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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, dear community! I just started playing Cross channel, but there is a problem: The game starts in windowed mode, and given the resolution of my screen, the window is so small that reading becomes a chore. So, I went to the settings, and tried setting the game to "Fullscreen" mode. But, the only thing that happens is this: The window moves from the center to the top left of the screen, and the window border disappears, but the size remains the same. The "Screen Size" in the settings screen continues to read "Windowed". If I then try to change the Screen size again, the setting always immediately jumps back to "Windowed". I have tried most of what is recommended (Alt+Enter just gives me a windows <ding> sound, but nothing else), I tried pressing every key in-game, hoping for a hotkey that would enlarge the window, but to no avail. I tried starting in administrator mode, in compatibility mode, and using the provided shortcut. Nothing helps. I also took a look at the readme, where the problem is mentioned, but the solution is useless to me: "Error 3: Fullscreen/Windowed mode setting not saving. Solution: The cause of this is unknown but the fix seems to be to launch using the CD and change the configuration there." The problem of course being that, since I use the Fuwanovel version of the game, I don't have a CD. Does anybody have any idea?
  2. CrossChannel plot hole?

    I have some doubts about what happened in Cross Channel. 1)-First, why couldn't Taichi return back to the world in the same way as others? 2)- What's with Nanaka? How is she in the same world as Taichi, or is she a hallucination or something? 3)- Does anyone remember if there was someone with a pretty low adaptation coeffecient in Gunjou. I think it was in the prologue. It is mentioned in Riki's mini route that the cutoff is 40, but there was someone in gunjou wth a lower adaptation coefficient as well. (i don;t exactly remember this part)
  3. Whats the difference with Amaterasu's translation and George Henry's? I've started on George's translation, but George's has broken english and poor grammer, but I want to read the additional content he has translated. Does Amaterasu's version also translate the additional content and is it translated better?
  4. Cross†Channel

    Cross†Channel Summary Gunjo Gakuen (Deep Blue School) is a facility designed to gather and isolate those students who got a high score on an adaptation exam (scoring high on this exam indicates that the student is less likely to be able to adapt to society) mandated by the government. After a failed summer vacation with other members of the school's broadcasting club, Taichi Kurosu and some of the other club members return to the city, only to find that all living creatures within it except for the club members have completely vanished. In order to confirm the status of the outside world, Taichi decides to gather other club members to help Misato Miyasumi, the president of the broadcasting club, who is trying to set up a broadcasting antenna to contact any possible survivors. Ending Guideline / Suggested Route Order Cross Channel consists of a single ending and therefore there will be no replaying the game to get every single path. Instead the game repeats itself as you're progressing and you get to experience each heroine individually and then reach a true ending after all of their "routes" are done. You will start off the game in what is known as "week one" where only one route is available. Making wrong choices will not give you a bad ending, it will merely make you repeat that week again and you may change your choices to attempt and get the heroine you want, hence why i will be omitting the Bad End section from this walkthrough. Regarding a suggested route order there isn't one as the game has a forced playing order to unlock each path. Route Guideline Miyasumi Misato (Week one) Good End Kirihara Touko (Week two) Good End Sakura Kiri (Week three) Good End Yamanobe Miki (Week four) Good End Hasekura Youko (Week five) Good End Description: After completing Youko's route, and thus all major routes, you will begin "week six." This time, the first choice you make regarding where to go selects which mini-route you will follow. There are six mini-routes, and all of them must be completed. The order you do it in is largely irrelevant, although Kiri's must precede Miki's, and Youko's must come last. Suggested choices: First year classroom Call out to her Go to school Second year classroom Go to school Roof Go to school Invite her on a date True Ending (Week Seven) There are no choices to be made during week seven, all you have to do is read through it and enjoy the ending of the novel. Regarding CG collection: Following this walkthrough should award you 100% of all the CGs as the game forces you to play through every path and thus it's unlikely you will miss one. Attribution This walkthrough was put together and slightly edited by me using the following sources: http://pastebin.com/UnGPvJFn http://strategywiki.org/wiki/CROSS†CHANNEL/Walkthrough