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Da Capo games: Plus communication


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I have one question about the Plus Communication in Da Capo 1, 2 and 3.


I know that with the PC, we get new girl route in Da Capo 1 (Tamaki, Kanae (not a girl though), Izumiko (by the way, can we see her true face in the game?), Misaki, Nanako and Alice.


About Da Capo 2, in vndb, we have just:


"Box set containing the 2-DVD game, an special arc "Harukaze P.S ~Plus Situation~" (春風P.S.~プラスシチュエーション~), an anime DVD with interviews and a piano soundtrack.

Circus issued a recall of early batches because they were said to have a defect on either one or both the bonus discs; however, past Dec. 2008, returns to manufacturer are no longer accepted."


Nothing more. Someone now what are the new route in Da Capo 2? I only played the one so please try do not spoil ^^


I have the same question for Da Capo 3: What are the new route?


By the way, this is a shame manga gamer choose to translate only the regular edition.

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If you look at the main characters in the vndb character sections, you can see which ones are exclusive to certain versions. DC2PC has over normal DC2 Aisia, Erika Murasaki, Hanasaki Akane, Kousaka Mayuki, Sawai Maya, and Takanashi Mahiru.


Unfortunately the fan base for these games doesn't seem particularly large so nobody has attempted a english patch for DC2PC. I kind of wish that's what Aaeru tried to do a couple years ago instead of fucking with MG on DC3.


With DC3, MangaGamer is translating the R version which is the most comprehensive version currently released. It contains all the stuff added with the 1.3 mini-expansion: https://vndb.org/r21581

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Wow that's quite a lot...


Don't forget that some fan started to translate the PC of the first version, but MG stopped them. You have 3 translated route if i remember well, but tamaki is the only one worth it.


By the way what happened between Aaeru and MG, I heard a story about a conflict, but I laways heard good about Aaeru, could it be this problem is why she doesn't show up anymore?


I read the description of the 1.3 ver usb memory, but I am not sure to understand: they said that an aoi route is added, but that's all? Only one route? Episode with sub character, what does that mean? Routes? I'm not sure.

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I don't know why Aaeru doesn't come around anymore, all the drama happened before I joined. She has really extreme opinions on copyrights (as in they shouldn't exist, at all). MG basically offered to work with her to get her fan translation released officially, like they did with Cartagra and Imouto Paradise, but I believe her views on copyright creeped in and wouldn't come to any agreement with MG because of that.


As for DC3, yes, all that was added in that version was the Aoi route. I don't know exactly what those "episodes" are but if I was to guess, they're short side-stories.  Keep in mind that DC3 is relatively recent. Who knows, maybe they'll add more content to it in the future.

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