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Found 3 results

  1. Thought I'd start a thread where people could talk about the movies they just watched. We have one for anime, so why not movies in general? Feel free to talk about any movie, new or old. Just watched Fido the other night. It's about civilization after the zombie apocalypse and how zombies are essentially forced into servitude through these weird collars manufactured by some ridiculously powerful corporation. It's not meant to be taken seriously at all, and is quite humorous if you've seen other zombie movies. The main character actually names his zombie servant "Fido" and plays fetch with him. Have a hankering to watch The Dark Knight again; love that movie so much, and I haven't seen it in a while. EDIT: Just changed it to movies AND TV shows, since why require another thread to talk about TV shows?
  2. Besides VNs, one of the other things I consider an interest of mine is film. So, I thought it might be fun to create a topic discussing just that. To better focus the discussion, what are some of your favorite movies and maybe some of your thoughts on them? I'll start. The following aren’t arranged in arranged in any way, with exception of number one. I tried to pick these out with some variety in mind, so I attempted to reign in titles from any niche genres like all the crappy handheld horror movies I enjoy. I failed a little on that one. 1)Lost in Translation (2003) It’s a movie that I saw at the right time. I suppose it thematically clicked with my adolescent brain. It has charm, hosts some very pretty shots, has Bill Murray and a young Scarlett Johansson, is paced suitably well, and has Bill Murray. I’ve used it as my go to “let’s watch a movie at my place” date movie a number of times, so it also has some sentimentality too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_maEh38ZTw 2) Ikiru (1952) My favorite Akira Kurosawa film, though he has a number of movies that nip at Ikiru’s heels. It’s a touching movie about a Japanese bureaucrat who struggles after he finds out he has cancer. 3) [REC] (2007) One cam horror movie had to make its way onto this list. The genre is too much of a guilty pleasure of mine not to. Taking a step back and just thinking about it in terms of quality – not only against other movies of its kind, but also in general, it pretty much had to go to [REC]. 4) Drive (2011) This movie and just how much I enjoyed it surprised the hell out of me. The opening sequence is probably my favorite out of any movie and I can’t think of one that’s nearly as intense or thrilling. It’s a brutal movie and has some cool shots. 5) Whores’ Glory (2011) It’s a documentary with no narrator, no moral of the story, and no cause other than giving viewer the chance to peek into the lives of prostitutes in 3 different countries. It’s a little numbing and totally bleak. 6)Blade Runner (1982) It’s a sci-fi classic. I don’t think I need to go on too much. The last chase scene sits pretty vividly in my mind and Rutger Hauer’s speech is haunting. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_saUN4j7Gw 7) A Clockwork Orange (1971) I love this movie. My friends and I have dressed up likes droogs for group costumes a number of times. I wouldn’t say it’s Kubrick’s best work, but it’s my favorite. Night of the Living Dead (1968) I saw this movie when I was five and it started me along the path of horror fandom. I was utterly obsessed with horror movies as a kid and I’m still now very much a fan of the genre. 9) Drunken Master II (1994) My favorite Jackie Chan flick and one I’d be comfortable calling his best. That final fight scene is one of my favorites out of any martial arts film. 10) Noroi: The Curse (2005) I wanted to list a Asian horror film and I ended up sneaking in another horror documentary. You can find the whole movie on Youtube if you're interested in watching it. That was harder than I expected. I feel like I neglected so many good films. So, what are some of your favorite movies?
  3. Piracy

    This is a hot-button topic among many people, but I want to hear your thoughts on this subject. There's no beating around the bush with this one, but I'll point out the elephant in the room. Fuwanovel is a site for piracy. Now before people start attacking me, let me make one thing perfectly clear. I am a strong supporter of piracy, and fully support this site. With that out of the way, let's move on to the actual topic. I'm starting this thread because as I use the Internet more each day, I think about how much I owe to it for giving many of the games and movies that I've ever looked at. A majority of the albums in my digital music library and the majority of the films that I watch nowadays come from The Pirate Bay and other torrent/download sites. Many of the visual novels I've ever read I downloaded from Fuwanovel and other places. But why exactly do I defend piracy besides the fact that it gives people free stuff that they'd normally have to pay for? Simple. Because it's completely harmless. We live in an age where everything is digital and a copy of anything can be made for virtually nothing. The argument that I've often heard against piracy is the whole "stealing a car from the lot" analogy. There's a big difference between stealing a car and downloading a copyrighted work for free. A car is made out of physical parts and part of processes that each cost money to collect, build, assemble, and ship out. A digital download on the other hand contains no such thing. It's simply a COPY of a work that was created once. Another argument against piracy that I've heard is that it "hurts the audience." In my opinion, this is one of the weakest excuses I've ever heard. Let's take the Avengers for example. It was the highest grossing film of 2012 making of $1 billion. Now tell me, do you think that if a few thousand people pirate the movie online that Joss Whedon, Marvel, or Disney will go out of business? They're filthy rich and aren't losing money. They're MAKING money. And if you want more proof that Hollywood isn't leaving anytime soon, then simply look at the recession. During that brief time period where we thought that America would have another Great Depression, Hollywood lost the LEAST amount of jobs. The movie, music, and video games industry are all worth billions of dollars and still going strong. Piracy can't even make a dent in that. Piracy actually helps SPREAD the word of products. For instance, if I pirated an album from a certain band and I like them; what's stopping me from going to one of their concerts? You can't pirate a real live performance. Nor can you pirate merchandise such as T-shirts and other collectables. To begin with, big music artists see little money from their own albums since the majority of the profits go to the record labels. If you still think that piracy is so bad, I'm willing to bet that you're guilty of it but don't realize it. If you've ever borrowed anything like a movie, book, or video game from a friend you've pirated it. If you've ever checked out anything at your local library, you my friend, are a pirate. Did you pay for the copyrighted work? No. Are you viewing/reading/playing the entire thing to completion? Yes. What if you decide to use perfectly legal software like iTunes to rip tracks from a CD that you borrowed? How is that piracy if iTunes, a major company that ironically was made to PREVENT piracy, officially sanctions? How exactly is checking out a movie from the library and returning it any different than downloading the same movie off of Pirate Bay and then deleting it off your hard drive once you've finished it? There is something that I do have to address though when it comes to piracy: indie developers. If you're an indie film maker, indie game designer, or indie music artist; then piracy might have a bigger effect on you. For instance, if one guy made a super popular game but a majority of people pirated it, then he will likely lose a lot of money since he's the sole owner of the intellectual property. It isn't like Warner Bros. or Activision where there's tons of other factors involved. So if you can, you should probably do your best to support small teams by buying their products. And if you can't afford them, try waiting for great deals on Steam or giving them donations. This post is quickly becoming longer than I expected, by I hope you've got the point across. TL;DR: Piracy is perfectly fine, and is a perfectly harmless way to experience media. With a few exceptions, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. What are your thoughts?