold, but the night had yet to come and a warm, dry place is just like heaven in a trip like that. After setting everything up, I could finally breathe out.


Kyon: “Ah, what a pain.”


So there we were. Nagato was sitting on her futon, munching on some snacks. One could tell just by looking that she was just as uncomfortable with this whole situation as me. I mean, she´s a shy person after all. Yet she´s sharing a tent with a guy. It is quite bugging me why she didn´t struggle to share that tent, even though we both knew that this was going beyond her abilities.

On the other hand, considering that event from a few days ago, when I was joking around, taking away her handheld console, she was even holding onto me. It became somewhat obvious that she actually held some interest for me. Well, I don´t want to delude myself with my usual daydreams. It´s too painful to see my beloved pipe dreams getting devastated by the usually cruel reality. God sure has to endure some serious boredom to find entertainment in tormenting emotionally unstable kids. But still, I can´t get rid of the feeling that there were some ulterior motives on her side. Guess I have to ascertain that later on. That being thought, I let myself fall onto my futon without even bothering to slip inside it. It was a tiring day after all.


Kyon: “I´m totally exhausted”.


She pondered for a while. Then, Nagato spoke up something I thought to be impossible to hear from her.


Nagato: “Hey Kyon, you really look exhausted. Sh.. should I massage your shoulders?”


She was looking down to the ground. It was still easy to see that her cheeks were becoming deep-red. She didn´t want show it, so she avoided eye-contact.


Nagato: “I´m not sure whether I´m good enough, but I´ll try my best!”


I was seriously surprised to hear such a bold suggestion coming from the generally passive Nagato, but since I was actually really tired, I just replied with a short:


Kyon: “Ah, that would be nice”.


I straightened myself up and took off my soggy shirt. Needless to say, I should´ve thought a little bit more about that move, given the situation we are in. Nagato instantly became flustered and stuttered:


Nagato: “W.. w.. w.. what are you doing?”

Kyon: “Well, taking off my shirt, of course. It´s totally soaked up. A massage like that wouldn´t be any good.


Without waiting for any reply, I lay down again, resting my head on my crossed arms in front of me. I realized that Nagato didn´t even think about the possibility that I would take off my shirt directly in front of her, but I felt like teasing her a bit, so I just waited for her reaction. Will she withdraw? Will she actually carry out her suggestion?

A brief moment passed. She took a deep breath.


Nagato: “I´m starting now.”


She´s going to do it. That girl actually has some guts.

Nagato clumsily wiggled on her knees towards me. She adjusted her sitting-pose parallel to my body. My heart finally began to beat faster. I may act like someone who´s all cool with girls and everything, but when it comes to actual experiences, I´m just as unfledged as most of us.

Her skills weren´t very impressive, but I didn´t mind that at all. The sole fact that she was rubbing her little hands over my shoulder blades was astonishing enough.


Nagato: “How is it?”

Kyon: “You´re doing fine, don´t worry.”


I enjoyed it for a while. Now I was the one being bold:


Kyon: “But how about you? Aren´t you tired too?”

Nagato: “Eh? Well, we walked quite a lot, so..”

Kyon: “Ok, then it´s now my turn to make you feel better.”


I looked at her. Nagato pondered again. After a short while, she nodded distinctive as if to tell me that she made up her mind. She then started to take off her shirt.


Kyon: “W.. wait! What are you doing? You don´t need to take your shirt off too!”

Nagato: “Eh? But.. you..”


What a troublesome personality!


Kyon: “I´m a guy. There´s no big deal with me taking my shirt off. You´re a girl. Did you forget our special situation?”


The color of her cheeks intensified again, actually even more than before.


Nagato: “Right..“


It wouldn´t be my first time seeing her cute belly, though..

Now it was Nagato who was lying on the futon. Ok, play it cool, I said to myself. Coming closer and putting my hands on her shoulders, her body shivered a moment.


Nagato: “Ungh..”

Kyon: “You good?”

Nagato: “Yes..”


Neither being a pro, I improvised some massaging techniques. We were only hearing the constant sound of the rain outside.

I like her. That much became clear. All kind of thoughts rushed through my head. >Now or never< was one of them. With passive girls, you have to be the one to be proactive. Once you are somewhat sure that she´s into you, your leading-ability will determine the way. Be the alpha.

Just to test how far I could go, I said:


Kyon: “Nagato. I gonna show you a secret massaging technique.”


Of course there was no such technique. I had no idea what I was doing. Moving down from her shoulders, my hands grazed along her back, further to the region on her sides, above her hips, caressing her tenderly. I have to confess that this turned me on quite a lot. Another tent was being built up here. She let out a bigger breath. I was also now caressing her upper arms and her sides right beneath her breasts. I feared that I was going too far here and there, but she didn´t object. In fact, I could tell that she liked it. Not only that, but there was still room for more. Being able to determine that was the crucial point.


Kyon: “You don´t have a boyfriend, don´t you? Let me show you how a boyfriend would massage his girlfriend.”


Already in her own wonderland, she replied:


Nagato: “Yeah, please do so.”


Smoothening the boldness, I quickly added:


Kyon: “It´s just acting as if. Don´t worry.”


Obvious nonsense. But that´s what you gotta do in situations like that. Take away the seriousness. Make her feel like >things just happened somehow<.


I moved my arms under her shirt and massaged her silky skin directly. No resistance. What a bliss. I then instructed her:


Kyon: “Now it´s ok to take off that shirt”.


She straightened up. I was the one taking it off for her.

I was holding her tight from behind, having my arms around her tummy. What a nice, girly scent. I was leaning my head over her right shoulder and whispered:


Kyon: “Hey, give your boyfriend a kiss.”


She was leaning in. Our lips touched. A soft, moist sensation.

More. I wanted more. I didn´t let go. I never kissed before, but that was no problem. Lonesome nights where you were hugging and making out with your dakimakura, going through all kind of scenarios in your head, may actually helped me here.

She flinched a little when I touched her bra, but everything was fine. It didn´t took me long to shovel my hands under her bra. She certainly was a pettanko, but she was my pettanko now.


Kyon: “You are wonderful.”

Nagato: “Aren´t they too small?”

Kyon: “What are you talking about? All breasts are awesome, especially when they belong to your beloved girl”.


My hand moved on its own. I couldn´t stop it. My fingers hushed, just for a moment, along her sweetest spot. I felt the wetness on her blue-white striped panties.


Kyon: “Could you massage me again?”


She turned around and put her hands on my chest.


Kyon: “Not there..”


I moved her hand onto my crotch.

She was gripping my boner.

My mind went blank.



[No, he didn´t passed out. They had a great H-scene, but I felt it was unnecessary to write that stuff.]


Here´s a bonus (sry, don´t know how to downsize images):



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