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Found 8 results

  1. Hi there! I haven't seen a topic about Alicesoft titles being translated (except for the one about Kaeru no Panyon), so I made one myself. This was made in assumption that there isn't one already out there. Admins are free to lock the topic if deemed necessary to. I will be updating the topic periodically, so stay tuned for updates! TRANSLATED TITLES Daibanchou! Big Bang Age Translation by: Seiha Translations http://vndb.org/v299 English Patch: here Kaeru no Panyo~n Translation by: Tulip Goddess Maria http://vndb.org/v1841 Download: here Widenyo Translated by: Ludo-Rathowm (It's the all-ages widescreen remake of Mamanyonyo) http://vndb.org/v1111 Download link: here Dungeons & Dolls Translated by: Ludo-Rathowm (A dungeon crawler by Alicesoft) http://alicesoft.wikia.com/wiki/Dungeons_%26_Dolls Download link: here English Patch: here Toushin Toshi Translated by: Arunaru http://vndb.org/v888 Download link: here Toushin Toshi II Translated by: Arunaru http://vndb.org/v889 Download link: here Rance I -Quest for Hikari- Translated by: HGTP Translations http://vndb.org/v1414 Download: here Alternatively, you can also download the digest version to save you time. English Patch: here Rance 02 -The Four Rebellious Maidens- Translated by: HGTP Translations (It's a remake of Rance II in Alice 2010) http://vndb.org/v1427 Download link: here Rance II has a digest version as well. It is based on the original game from 1990. It still has the same story, basically, but might not include some things released in the 2009 version. English Patch: here Yes, the Rance I and II digests have the same English Patch. Rance III -The Fall of Leazas- Translated by: Tulip Goddess Maria http://vndb.org/v1829 Download link: http://rancetranslation.wordpress.com/2013/09/02/rance-iii-fall-of-leazas-re-release/ Rance IV -Legacy of the Sect- Translated by: Tulip Goddess Maria http://vndb.org/v2040 Download link: http://rancetranslation.wordpress.com/2013/09/04/rance-iv-legacy-of-the-sect-release/ Rance 4.1 -Save the Medicine Plant- Translated by: Tulip Goddess Maria http://vndb.org/v2043 Download link: http://rancetranslation.wordpress.com/2014/01/25/rance-4-1-release/ Rance 4.2 -Angel Army- Translated by: Tulip Goddess Maria http://vndb.org/v2044 Download link: http://rancetranslation.wordpress.com/2014/03/28/rance-4-2-release/ Kichikuou Rance Translated by: Arunaru http://vndb.org/v2045 Download link: http://arunarutranslatescrap.wordpress.com/2014/09/13/kichikuou-rance-english-translation/ SLC's 200% Window Expansion Patch Sengoku Rance (Rance VII) Translated by: Yandere Translations http://vndb.org/v487 English Patch: here Slash, Thrust, Burn! Translated by: 2.0 Translations http://alicesoft.wikia.com/wiki/Three_for_the_Slash!_Thrust!_Burn! English Patch: here TRANSLATIONS IN PROGRESS Rance 5D -The Lonely Girl- http://vndb.org/v2046 Translation being done by: Aten Gnu and Maria Progress: 85% translated, 80% edited Rance VI -Collapse of Zeth- http://vndb.org/v2047 Translation by: Arunaru Past:
  2. It seems the translation for Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient will be finish soon. Title: Copse Party 2: Dead Patient Description: Awoken from a coma, Ayame Itou, a first year in high school, found herself on an operating table in an unknown hospital. EKG suction pads, tubes and drip were running to various meters and monitoring equipment that all led back into her body. It felt like she had just awoken from pre-surgical anesthesia, but for some reason, there were no doctors in sight. As she slid herself off the table, Ayame realized in horror that most of her own memories had vanished. What happened? What is she doing here? Groggy from the anesthesia, she staggered out to the hallway. Bright hospital lights lit the way, it was a sight you'd see in any hospital anywhere. The odd part was that there was not a soul around. Patient records and clinical charts were strewn all over the place, and the plants were toppled over on their sides. The scene reminded her of a riot. Fighting against her rising sense of panic, Ayame set out to escape from the hospital, yet... Via VNDB Screenshots: (Please note, the following are all work in progress screenshots.)
  3. More Info: https://forums.fuwanovel.net/index.php?/topic/1966-looking-for-translator-for-a-route-koitate-translation-project/ I'm now looking for a translator who can translate 7 h-scenes from three different routes. The h-scenes are quite short. Also (again) still looking for a translator that can translate up to 2800 lines left for one last untranslated route. Message me if your interested. Keep in mind that there are military terms involved. PreviousUpdate:
  4. I'm just curious. I would love to play this VN but unfortunately it hasn't been translated yet.
  5. See this thread for full information. This is a rare documentary detailing the production of Chunsoft's critically acclaimed Sound Novel, 428: In a Blockaded Shibuya. Developed by Chunsoft and published by SEGA, 428 was originally released on the Wii in 2008 and went on to achieve much success in Japan, earning a rare 40/40 score on Famitsu magainze. It was later ported over to PS3, PSP, iOS, and Android by Spike. 428 is part of Chunsoft's long running line of "Sound Novels," the company's trademarked term for visual novels. It is considered the successor to Chunsoft's Machi, featuring the same Shibuya location and referencing some of its events, but is a completely separate game with different characters. Notable for being one of the few visual novels to use live action stills and video, like its predecessor 428 featured an intricate story from the perspectives of multiple protagonists. Including a grand total of 85 distinct endings, it was an extremely long game lasting dozens of hours. Type-Moon additionally provided an extra in-game scenario taking place after the main story that contained high quality anime graphics and characters. This scenario was later adapted in the anime Canaan, which later received a full release and English dub by Sentai Filmworks. Despite the high praise, no international release is planned due to the heavy amount of text and overall niche market of visual novels in the West. However, I am personally involved with a fan translation that is currently in the early stages of development. You can follow our progress here: http://i-vntp.blogspot.com/ Official announcement on The Punk Effect: http://thepunkeffect.com/?p=16938 This documentary in particular is rarely sold with 428 as to my knowledge it was only a special promotional DVD item. I was able to get a good deal including the DVD and the game on eBay, so have decided to share it on YouTube so everyone can finally watch it. Unfortunately, this is only the original unsubtitled version as no translation exists. However, since we are creating an English patch for the game, we may consider additionally writing subs for it. Unless of course someone else wishes to do it. Regardless, we hope you enjoy this look into one of the most highly overlooked games of all time. If anyone is interested in contributing to the translation, please leave a video comment or contact us on the forum or blog.
  6. Hi! I want to translate Dracu-Riot!, i'm a noob but i realy like this VN. I opened this topic to find how to solve some problems, please help me. I will public here how to hack in the Dracu-Riot! VN if i can do it. I extracted the files and i get the scripts, but now the problem is this https://www.mediafire.com/?pfp39p3ohooos8i this is one of the scripts containing in game text, but i cant find a way to transform the .ks.scn in .ks because i can't read .ks.scn. Please help! Any info regarding .ks.scn file wil be a great help too!
  7. 2 of the starry sky games have been released, is there a plan for translating the other 2 ?
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