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As I am not really sure where to post this, I think this is the most correct place to do so. 

I am looking for writer to help me some parts of story or maybe even have it own branch line. 

I have artist currently working it's first image for VN so I cannot really post it but I will post few of sketchs down below to show artist skill. (These Images wont be used in actual game it just to show capability of artist and some of them are old)

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I'm sorry then, thought he was making fun because I didn't provide more information. I am not paying HER anything  I will soon have first fully drawn background image from her. She is doing mostly because she enjoys drawing also she goes to art high school.

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This doesn't happen often. The artwork samples you provided look solid, I can only hope everything turns out good for the both of you and any future dev team you might fund. Hopefully, that is. A lot of amateur projects often get struck by mental burnout and lack of planning, if people working on them won't run out of time beforehand; Although any kind of experience is valuable and failures often teach the most, it's still a bitter lesson to learn.


Skilled artists rarely work for free; they already know their position and value that comes with it, a lot of them is usually already working in the industry as well - either freelancing or hired full-time; they have to make a living. It's quite difficult, since a lot of people usually starts before that; a lot of them are usually in art/game design schools and treat it as a hobby. That is, until the time comes, when they also have to become financially independent. If some of them are even open to small, part-time projects they might see interesting, they often don't have enough free time to lend help and art schools tend to be very time consuming. It's important to value that and be supportive, if the need arises. In worst case, it might save you from losing someone, who illustrated your whole story and it's often difficult to replace artists, if not nearly impossible in certain cases.


As for the writing, it would be more appropriate to prepare and preview at least a synopsis of the whole story, before asking for help. Don't be surprised, if there's no response at all; Since this isn't a paid job, there's a need to show others why it would be worthy to help. I'm sure there are other similiar, aspiring people looking for opportunities to either raise their skills, or learn something in the process. The only thing that needs to be done is giving them a reason, why should they pursue exactly this project, instead of any other. Synopsis is a must, don't expect people to get interested and start PM'ing, just because they saw a bunch of blurry pictures and know the genre you're interested with.



Provide more content and notes on the project and actual story itself, along with precise reasons why do you seek for another writer and what kind of job he/she would be tasked with, otherwise expect no help at all.

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