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  1. So, we are the creative studio "Ray Out"! In short, we are a bunch of enthusiasts who have united in a team for creativity. Thanks to our rich YouTube history, as well as translations, voice acting and songs, we finally have enough connections to dev Visual Novel! Of course, we will tell you about this in this post, but at the very beginning it is worth noting only one thing. We know our business, we know many talented people, and we just have to collect the necessary funds to implement our ambitious idea. We hope for your support! Once a young man who lost his parents a few years ago receives an unexpected call. He is called by a certain Collins Brooks, who reports on a large inheritance awaiting the protagonist in a distant town. Mark Tino, whose role you take on, will certainly go for untold wealth. After all, he just finished his studies as a psychotherapist, and now his future is in question. Life was not easy for him, because he lived in a rented apartment and always worked part-time to feed himself. Study and work absorbed him so much that he did not even have time to rest. But having arrived in the distant town of Akunagi, Mark learns that his deceased grandparents lived in this wonderful place for a reason. Тhe town itself is surrounded by a forest and located behind high walls, far from civilization… Immerse yourself in a world where money does not matter, you do not know who you are, and you are surrounded by persons with mental disorders. Or is it not so? Why did you come? Who are you? Perhaps you will find here the love of your life, or perhaps … your death. Only by knowing the whole truth behind the walls of Akunagi City you can find your true self. "Town" is not the most standard visual novel. Have you ever asked yourself what is missing for you in this amazing Japanese genre? We asked ourselves this question and … Here's what we decided: - Collecting items in different routes (to reveal the truth) - Collection of folklore in different routes (to reveal the truth) - Over a hundred choices and decisions for the player (to make your own story) - Easy puzzles (this is not a game for children) - Romantic scenes (18+) - More than 5 romantic routes (different options and girls) - Two personal routes with an emphasis on yourself (where there is no romance, but crumbs of truth are sown) - Additional root after passing the main (for those who are looking for real freedom) - Displacement map (so the replay value is high) - Different times of the day: Morning, Lunch, Evening (after all, this is how life is … and events can be different) - Choosing where to go (to reveal the truth) - The consequences of your decisions (to make your own story) - Colorful characters (we devote the most time to the player, but the rest of the characters have their own lives) - Thoughtful story where you can be a scientist and rely on facts, or accept the true mystical nature of the city (to make your own story) - Personal scale of character development (and no, these are not levels, it's just your mental state) - You can live in Akunagi without thinking at all, but this will lead to very different consequences (to make your own story) - Each character has from two to seven endings (yes … because your role in their life can be completely different) And most likely we have not even listed everything here (because we are waiting for you …) What have we already done? The novel has been in development for about 2 months, and now we are finally ready to show you what we have already done in hope that the "Town" will be released and will delight many players. So what do we already have? - 40% finished script - 10 prescribed routes - Five+ original sound compositions - Sketches of the main characters (1 ready to go ) - Interface layouts and some menus - More than 30 different endings - City map For more info please visit our wesite! Its here! You can also fallow us on Twitter Or on Itch.io Or on VnDb Or find us on Tumblr Before you make up your mind, let's just say that we are big fans of the Kara No Shojo and would really appreciate you spreading this news among fans of similar topics! Thank you and have a nice day!
  2. Nalaris Night Of Clashing Souls, the title of the monster girl visual novel our team (unnamed for the moment) is currently developing (early in development) TITLE SCREEN (WIP) This monster girl visual novel shares the tales of two monsters: WARNING, THERE'S SOME SPOILERS AHEAD! -ALYSS THE CENTAUR KNIGHT- (Character images taken from the overall outlook provided by the artist, character models could be modified slightly) Alyss is a knight who retired after the past war that took place on Nalaris. On a fateful night, Alyss encounters her best friend and previous war companion "Dastian" the triclops in a very delicate state and provides help. During her retirement, Alyss spent her days peacefully at home working as a tailor/dressmaker, and before the war started, her parents were against her desire to become a soldier, explaing the reason being that they were worried about her life/safety (her parents were also against her becoming a tailor/dressmaker) The inspiration/desire to become a soldier was born because of someone who she had a deep bond with during her childhood. Since she became a knight and after the war, Alyss relationship with her family became ill/nonexistant and never recovered from that point onwards, because as long as the path she chose in life opposed what her family wanted her to become, she was never going to be loved and or accepted. However, she wasn't alone after the war, Alyss usually spent a very important portion of her life with her best friend "Dastian" Many events unfold after she meets up with Dastian and finds up what happened to him. Alyss then finds herself out of retirement and on a quest to investigate a portal whose wherabouts are unknown. This portal was opened on an mysterious world called "Earth" She is 210 years old (Aproximately 21 years old in human years), and a vegetarian. This centaur is an extremely fast fighter who's phenomenal at dodging/parrying and chaining attacks in quick succession but she has slightly a below average endurance and strength, a fast all rounder as a knight. Her magical element is "Thunder". Thunder is very strong against water magic, wind magic, airborne creatures, dark creatures but, it's weak to earth magic (Alyss is decent with magic) The weapon she uses is a custom made shielded/spiked staff (The symbol on the shield represents centaurian knights as a whole) -DASTIAN THE TRICLOPS WARRIOR- Dastian, a very serious but passionate triclops warrior with a burning heart. Retired from being a soldier years ago and often visited/was visited by Alyss time after the war had concluded. He continued being a blacksmith after the war. (Dastian learned blacksmithing during the war and that became one of the many things he became passionate about). However, his life and mental state deteriorated as time passed. Time flew by and Dastian visited his centaur friend less and less, sometimes even rejecting visits from Alyss herself, the situation came to a point where both friends lost contact with each other for years. One day a catastrophic event happens and Dastian ends in an extremely bad state (Both mentally and physically), he's then found by Alyss shortly after said event takes place. With a very complicated family, past, present and a very uncertain future, Dastian has to face the strongest enemy he's fought against so far once again..."himself". Can Alyss friendship open up a new path for him walk? (Less info is shared about Dastian in comparison to Alyss because being too specific about his past/present could raise inmense spoilers) He's 5000 years old (Aproximately 25 years old in human years. Triclops, ciclops and ogre/beast variants age at an extremely slow rate, some age so slowly that they may look as if they're inmortal, also, triclops develop an adult appearance at a very early age, they are also extremely resistant/almost inmune to sickness/ilness/weakening magic) As a warrior, Dastian endurance is second to none, and he's supremely strong, so strong that he's feared by many, and those who fear Dastian don't even dare to engage him in battle due to his known physical prowess. Dastian however, has below average speed, he's a slow but incredibly strong/resistant warrior. His magical element is Earth (Though Dastian is more versed at hand to hand combat and isn't very experienced when it comes to casting spells or using any kind of magical powers). Earth is strong against thunder and poison but weak against ice, fire, water and wind (four of the most important elemental magical powers) The weapon he uses are the fighter's gauntlet's (His armor is an original model he crafted that mainly provides high endurance to magic, Dastian doesn't like wearing helmets) SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/NalarisNOCS/ Devianart: https://www.deviantart.com/nalarisnocs Yotube (for music): https://www.youtube.com/@NalarisNightOfClashingSouls Patreon (For some extra content, early access to content, uncensored content, etc) : https://www.patreon.com/NalarisNightOfClashingSouls THAT WOULD BE ALL FOR NOW! THANK YOU FOR READING! WE WILL KEEP THIS UPDATED!
  3. WELCOME TO CAFE MYSTERIA!!! Immerse yourself in the festive season by visiting a mysterious café that only opens for 12 days each year. The handsome well-dressed butlers will stop at nothing to ensure that you have a good time. Pick one and stick with them throughout the twelve days or mess around and see who you like best - the choice is yours! In this café, the 4th wall has been broken down completely - the protagonist is you. Flirt, tease, joke, or cry your way through the murky waters of friendship and love. THE CHARACTERS: SCREENSHOTS: TRAILER: DOWNLOADS: Google Drive - Mac Google Drive - Win / Linux Itch.io Download Links FAQ 1. Why should I play Cafe Mysteria? Cafe Mysteria is a unique one-of-a-kind experience, designed such that the butlers are speaking to you, not just a pre-designed protagonist on the screen. There are not currently many visual novels of this style, so even if just for curiosity's sake, you should check it out! 2. How did Cafe Mysteria come about? It is heavily inspired by the visual novel 'Aloners' by sonnet009 and their style of breaking the 4th wall. It started off as a simple Christmas visual novel to enjoy the festive mood and has gone through multiple revisions since 2015 to what it is today. 3. Do I have to understand Chinese to get the full experience? No!! Knowing Chinese will change your experience in some ways, but ultimately in the final version it will not matter. 4. Are there minigames in Cafe Mysteria? Yes. In the demo there will be four completed minigames. None of these will be mandatory in the final version though! 5. Are there any incentives for me to review Cafe Mysteria? The first three people to comment on Cafe Mysteria on Fuwanovel will be given a free copy of the visual novel upon release. Everyone else will get a free code for the bonus pack when available. Additionally, I may at my own discretion choose randomly from the reviewers to provide a little surprise in the future releases of Cafe Mysteria. (This will be awarded to past winners in the upcoming 2023 demo). 6. What will be part of the bonus pack? It is still awhile from the final release date, but I expect to release additional side stories that flesh out the individual character backgrounds after the final version of Cafe Mysteria is released. Everyone who reviewed prior to the final release date with obtain a free code for the bonus pack. 7. What questions do you want me to answer? I've listed some questions below. Feel free to address any (or none) of them in your review! What are/were your expectations from Cafe Mysteria? What is your experience with this type of visual novel? Who is your favorite character? Why? Would you play this on full release? Did you find any glaring errors in the visual novel? What did you think Cafe Mysteria did well? Why? What did you think Cafe Mysteria did poorly? Why? What do you think Cafe Mysteria can improve on? 8. Does Cafe Mysteria have a plot? Definitely! You play as a female who has stumbled upon a mysterious Christmas cafe that is only open for 12 days a year. During these 12 days, you'll get to know the butlers, who each have their individual stories to tell and decide whether or not to pursue them. The demo itself is fairly light-hearted, while the final version will go into much more depth and include a story of how Cafe Mysteria came to be. 9. I find certain events to be triggering. Is Cafe Mysteria right for me? Cafe Mysteria may not be suitable for very young children or people who are easily disturbed. However, there is an option to turn on content warning, where the visual novel warns you every time a potentially triggering scene appears. The demo itself is fairly light and shouldn't pose too much of an issue to most people. 10. How long is Cafe Mysteria? This is the most up-to-date Lint report. Please note that the word count also includes scenes that are currently inaccessible and will only be accessible in the final version. Statistics: The game contains 6,287 dialogue blocks, containing 53,215 words and 293,052 characters, for an average of 8.5 words and 47 characters per block. The game contains 359 menus, 48 images, and 46 screens. I would estimate that the 2023 demo has approximately 1 hour worth of content, although this may be significantly more or less depending on how many of the menu choices you wish to explore. 11. When will the latest demo release? The latest demo has been released on 24th December 2023. Please see above for download links. MEET THE TEAM: - AsHLeX (Writer, Basic Programming, Dev) - mudora23 (Programmer) - kathaeris (UI) - vellaude (sprites) - Tsukkiusa (CG) - Hunyo (chibi) - Foxeleos (BG cafe) - Mila (BG street) - Bakjwi Namja (logo) PROGRESS: - The visual novel spans across 12 days of content. Currently 2 out of the 12 days are completed and will be showcased in the demo.
  4. Hey! This is CapnPosey of Aquasoft Games, the head programmer, writer, artist, designer...basically a one-man team. Just showing off my latest project, Dreamsect // Rebel Saga // Episode 1: Days of Innocence, which you can check out on itch.io here! I've also got a vndb page that somebody else made (and that I should probably update), as well as a neocities page. Dreamsect is about, as taken from the itch.io page: Good morning! I can see it in your eyes that you are eagerly awaiting to begin this game. But before we begin, are you familiar with how this game will proceed? If not, allow me to enlighten you: this is a kinetic visual novel, and contains no traditional gameplay. These characters are bound by their own actions and circumstances, and as such, all you can do is simply watch as their story unfolds. I do not recommend on lamenting over their decisions, but please, feel free to have sympathy for these peculiar thespians. This is a world inhabited those called "Paranormals" and "Casuals," who have endured a millennia-long hostility. After the Vampire Kingdom of Oltvenia - an ally to the Holy Casual Empire - is invaded, the threat of war hangs heavy in the air, and the future of the world falls to the hands of those who seek the "truth" and "justice." Dreamsect follows two stories: one side being about Quartera Delux, a history major from the Holy Casual Empire who is determined to find the truth behind the invasion, and the other being Alexandrina Vasil, heiress to the Oltvenian throne who is unaware of the chaos that's bound to befall her and her kingdom. Currently only the demo is out, which includes chapters 1-4 and their respective retrospectives, that follow Quartera's side of the story. The full game will have chapters 5-8 and their respective retrospectives, which follow Alexandrina's story. I'm aiming on getting the full game out by the end of the year. Also, if using auto-forward, the demo is around 9 hours, so uh, sit back and have fun! Also, I should mention that there are scenes depicting heavy violence, strong language, and mature themes. I personally don't think it's enough to call it +18, but it is definitely for the mature crowd. Anyway, I think that's it! Thanks for reading, thanks for checking it out, and I hope you enjoy! here's some screenshots + a dumbass meme of my bastards.
  5. Welcome! I'm Lynn, and I'm developing Empyreal Dawn. It's a visual novel/role-playing game set in the gothic fantasy world of Edyssa. If you love anime visuals and medieval adventures, you've come to the right place. We have magisterial kingdoms, insidious plots, fabled dragons, and more! 日本語の案内をご希望の方はこちら:blissfulberyl.com/introductionjp Synopsis In the war-torn land of Edyssa, two opposing kingdoms—Bastion and Crescent—devastate the continent with their conflict. With the kingdoms' armies diverted toward the war, a new class of heroes, Adventurers, arise to protect the populace from monsters and crime. You are Albert Cross, Bladeseer of the neutral party Caeruleum. Accompanying you is Alice Starwell, a prodigious Swordsmaiden. As Caeruleum's leader, raise your party to dizzying heights and etch your name into the annals of Edyssian history! Features a grand adventure where you take a fledgling party to soaring heights beautiful, hand-drawn character sprites and event illustrations professional Japanese voice acting classic, turn-based combat focusing on unique encounters multiple routes, each featuring unique heroines, antagonists, and endings original soundtrack by Japanese composer ruha localization in English and Japanese Visit empyrealdawn.com for more information, including character bios! Release Information Empyreal Dawn will be releasing on Steam with an estimated date of 2024. Staff Please click on the "Staff" tab here: blissfulberyl.com/empyrealdawn Links Official site: blissfulberyl.com Patreon: patreon.com/blissfulberyl Twitter: twitter.com/blissfulberyl If you like our project, please consider supporting us on Patreon! It would help us immensely during development. You'll receive a discounted price along with limited edition goodies! Recruitment We are looking for: Programmer (JavaScript preferred) UI Designer Social Media Manager Background Artist Monster Sprite/General Purpose Artist Final Words Thank you very much for reading this far! If you have any questions or comments, please let me know. I'll put my best toward making Empyreal Dawn the best it can be! Sincerely yours, Lynn
  6. “One leg was longer than the other. This part of the skin doesn't match the rest of the body — there is something written.. in the intestines.” Story Following the untimely passing of his father, Sasaki Shin'ya and his mother moved to a countryside town called Hinoyama, where they now operate a café together. Apart from his job, he has become withdrawn and no longer has any passion. What he seeks is a peaceful and uneventful day-to-day life. Under the dark winter sky, on a day like any other — multiple people were found dead inside an initially assumed single victim, in a park he passes by everyday. On the same day, by the twist of an inevitable fate, he meets a woman he never should've met. That same night, he died. Then he woke up—40 years later. Version 1.2.0 contains Prologue (Day 1 - Day 0 ) Partial Chapter 1 (Day -1) 50, 000+ words, ~4 hours of reading Screenshots Links VNDB: https://vndb.org/v44219 Itch.io: https://hiera.itch.io/kill-the-night Twitter: https://twitter.com/_hier Progress Prologue- Day 1: 100% Day 0: 100% Chapter 1- Day -1: 100% Day -2: 20% Day -3: 20% Day -4: 0% Day -5: 0% --------------------------------------------------------------- If you're still reading, first of all, thank you for taking the time! I'm Hiera and I handle the story, art (sprites/CG) as well as the programming. Every other asset I use are royalty free stuff (all individually credited.) I've been working on KTN for the past year and developed everything surrounding it in that time. It went from a test project/short story to check out what Ren'py can do and it evolved into the longest project I've ever worked on (many such cases.) As mentioned earlier, the vn is Day-based. Prologue contains Days 1 to -1 (not including -1. at the moment I'm writing -1, I make most of my updates on twitter if you're interested in that.) and Days belong to Chapters. Nothing concrete but in my head there should be something like 5 Chapters, as well as 5 mini-story "Character Story" sections. The entirety of Chapter 1 I plan on releasing for free and everything else sold together, potentially, if a kickstarter campaign succeeds. I'll be happy to answer any questions and receive any feedback or advice!
  7. Trapped in an evolving death game, he chooses to rebel. One by one, the Rules must fall. Trailer: Demo: https://gj-staff.itch.io/beyond-r-rule-ripper VNDB page: https://vndb.org/v39825 Hello! Beyond R: Rule Ripper is an indie VN I've been working on for a few years now with a small group of freelancers, with a Kickstarter starting June 1 and a release sometime in 2024. It's a suspense drama story about 10 strangers that awaken in a mysterious luxury bar, the Golden Jack. They have been poisoned by their kidnapper, The Owner, and only victory in their game will give them their lives back. There are 10 Rules, each one assigned in secret to each player. They must follow all rules except their own, and their death will eliminate the rule from the game forever. However, a young man among the players refuses to play along. The cast The project is more than halfway done overall, especially in regards to the script and music, with the Kickstarter aiming to fund the remaining visuals (backgrounds and more character expressions/body poses) and see if we can go beyond (pun semi-intended) the initial humble goal of simply finishing it. With enough success, we'll be able to make CGs and raise the production values, though for its current size there's plenty of features already, including some gameplay elements based on Danganronpa/Ace Attorney trials, a multi-layered soundtrack, 3D constructed backgrounds, more than a handful of endings, two language options (English and Spanish), and more. I could go into a lot more detail, but the demo can do that job a lot better, as it covers the first few chapters of the game in full with mostly finished assets. Update log (May 27th, 2023): -New demo and trailer -Updated post Character Profiles Screenshots GJ Staff credits:
  8. Hello! We would like to promote the upcoming visual novel Late Blooming on Steam. Comments, suggestions and votes would be much apreciated! More information, videos, photos and discussion HERE: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=641298887 Late Blooming is a romantic comedy about drama and tragedy set in Thais, a quiet little town lost in the world. You will have to play the role of the protagonist, an ordinary young man whose life has given him a second chance. Your mission will be to guide the the protagonist in his decisions, and figure out the mysteries that hide inside the hearts of the three girls. As in real life, our efforts can have unintended consequences; in the same way, Late Blooming incorporates a modality of decision that requires a much deeper analysis than simply choose a girl and wait for the desired event. Many decisions will require a choice between different moral values of equal caliber, or between different types of love: fraternal, romantic and sensual. Good luck! Kurisu No Patto Direction, programming, script, production: Kurisu. Character design and sprites: Nyatrix http://n-nyatrix.deviantart.com/ (NSFW) CG lead artists: Ether-Core https://twitter.com/ethercore7 Opening and PV artist: Teagirl-vn http://teagirl-vn.deviantart.com/ Yekaterina's ED CG artist: Atelier Astarotte https://www.facebook.com/AtelierAstarotte Yuri ED CG artist: Genacinth http://genacinth.deviantart.com/ True Ending CG artist: Funarie http://funarie.deviantart.com/ Chibi's artist: Kayo http://bakaye.deviantart.com/ Translation: Catalina Andrews Credits Opening music: Trial and Error http://www.tandess.com/music/
  9. “In a medieval world where magic is a forgotten power, how would a young witch wandering through the lands interact with people from all walks of life?” Our trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOt2giXtZT8 We're on Steam Greenlight!Vote for us here!Check us out on Kickstarter!Click here! A More Beautiful World is a kinetic visual novel set in a medieval world where magic is a forgotten power. A young witch wanders through the world of ordinary humans and interacts with people from all walks of life, inspired by such novels as Spice and Wolf as well as Maoyuu Maou Yuusha. These are stories where much emphasis is placed on relationships, money and politics.A More Beautiful World is no different--we will immerse the reader in a medieval fantasy world with many things you will be able to relate to as you join our young witch in her vagrant journey.For history buffs, readers will also see several real world events reflected in the story, from China, Europe, and the Americas.Not a fan of history? No worries - You will still find many literary references in this story of ours. Will you not join Violetta in her journey? You can play our finished demo if you are curious about the visual novel! Please follow this link to download it. This demo spans 60% of the actual length of Act I. There are four Acts in total. Act II is similar to Act I in length while Act II and III, combined, are three times longer than the total length of Act I and II. The estimated length of the demo is 60-80 minutes.You can get the demo right here: https://www.copy.com/s/aXf3UjvxgRlj40dLA More Beautiful World is a dialogue only visual novel that brings you on a journey along with our protagonist, Violetta, a self-proclaimed witch who is wise. In Act I, Violetta meets the Merchant and in Act II, III and IV, Violetta would meet many other interesting characters while saying farewell to her previous companions. Afterthought Studios’ aim is to create stories that will touch the hearts of our readers and let them take away a lesson or two, or better yet, apply it to their daily lives. Afterthought Studios is made up of a group of visual novel enthusiasts from around the world who came together in hopes of creating a story worth being retold and re-read.The team at Afterthought Studios is comprised of experienced creators.Our author, Darren Kwok, is based in Singapore. He has assisted in the marketing and greenlighting for several visual novels and games.Under our music team, we have Steven Melin, a video game, film, and television music composer based in Atlanta, GA. He is the Assistant Composer for Penka Kouneva (Gears of War 3, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands) and has previously assisted industry veterans Garry Schyman (Shadow of Mordor, Bioshock series) and Joel Goodman (Being Elmo, The American Experience). ‘harmonicblend’ is a music circle founded by Trass. They have worked on several indie games and other projects, including some personal projects. They are currently most known for their works featured in the indie horror gameDreaming Mary soundtrack, as well as Sol=Akata, the album which they prepared for Comiket and was sold out in just two hours - More recently, COSMOCRYSTAL, another one of their productions sold out at M3-Fall in Japan.As for our art, we are working with the talented Yuuki, who will be responsible for all the sprites and CGs in A More Beautiful World. Sillyselly will be creating our background art. ameliori and artsvan, from Fervent are the folks behind the successful visual novels Who Is Mike and CUPID are also assisting in the artistic process.Our programmer, MysteryCorgi, has several visual novels under her belt, including Culina: The Spirit of Cooking and Hands in the Kitchen. She also did work for That Cheap and Sacred Thing as well as logos and GUIs for various indie projects. Special thanks if also accorded to Krystian Alabrudzinski, our partner.The logo for A More Beautiful World was made by Luna Li and the GUI designed by Camille Arana and part of the main menu was designed from the resource created by TsukinoHikari20. Additionally, A More Beautiful World will be fully voiced in English. Sound Cadence Studios is a freelance indie Casting & Production Studio, founded by Amber Lee Connors, professional voice actress, director and writer and it is also partnered with Team Four Star, who supplies some of the in-house talent. They have an extensive portfolio which includes Dead Island: Epidemic as well as Dread Out.ViolettaCV: Amber Lee Connors (Hayami Koto in Exogenesis: Perils of Rebirth, Ava in Sunrider)ElenaCV: Natalie Van Sistine (Midori Suzuki in Exogenesis: Perils of Rebirth, Anna Kelso in Deus Ex: The Fall)MerchantCV: Kanoff (General Gaius in Dust: An Elysian Tail, Cole Madsen in Meridian - New World)MarquisCV: Ryan H Nelson [Commander B.D in S.W.A.T, John Barrymore in Sherlock Holmes: Hound of The Baskervilles (Theatre)]Head HealerCV: Melissa D. Sternenberg High MagicianCV: Steven Kelly (Lord Pel Harmond in Dragon Age: Inquisition, Mayor Bram in Dust: An Elysian Tail)MilitiaCV: Howard Wang (Toshio in Exogensis: Perils of Rebirth, Rico in Dead Island: Epidemic)GuardCV: Anthony Sardinha (GUNTHER in Exogensis: Perils of Rebirth, Claudio in YIIK)BanditCV: Daman Mills (Shinta Mizumura in Holy Knight, Selnia's Father in Ladies versus Butlers!) $2 - Thanks (Offering)$15 - Copy of the game (Digital) (Early Bird) (The Grimoire)$20 - Copy of the game (Digital) (The Late Reader)$25 - Above + Set of Wallpapers made specially for A More Beautiful World (Digital) (The Encyclopedia)$30 - Game + OST (Digital) (The Singing Storyteller)$40 - Above + Physical copy of a map of A More Beautiful World (The Navigator)$55 - Game + OST (Physical) (Blessing of the Heavens)$65 - Game + OST (Physical) + Physical copy of a map of A More Beautiful World (Heavenly Compass)$120 - Heavenly Compass + Coloured sketch of you (The Imperial Artist)$300 - Heavenly Compass + Join the game as a minor character! (Limited 5) (Heavenly Mimicry) $500 - Heavenly Compass + Join the game as a major character! (Limited 3) (The Blessed Grimoire)$1000 - Game + OST (Physical) + Physical copy of a map of AMBW + Join the game as a major character! (Limited 1) and go behind the scenes with the team at Afterthought Studios - And at the end of it all, get an artbook that shows our journey towards finishing A More Beautiful World. (Favour of the Heavens) All creative projects come with some amount of risk. However, we believe that by already having the script completed at the time of our Kickstarter’s launch, we hope to have circumnavigated past the common pitfall of not seeing a project through to the end. The project is also run on a tight and strict financial discipline to make sure no funds are squandered. All funds raised from the project will be used to pay for assets for the game.If you are interested in our project or want to learn more about us, please feel free to visit us on our various social media outlets, also if you have any questions, do ask us!Find us on: facebook.com/afterthoughtstudiostwitter.com/afterthoughtVNafterthoughtstudios.org Please check us out on Kickstarter! We'd be happy to answer any questions you might have about the project too!
  10. Hi, I am writing on behalf of my team at Star Maiden Games. Mystic Destinies: Serendipity of Aeons is an urban fantasy romance novel focused on the journey of twenty-year-old Tsubasa Fujimoto from human to legendary sorceress. It's first route scheduled for release in Q1 2016. We have been greenlit on Steam and will also be releasing on mobile devices. Download demo here Story
  11. Big milestone for us! We're hoping for a possible (possible) OmOneko: Act 1 release for the New Year. Ambitious, but we like a challenge! In anticipation, I updated all the art on our website. (wanted to add pictures but can't link .pngs?) http://omoneko.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/Ensemble-5-5-21.png
  12. Project Introduction We at PlaceHolder Name Studio are asking for feedback to recently translated demo version of our costume drama mystery Visual Novel – Court of Crowns. We have created our game in Game Maker Studio 2, and the demo is released on Windows and HTML5. Soon it will be released on Android as well. In our Ace Attorney inspired game, you play as Princess Adela de Rex, a young heiress to the throne, and you are tasked with presiding over Crown Court. Similarly to AA games, you are involved in questioning witnesses, but you also restore order during heated debates, and compare opposing parties’ versions of events. Aside from general feedback, we are interested in hearing if you did find the story and premise interesting. We also want to hear your thoughts about graphics and music. Features Ace Attorney inspired gameplay, but from the perspective of a judge Voiced acted recurring lines Costume drama set in fictional world based on late XVIII/early XIX century Personality Quiz that determines one of 8 possible believes sets for the main protagonists, which influences her lines and inner narration In the future we also intend to have following features Story influencing choices Multiple endings for each episodes, involving various outcomes of its cases Actions from past episodes having consequences in next ones Ability to influence your relationship with different characters, making them either reliable allies or fierce enemies Progress We have a finished and translated around one hour demo, that covers about 40% of Episode 1. We plan on making 5 separate episodes. Extra relevant information You can play or download our demo here: https://placeholder-name-studio.itch.io/coc-demo You can visit our main page here: https://courtofcrowns.com/ You can follow us on twitter here Feedback form that you can optionally use – link
  13. All things considered, Julian (customizable) lives a pretty normal life. He does online university work, is hopelessly single (but has a habit of crushing on cute boys), and spends most of his free time on a fantasy MMO – Lost Heroes. Little does he know that Lost Heroes will be what pulls him into a new, budding romance... Whether he pursues the arrogant pretty boy Guillermo, his charismatic roommate Casper, the coy store clerk Archie, or his mysterious guildmate Verdant, join Julian on an unexpected journey of self-discovery, heartache, and love. Genre: BxB, slice-of-life, romance, drama Rating: 18+ (NSFW content; SFW/PG-13 version also available) Length: TBD Routes: 4 Estimated Release: Q1 2023 Platforms: Windows/Mac/Linux, Android Customizable MC (name, appearance, chat profiles) Skippable 18+ scenes Multiple chat styles/interfaces Content/Trigger Warnings: Foul language, homophobia, domestic abuse, mentions of violence, cheating, petty crime, pornography, sex work, terminal illness/end of life care, HIV+ character Team Publisher: Gallium Games Producer: gamma, dovah @Argent Games Writer/Designer: Theo Southgate (Dead Man's Rest, The Hepatica Spring) Artist: solenoirex Progress Aug 13: Public announcement! TBD: Demo + Kickstarter (roughly October) Extra relevant information Join the Discord Server Follow us on Twitter Wishlist on Steam Follow on Itch Development Blog
  14. Good evening. The EbonSoft team is getting closer to the release (October 27,2022) of our first VN called Where the Stars Brough Us. We'd like to tighten up something and and get feedback from the community about what we have. Below are links to the Windows and Mac versions of our latest builds. We've left the skip feature present in case you want to play through the demo twice and try out another combination of choices. The UI design is locked in, so making changes to that, is out of the question. We look forward to hearing your honest feedback and we hope that you enjoy Chapter 1 of the story. The icon marked for Kickstarter should redirect to the Steam store front. Windows WTSBU Windows Download Mac WTSBU Mac Download
  15. The plot revolves around a group of classmates who are entangled in a dangerous social game that threatens their friendship, principles, and questions their nature. With one person leaving the game each day, friends are forced to choose between who stays and who’s eliminated while something sinister gathers around them. Visual Novel “306” was inspired by Umineko no Naku Koro ni (written by Ryukishi07). It's been in development since 2016 and we are proud to show the results. A lot of hard work has gone into this game. I hope you all enjoy it. Every asset used in the game was created by this team, minus the majority chunk of the BGM and SFX. Created by: ReDHoddie/レッドフディー Art: Gegi Petriashvili, Marie Mzareulishvili Code: ReDHoddie/レッドフディー, Mari Babakishvili Original Score: Gegi Kirtadze (But most of the game music is placeholder OST from various official franchises) Voice Cast : Levan - Ryan Pratt Achi - Josh Portillo Marie - Sam Slade Pavle - Vincent Fabbri Teona - Loganne Digma Tako - Katie Otten Irakli - Josh Portillo Gvanca - Rebecca Chiara Marano Salome - Shakyra Dunn Miranda - Kelly Greenshield and Jenna Oliver Nino - Mari Chavez Mari - Cat Protano Giga - Mylo Reid Lika - Veronica Laux Natuka - Bella Sapphire and Kelsey Jaffer Veronica - Cat Protano Tatia - Kelly Greenshield and Jenna Oliver We hope you enjoy our game. ARTWORK Levan, one of the main characters, member of Tsubame. Achi, one of the main characters, member of Tsubame. Marie, one of the main characters, member of Tsubame. If anyone is interested to be a beta-tester, please let me know. None of us on the team are native English speakers so if anyone wants to help out, it'd be much appreciated. LINKS https://redhoddie.itch.io/306thesecondlap
  16. My name is Ziczin About me: - I write in many genres, I experiment a lot. More than 4 years of experience. - I consider awareness to be an important part of the process of creating a composition. Those. the performer is obliged to fully understand all the details of the process of creating a track, since in most cases, this is exactly what is the key to high-quality sound design. Work process: - Make the most detailed TK. Be prepared to write a little more, maybe I'll ask about the project. The quality of the composition depends on the fullness of the TK. - Indicate in advance whether the track is being written for a specific scene or will be used many times, whether this track will characterize a character, root, location, or should simply accompany the mood. It is important. - As a reference (mastering | post-processing) I can request a couple of finished tracks. It is important that the tracks have the same audible volume and are not altered by the engine sequencer (or altered equally). - Edits are accepted only from one person. - Edits must be specific, i.e. phrases like "This is not the mood here" will not be quoted. - The price may depend on the complexity and duration of the composition, as well as on the number of renders sent. Examples of my tracks on SoundCloud: - Plays (Free use) - Experiments - Old tracks - Once upon a time for a short story (Free use) - About~trailer tracks - Tracks for the visual novel "Amalgamms" - Tracks for the visual novel "Golden Leaves" - Tracks for the "Splitlands" Competitive Novel (10th out of 136 by the "Audio" criterion) - Tracks for Anivisual Jam3 Novel "Singularity of Hearts" - Tracks for the modification of Katawa Shoujo: Letters to Venus You can contact me in VK - https://vk.com/ziczin Or by discord - Зишка#7806 Or by mail - [email protected] Well you get the idea/
  17. Agent of Love Agent of Love VNDB Link Play as a detective. Live life as a woman. Use your choices wisely to uncover hidden mysteries and solve intriguing cases. Experience Asian family drama and let love find you in this Agent of Love Otome Visual Novel. Takasuke now available on AppStore, PlayStore and Steam!!! Download and play the Prologue and Chapter 1 of each character FREE Payment for the full story required in the Character Menu page Agent Of Love Game Trailer Agent Of Love Theme Song - Hitorikiri no Michi (The path of loneliness) GAME SUMMARY As the adopted daughter of the Police Chief Commissioner of Japan, you have learnt to navigate the glittering world of celebrities and politicians that come with your father's position. But as a detective in the force, your occupation exposes you to an underground society, full of crime and intrigue. Your eventful, action-packed lifestyle, leaves you susceptible to danger, putting you at risk with no time for romance. So when you receive a call from your father, asking you to meet him in his office... ...you never expected love to come your way. But things are not always what they seem, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. What mysteries surround the men that come into your life? Can you wade through all the lies and deceit to find the truth? Or... Will your love lead you on a destructive path of heartbreak, misery...and death? FEATURES Each main story features: *20+ chapters for each main story (Currently 4 to choose from) *45k+ words *Happy, Normal and Bad Endings *5CGs each character *His POV is relevant and gives more insight to his backstory Ryosei Asakawa Your flirtatious childhood friend is heir to a powerful political family. But what is the cost of this privilege, and to what extent would you go to save him? Dr Hajime Fukuyama You've always known him as a person who dedicates his life to the wellbeing of others. But how well do you really know the man behind those glasses? Shiro Your lives intersect as you cross each other's paths... ...but will this red string of fate lead you to your chosen destiny? Or tangle you further in its intricate web? Takasuke Hiraishi Specialising in IT, your grumpy, sharp-tongued tsundere colleague is regularly exposed to an enormous amount of information. What troublesome intel did he find to cause such a conflicted gaze in his eyes? Ayumu Kitagawa A national idol with a multitude of passionate fans. But at what point does adoration evolve into something more dangerous? Kouhei Takeuchi Your stern adoptive older brother with the fierce and piercing glare. But why do you sometimes catch him gazing at you with such a painful expression? GAME DESCRIPTION Agent of Love is a dark* romantic drama about a woman and the struggles she will face as she treads through various personal and social expectations. She will also come across cases so disturbing, that you may hesitate on the choices she has to make as the stories reach their respective endings. Agent of Love is written from a first person perspective to encourage user immersion allowing the player to engage and empathise with the protagonist.To see through her eyes, feel her emotions and choose the path that best suits her situation or be ready to face the consequences. You can find more information on our website www.delusionalinc.com The game can be downloaded using the below links Agent of Love IOS Apple AppStore linkAgent of Love Android GooglePlay Link Agent of Love Steam Store Link About Delusional Delusional is an independent and self-funded developer of interactive Visual Novels (VN), based in Sydney, Australia, focusing on the genre of Josei Romance in Otome games, a Romance Dating Simulation for the female audience. Delusional started with a couple of friends having a common goal: to provide realistic stories that have richer content, deeper and darker* storylines, engaging characters and an immersive delusional world to heighten the user experience. With Josei as a genre of our Otome games, Delusional aims to develop and create a romantic world to deliver a rollercoaster ride of emotions for fans to explore josei romance at their fingertips. Please follow us on the below social media links to keep updated Delusional Inc - Facebook Delusional Inc - Twitter Delusional Inc - Tumblr Delusional Inc - Instagram Thank you all for your support
  18. #WIPwednesday Our first big Delusional news of 2021 is the secret Delusional project that we've been working on for the past couple of years. The sequel game to Agent of Love.... Agent of Love Shattered Memories Stay tuned for more info! More information on the original Agent Of Love can be found here: And on our website https://delusionalinc.com/PublicWeb/agentoflove About Delusional Delusional is an independent and self-funded developer of interactive Visual Novels (VN), based in Sydney, Australia, focusing on the genre of Josei Romance in Otome games, a Romance Dating Simulation for the female audience. Delusional started with a couple of friends having a common goal: to provide realistic stories that have richer content, deeper and darker* storylines, engaging characters and an immersive delusional world to heighten the user experience. With Josei as a genre of our Otome games, Delusional aims to develop and create a romantic world to deliver a rollercoaster ride of emotions for fans to explore josei romance at their fingertips. Please follow us on the below social media links to keep updated Delusional Inc - Facebook Delusional Inc - Twitter Delusional Inc - Tumblr Delusional Inc - Instagram Thank you all for your support #otome #indiedev #gamedev #indiegame #visualnovel
  19. Team Beyond has started developing its Fading Sky pilot project! Fading Sky is a visual novel storytelling game. This is a tragic and sad story set in a fantasy world after a global magical catastrophe. We were inspired by a series of games like Fate (Fate/stay night, Fate/Zero), Science Adventure (Steins;Gate, Chaos;Head), and of course Utawarerumono. GAMEPLAY The main features of the Fading Sky gameplay: - narration in the style of a visual novel with full voice acting (in English and Russian). - two main characters, the player's choice. - non-linear story with a choice. - the ability to influence the fate of two worlds at once. - Thoughtful and detailed dark fantasy setting. - study of the history of the world and characters. - torn pages of the book "The myths of Arret" describing the history of the world of Arret, which can be found in the most unexpected places in the game world. - more than 10 story endings. - eroge-element for PC versions of the game as a separate patch. GRAPHIC ARTS Fading Sky is a 2.5D RPG with fully animated scenes and characters. FullHD native resolution (1920 x 1080). A team of talented artists is working on this. PLOT AND CHARACTERS Fading Sky will tell you a tragic tale of the last moments of Arret's world. A story about those who will witness this, together with whom you will learn the history of the rise and fall of this once beautiful world. The tension of our story will strike from the very beginning of the narrative and will increase as the reason for which three of our contemporaries ended up in this dying world is clarified. In an attempt to understand what is happening, they will somehow close the last chapter of this mysterious story. LORE Inspired by various fantasy stories and a little bit of Celtic mythology, we created our own universe, which we called Fading Dimension or simply FD. This is elaborate lore, at many the era before the events of this game. We hope that Fading Sky will become just a small island in the Sea of Void of our history and a starting point for the implementation of all our ideas. We are also working on a card game in the FD universe rewound several eras before the start of the disaster. TECHNICAL PART The game is being developed on the studio's own engine FadingEngine, which is built on C++, OpenGL, and FMOD technologies, which allows the project to be ported to almost any of the well-known gaming platforms, from Windows/Linux to iOS/Android and even PS/XBOX. AS AN INTRODUCTION TO STORY History turns into legends, legends into myths, myths into fairy tales that are quickly forgotten. Perhaps once the world was different, lived according to different laws and unspoken rules, carried other creatures and other plants on its body. Served as a book for thousands of forgotten but massive stories. One of these stories has not yet received a full ending. Although its beginning has long been forgotten, the trace still stretches from the depths of eras and grows with a heavy echo with each shift of hands of the world clock. The beginning of the story has long been forgotten... but its end is near, and it will touch the three inhabitants of the city of Bristol, which is located somewhere in the British Isles. 2026, May 13th. From the very morning, it was raining, and the sky did not clear up that day again... NEAREST PLANS Soon, we plan to release a demo version of the game (Fading Sky: One dream before), which will become the zero chapter of the whole story, i.e. it will be a separate short backstory a few hours before the main plot of Fading Sky. We are also planning to release a trailer, where we are ready to show both an animated introduction to the game and some of the gameplay itself (where we will try to do without story spoilers). After that, we hope to launch the company on Kickstarter or Pathreon (we haven't decided exactly yet, but we already have interesting material rewards for our future bakers). We are glad that we have begun work on this project and sincerely hope that you will like it. Subscribe to us on social networks: www.facebook.com/groups/fadingskygame www.vk.com/fading_sky_game Follow us on Twitter: www.twitter.com/tea_beyond Leave your feedback - we welcome any opinion from our future audience, especially if it helps us expand our universe and, as a result, will interest you! See you soon in the spaces of FD! With you was a game designer and programmer, composer and screenwriter, and a little more the head and producer of the Fading Sky project German Espoir.
  20. We believe that video games are meant to push the boundaries, both technological and of the way we experience stories and beauty. We are passionate about every magical gem that comes from our fiery forge. The road from an idea to a final product requires patience and hard work but what an adventure it is! Hello everyone Most of our graphics are made on Procreate - our artist Michalina simply can't imagine working without this splendid tool. In previous articles, we wrote a bit about the process of creating graphics for our game (mostly backgrounds and renders), but today we will show you the process of creating cutscenes - it's not complicated, but the graphics must meet several requirements to be ready. Of course, the initial phase is to prepare a description of the graphics. After that our artist creates a concept. The goal is not to create an accurate frame, but just a simple graphic. We also want to see shadows and lights. Wonderfully we have it! But is it finished? Actually, it's the beginning of the fun After the initial concept is done, our artist gets some tips and she can create a comic book line art without shadows and lights. Another portion of tips and our artist again refines the frame. Looks much better, right? Great! The graphic looks good. The face expresses cold emotions, the room has taken shape. Ready! It's time to send the graphics to the next artist, who will color it. The artist sends us a frame with a question if the choice of colors is appropriate - we agree. Michalina starts improving the picture and sends us the final version. Finally, it's ready! We animate the frame and the final version is presented as below: We are very happy that we could show you the process of creating that frame. We believe that video games are meant to push the boundaries, both technological and of the way we experience stories and beauty. We are passionate about every magical gem that comes from our fiery forge. The road from an idea to final product requires patience and hard work but what an adventure it is!
  21. Watashi Suzume (WS for short) Is the first project developed under the Shamrock Creations moniker. Watashi Suzume is a story driven visual novel that follows the exploits of Ayumi Suzume, and her friends after some very mysterious circumstances unfold. Together, Ayumi must work with her friends in not only solving the mystery behind these circumstances, but to also help them solve their own personal issues should they arise. With a colorful cast of characters, WS aims to tell a story about how important the friendships we form in life are, and how far we would go to help out the ones we love. Full game planned features below Features Choice remembrance - Every choice is tallied as you progress through the story of WS. Depending on the decisions you make, Suzume's story can end a couple of ways. Some choices will change the locations you visit, dialogue, and the very fate of characters themselves. Interactive environments - Some scenes may be interacted with via a point and click "Investigation system" that allows the player to click on certain objects in certain scenes to better understand their surroundings, and to add a new gameplay element to the standard visual novel formula. You'll be able to discover several new things about the plot, and characters depending on what you click. Full mod support — WS will launch with a community view in mind, this includes a special tab in the menu exclusively for “fan made content” so you can keep all of your mods in one place and not have to constantly re-install the game when you want to play something new. Every fan adaptation you download will have its own place in the menu. The end result is how you save Suzume’s spirit from being erased, but how much of a friendship she cultivates with those involved in her journey will affect just how that journey ends. Release Date: To Be Announced (Note: Shamrock Creations LLC. and Team Suzume are not responsible for any content added to the game by fans, or fan works in general. We hold the right to take down any fan work provided it does not agree with future fan guidelines.) Team Members: GoyaMunoz — Background art (contact: Instagram) Damare — Music score (contact: Twitter) Radiophobia — Music score Cyrke — Artworks for special scenes BlackRabbitArtworks — Misc. artist Support Us: Discord: https://discord.gg/W3Wv95N Twitter: https://twitter.com/XxPatWolfeXx96x Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChf_w6otYHGvOpKF6uL2Ipg? The download for the WS demo can be found on our Itch.io
  22. Super/Human Identity is a dark superhero origin story RPG/visual novel hybrid featuring complex companion group dynamics, romances, action, tough choices and vast variability. Me and my wife have been working on this game for more than a year now, and would love if you checked out the demo on Itch.io and gave us your thoughts. Anything you could do to help us spread awareness of our Kickstarter would also be greatly appreciated. Genre: Dark Superhero Drama Platforms: Demo available on Steam and Itch.io for Windows and MacOS. Release: Oct 2021 Website: www.rockarolegames.com Twitter: @RockARoleGames Facebook Indiedb Warning: This game contains mature themes, including violence, strong language, use of alcohol, and optional consensual sexual content. Available on Kickstarter now! ABOUT In Super/Human Identity, you wake up with superpowers in an unfamiliar facility, the designation “Subject 5" your only clue to a former life you have no memory of. On the run, fighting for your life, you join up with Subjects 1-4. Together, you must cross a ruined city to get to safety and find answers. Beset by an external threat as well as internal conflict, you have to navigate alarming revelations and difficult choices, before finding your freedom. The choices you make as Subject 5 will have a significant impact on your experience. They will – directly or indirectly – affect your companions' attitudes, identities, and relationships with each other, making for major differences in the group dynamics form one playthrough to the next. Any two characters can end up as friends or bitter enemies, and no one is safe from death. Super/Human Identity also allows you to play as the character you want to play. Plenty of dialogue choices means that Subject 5 only says what you want them to say, without being forced to act a certain way. Your control extends to your physical appearance, with two different avatars to choose from, and your pronoun, with three options. As a queer studio, it is also important for us to be inclusive to the LGBTQIA+ community, and try to ensure that no matter who you are, you will be able to play a character who is like you. One aspect of this is our six romances, with both male and female love interests who are available for all genders, and a choice of whether to turn the relationship sexual or not. KEY FEATURES • Choose your avatar, pronoun and name as you develop your main character into who you want them to be with nuanced choices. • Influence each of your companions' fates. Will they live or die? Who will they become if they survive? • Experience different group dynamics as a consequence of your choices. Any two characters can be friends or bitter enemies. • Romance one of 6 different characters – 3 male and 3 female – available for all genders. • Think fast and use your telekinetic powers on the environment to defeat enemies. Choose between 4 difficulty settings ranging from Narrative to Superhuman. • 7+ hours long, highly interactive, narrative gameplay. One story with vast variability. • Stylized, cel-shaded characters and backgrounds, with gorgeous painted CG artworks illustrating key story moments. • Epic, emotional, soundtrack from composer Edwin Montgomery (Warhammer 40,000: Regicide, Wasteland Remastered, Ghost In The Shell, Neverwinter). CHARACTERS CGs
  23. Good evening. We've put our upcoming visual novel, Where The Stars Brought Us, demo into open beta. This will be rolling out to production at the end of the month. We'd love to get your feedback. This VN will be full voices, however; the demo will not be. The game is currently in English, Japanese, and Traditional Chinese(Taiwanese). We hope you enjoy. Story: “Where The Stars Brought Us” is a visual novel game about a boy, Ryo Yung, who is from Seoul, South Korea. He and his family (mother, father, and sister) take what was meant to be a week-long trip to Tokyo, Japan. This begins Ryo’s many adventures. Though he does not embark on these adventures alone; Mae, a non-human girl with healing powers whom he met by chance in the Narusawa Ice Caves, joins him on his journey. This very journey begins with Ryo searching for the aforementioned ice caves, where he meets Mae along with another odd being. In that time, Ryo’s sister, Nam, has gone missing. Mae uses this opportunity to strike up a deal: she will help Ryo find Nam, if Ryo helps her in return. Ryo agrees, and the events of the game are set in motion. iOS https://testflight.apple.com/join/Lc5GjYRy Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.EbonSoft.WhereTheStarsBroughtUs2D (Android link) https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.EbonSoft.WhereTheStarsBroughtUs2D (Web link) Windows http://www.mediafire.com/file/k8oc07fxn7v54st/WTSBU_Windows_v0.29.7z/file Mac http://www.mediafire.com/file/ktfjtifhzzdki3j/WTSBU_Mac_v0.29.app.7z/file
  24. This is a Chaos;Child-esque animation to "Delusion of Zero" - a short story to Chaos;Head written by SciADV scenario writer Hayashi Naotaka. Recounting the memories of 'Shogun', it serves as prequel to the events of Chaos;Head and sheds some more light on his intentions as well as his past in general: I plan on adapting the story in three parts, with part one and two (Black Sky and Blue Sky) being an introduction as well as the main part (Shogun's POV) respectively. The "introduction" is a slightly altered and truncated remake of the AA ending (Noah's "Blue Sky" ending), leading up to the point where Delusion of Zero starts off. The altered script is supposed to serve as more suitable exposition, as Delusion of Zero could be seen as sort of midquel. The first two parts I'll upload today, the remaining third part focusing on Rimi's epilogue I'll upload as soon as I find the time to finish it. ---------------- Previously there has been an in-game rendering done by a group around spiderfreak1011. If you liked my version, please consider to check out their one as well:
  25. Hi i'm indie developers, I currently have a small project, need financial support to translate it into English and publish it on steam, I hope you can take a moment to take a look.if you want to contact me: [email protected] if you want to support me or you want know more about the project : GoGetFunding
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