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Found 35 results

  1. Hello, I've been working on a visual novel based on my own writing. It is a freeware visual novel and I intend to keep it free. It is built with TyranoBuilder, Blender, Daz3D, and GIMP for post processing of CG renders. The title: Two Clusters - Kain arc Website: http://www.twoclusters.com/ This story is set in Two Clusters universe set in far future of year 9600~. The main character is Kain, an ex-journalist who was forced to join space navy in order to feed himself. He soon finds himself engulfed in wars and his journey begins in space. This VN is played on the internet at http://www.twoclusters.com/web-version Introducing two (out of 3) main characters Few ingame screenshots
  2. Rank this Villain Concept

    Coeus Corrupt (Ko-wus) Pantheon: Greek Age: 1482 Height: 14' or 19' standing Fighting Style: Soul Leeching Alignment: Chaotic Evil FANTASY In the bowels of a long lost Anunnaki burial chamber roams the Titan Coeus. He once was the most intelligent Titan to ever exist and was the most likely to succeed at developing humanity in the outside world. Fate was cruel to him though as his curiosity got the best of him. Nun warned all the ancient bloodlines of the three dominant spirits that were sent to Earth with him. Nun possessed one but the other two were lost in the crash landing of his ship. Coeus searched for years for relics of the long lost Sirius ship and did not heed the warning of Nun to notify him immediately if they ever were to be discovered. When he touched the relic, the spirit within it infused with his core, causing him to fall into madness. He tried to fight the urge for a time but eventually it took over and he killed an Anunnaki by draining it of its soul. Uranus, his father, intervened on his behalf when Marduk seeked vengeance. Marduk did not trust Uranus to honor his word though and negotiated the terms of his punishment. The Annunaki would build a cursed facility under the ground which would keep him imprisoned for eternity with special sigils that drained his power. He is forever roaming these halls waiting for the day he can be free to feed again. HISTORY Coeus is of the Greek pantheon, known as the Titan of rational intelligence. He fathered many children and was considered a positive Titan. In the Titanomachy (The war between Titans and Olympians,) he was overthrown and imprisoned for an eternity in Tartarus (Hell.) unlike the other Titans, he went mad in his imprisonment and broke free of his chains in an attempt to escape but failed in his attempt. THEORY We decided to change the timeline a bit and tie his historical madness into his inquisitive nature. We liked the tragedy of an intelligent and benevolent Titan falling from grace due to his lack of wisdom. By showing his fall, we make him more relatable and also incorporate cross pantheon relationships between the Anunnaki and the Titans. This allows us to create vivid lore that mixes the two worlds and enriches the story of a mad god who was once a benevolent saint. Full blown critiques plz. This is a rough of the Coeus concept which will be properly rendered at a later date. The image is the scale.
  3. NEW UPDATE Nun's Facility BG Please leave some constructive criticism. UPDATE 3: Nun Animations Things to consider when replying: Concept Layers Animations Expressions
  4. A Visual Novel set in Space. Fulfill your duty. Fall in love. Betray your friends. Get murdered by an A.I. Welcome aboard the Everett. OVERVIEWQuantum Suicide by Cotton Candy Cyanide is inspired by story-driven Japanese Visual Novels such as Danganronpa, and the Virtues Last Reward series. In Quantum Suicide, you play as a researcher aboard a spaceship on an epic mission to find humanity a new home. You have the ability to choose your name and gender, a choice that can change your destiny from the very beginning. Quantum Suicide contains 6 courtable options (3 females, 3 males). With their own hopes, desires, personalities, and sexual preferences, you will have to move carefully to earn each character's affections. Each courtable character has at least three posed sprites, each with multiple facial expressions. In addition, all characters are partially voiced by professional Japanese voice actors.Boasting over 50+ hours of gameplay, you must navigate your way through over 30 different endings, including bad, good, and true endings for all courtable options. Each week, you are thrown into The Deletion Game where you must battle for your survival through a series of puzzles and strategy mini-games as you attempt to see the Everett's mission through to the end...alive. Quantum Suicide is a commercial game scheduled for sale on Steam late 2017. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cccn/quantum-suicide-a-visual-novel-in-space-kill-or-be http://www.mediafire.com/download/7x9xbsqzhjgsscs/QuantumSuicide-all.zip http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=556943619 STORYThe year is now 2117. You are a second generation ship-born researcher studying inter-dimensional travel. Your choices change the fortunes of all aboard the Everett. Friendship and love lay waiting at your feet, but you should be wary. The road to the stars is full of hardship. A malprogrammed A.I. dedicated to preserving resources pulls you into a twisted, murderous game. When tensions are high, who knows what even the kindest crew member will do? How will you protect those you love? Will you betray friends to save yourself? Will you be slaughtered in cold, empty space? Will you slaughter?It's time to ask yourself: what would you do to survive? CHARACTER ARTQuantum Suicide's lead artist is Ygor Lisboa aka Danzzila. We were drawn to him for his wonderful, expressive Japanese style and he is responsible for our character design, sprites, and CG art. Each main character has three poses, with three expressions per pose. Supporting characters currently only have one pose, with multiple expressions. BACKGROUND ARTAh, background art. You are hardly given the credit you deserve but as soon as you are lacking, it becomes apparent. The interior of the Everett was designed with a sparse, military practicality in mind, but we also wanted it to be atmospheric and vivid enough to be visually interesting for the player. To get the best art, you have to go to the best artist so we went to background extraordinaire, Owen Carson.The scenes capture the beauty of the ship, the wonder of space, and the eerieness of a closed circuit situation. With at least 20 variations for the background to date (with plans for a few extra for the few game), the Everett will come alive, even if you don't stay that way! GRAPHIC USER INTERFACEOur Game User Interface (GUI) is designed to be intuitive, and add to the overall science fiction tone of the game. Further screens such as CG Gallery, Music Player, Mini-Games, Archive Files, and Bonus Content are to be added as the game is created. The Quantum Suicide Logo and the GUI were designed by the talented Luna Chai Li. MUSICWhat would intergenerational space travel be without a great soundtrack? Quiet. No one wants quiet. Quiet is scary, and cold, and sad. To ensure that your travels among the stars is not a quiet affair, we've had a soundtrack lovingly crafted by our talented musicians. We've been lucky enough to be given permission to use the song 変異個体-ГЕNЕ- by SEVERUS WAND for our atmospheric trailer currently in production but we also have a complete Original Soundtrack by Wojciech Wojnowski.ABOUT USCotton Candy Cyanide (CCCN-) is made up of two people: Ashley Pearson (Nyx) and Tina Richards (MoltenCherry). We often go by our gamer tags.We created CCCN- to create games that we, ourselves, wanted to play. Both of us greatly enjoy games such as Dangan Ronpa, Virtue's Last Reward, and Persona; games that challenge us, make us fall in love with characters, and then break our hearts. Unfortunately, we found these sorts of titles scarce in the Western gaming market. While Steam has been exploding with visual novels recently, we wanted to create something a little darker than a slice of life, romantic novel. We've got 'Cyanide' in our name for a reason.WHY ARE WE POSTING ON FUWANOVELThere are a multitude of reasons that we are posting on the Fuwanovel Forums.Firstly, we are hoping that by posting here we might gain some support from people as passionate about Visual Novels as we are. As many of you know, creating a game isn't always rainbows and butterflies. We find it really comforting to know that we have a community behind us. Secondly, we've put a lot of money, and time, and love into Quantum Suicide. This is our first project and we are trying our very hardest to make Quantum Suicide the highest quality product possible. Now that we are approaching the end of our initial 'concept' phase, we are simply bursting at the seams with excitement to share our project with you! If you are interested, it would truly mean the world to us if you would back us on Kickstarter or upvote us on Steam Greenlight. And finally, if you would like to stay up to date with the progress of Quantum Suicide, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
  5. Hello! I'm Viridea, and I also use the name, Viridea Productions just to refer to every project I will work on in the future! I'm working on an original series called, Viridescent Dragon, and it's a kinetic visual novel that is divided into individual chapters. Download it on Gamejolt and itch.io: Gamejolt: http://gamejolt.com/games/viridescent-dragon-chapter-1/92223 itch.io: http://veedragon.itch.io/viridescent-dragon-chapter-1 indiedb: http://www.indiedb.com/games/viridescent-dragon-chapter-1 Hey guys! This is my first Kinetic Visual Novel, called Viridescent Dragon. It's about 50 minutes long if you autoplay the text. I originally had an earlier version of this game called "Charlit Chapter 1" But I updated that game and renamed it to Viridescent Dragon Chapter 1. Yes, this novel is gonna be in chapters as you can see. Here is some info about the game: After waking up in a forest, meet Charlotte, the smack-talking, amnesic dragon girl who travels with her friends on a quest to regain her memories... Who is she and where did she really come from? The journey won't be easy, as she will have to conquer many obstacles and find out the hidden truths about the world she travels through, the friends she makes, the reigning monarchs, and the deities that are worshiped... This is the first of many humorous and drama-filled chapters to come. Press the "A" key to Auto play the text. This game is in 1920 x 1080 resolution, in window mode and full screen mode. Sorry, Windows only. Unless you can find a way to play .exe files on something else. Also, be careful, as the game can crash when you close it, as Novelty, the program I used to create this game, is still in its Beta stages. Be sure to save often, just in case. This is the main reason I consider this game, "unstable". Credits Original Story and Character Art by me, Kassidie Butler (Viridea) 2015 Music by Audionautix.com and AngelHeights (on deviantART) SFX by Freesound.org Backgrounds from Pixabay.org Backgrounds edited with FotoSketcher and Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 Thank you very much, and I hope you enjoy the game!
  6. 301 FREE 2D UI Sprites (#1)

    SVG SOURCE FILES ADDED - 301 FREE 2D UI Sprites (#1) Perfect for 2D game development, 3D game development, visual novel creation and game engine usage. Get it @ http://soloflare.blogspot.co.uk
  7. Sector Zeta-4

    So this is my latest attempt at writing an space-opera story, its heavily derived on the first Dune book, Muv Luv Alternative, Legend fo the Galactic Heroes and even, surprisingly Overlord, it shoudn´t be immediatelly obvious, but they are all here, oh did i mention Vandread and Macross? yea, that too! Warning: It can take a while, but certain chapters i wrote can be considered sexual, but i don´t think i wrpte explicitly, im a horrible erotic writer, i know because i´ve tried. For now i will only post the prologue and charpter 1, so people can read it in parts and make specific critiques. No worries tough, no +18 yet. Please note there maybe quite a few grammatical or structral errors in my writing, just know im aware there are, but i coudn´t find them, and try to be costructive in your critiques, thank you. Prologue: It was a clear day on the Galactic Institute of technology and Social Sciences of Sahyr, founded upon on the 10th anniversary of the Sayyanid Revolution, the room was full of people, of all species and creed, united to learn more about their world and their times, the class was History 6, on the period from the conquest of Sahyr by the old Sultanate, to its subsequent decline and rise of the Sayyanids Caliphate, and a personal biography of their leader, Caliph Sayyan, the first of his name. The professor was no one other than Omar, a personal friend to the Caliph himself, and the persn Rayyan himself said "not even my wife, Sara knows as much of me, mysellf included, than Omar. Lucky yo, he´s an historian.", Omar was a old man, by the standards of the Sahhos, who could live through 180 standard years, he towered impressive 201 years worth of experience, and there was was, doing what he did for the last 160 years, studying and teaching history to anyone interested. He entered the room full of young minds "all this potential stored, all those species, when it was that i became such a powerfull man?" he thought to himself, he cleared his throat, his voice wasnt as good as 20 years ago, but he coudl still talk powerfully, the mere act of clearing his throat was enough to bring all the attention to himself, he has seen this thousands of times, and never got tired, not even with 160 years of experience. He then began his lecture: "There are aways those who say "the era of revolutions is ending" and again and again they are proven wrong, revolution is an idea so powerfull, that its cannot simply "die", its resilient to the worst kind of totalitarianism, and that, i think, is the reson why we shoudn´t ever forget the Rayyanid revolution, of course, it wasn´t any kind of totalitarian state, the Sultanate was becoming progressively more liberal, and at the time of its end, there was even talk of abolishing slavery, but to Rayyan, to all those brave Sahhossi, who fought against the tyrany of deprivation of freedom, the mere thought of being aslave and give their intelectual energy to the humans or anhy kind of species, for that matter, was abhorrent." He paused, looking at his students, for a moment he wished Rayyan was there, looking at him with expectant eyes, to what he had to say, his eyes full of the unique potential that all genius, no matter the times, seems to have. Then he saw someone lifting the hands, an young human female, redhead, his favourites: "Come one, don´t be shy, ask away." She looked at him, she reminded him of Sara at a young age. "Do you think even the Caliphate will suffer a revolution one day? I don´t mean to sound disrespectful, but the way you talked, it reminded me that of the revolutions the old holmeworld of my species, Earth, has gone through, you words seems specially true, but do you think even the Caliphate will resist revolutions?" Omar just smiled, the young, aways forgeting their place, but it coudn´t be helped, it could be blasphemous fo her, but if it was a blasphemy then he was guilty of it then too, may God have mercy on his soul, because he thought it was an excelent question, he just smiled and said: "If you pay attention to my lecture, about this, you may be able to reach the anwser this yourself, and the you respond your own question, and hen write a book when you are a few hundreds lightyears from the Caliph Suer-Secret Police, okay? I would love to read about it." Everyone laughed at how easily he got ot of the situation without being explicitly rebelious. He laughed as well, remembering the old time. Chapter One – The Governor Emir Rashid, the Governor-General of Sahyr, was feelling lazy today, this backwater planet full of an entire species of hippies sure was a handful, the mere amount fo letters denouncing, very eloquently, mind you , how wrong was slavery ona multitude of different philosophical angles was absurd, all of them was directed to the Sultan, of course, but none of them actually get trough, he coudnt trouble his Sultan with meaningless debates, slavery was a legal and long-standing traditon of the Sultanate, those abolitionists can´t simply transform centjuries wort of culture debating alone, they should just accept their luck and live on, pleasing their masters wth their great minds, or try to rebel and save him the efort of taking care of them a... "Sir? Are you alright?" The Emir finally opened his eyes to see a young sahhossi servant, he aways found their head protusions very ugly, but ne ver comented on it, he was hated enough already by the local populace, he couldn´t spare govong more mtoives for them to rebel because he didn´t liek one of their facial features. Then he talked at a very tired, slow-paced voice. "Indeed i am, dear servant, indeed i am. I was just...lost in thought, that´s all. What do you want Emil?" The youngster, had the apearance of a human child, humanoid generally, they werent so very different of a human, well, if you didn´t took into account their enlogated heads, where thehy stored their big, powerful brains (yes, plural, the Sahhossi had not one brain, but 3 of them, that worked as one as a node-brain, capable of multitasking at very efficient level) "You´ve asked of me, to bring ye some coffe and biscuits, i hope it is of your satisfaction, i´ve took in consideration your previous grievances with the strongness of your coffe, tis time i think ive reached perfection relative to you standards." Damn, Emil was no more than 14 years old, was a child by Sahhossi standards, but like mst Sahhossi, he talked like an human adult, rich vocabulary and complex sentence structure and all that, talk about being premature, worse, he complained about the coffee no mroe than 3 times until now, since he began asking his servant to do it, he was irritated, so , even tough the coffe was quite good, if a bit too weak to his taste, he cmplained saying ikt was the worst coffee he had ever tried, on the fourth try he achieved just that, perfection, this was one of the ebst coffee he had ever experiemented, the flavour was like a rich forest of different sensations, he coudn´t help but o smile at Emil. "This was a masterpiece Emil, sorry about b eing so strict before with you, i was lashing out on you, so i made unreasonable demands to you, your coffe was quite good, but i ask of you to make this everyday to me, could you do that?" Emil stoic expression didn´t change, but he nodded. "Certainly sir, do you have anything more to ask of me, i´ve already planned the nest 3 days of work and i wish to begin right away." "Certainly, but Emil, don´t think i have ever seen you smile, why?" "Even if you let me be completely honest with you, and promisse me not to get offended, you would still get offended and punish me for suposed 'insolence', so i prefer not to talk, its that alright to you? Sir?" Ugh, that last "sir" was quite loaded with sarcasm, wait, Sahhossi could be sarcastic? Damn, not even a week on this end of the galaxy and someone was already sarcastic to him. "No, that´s ok, go o..." But there was no one there "fuck, i just began working here and people already hate me..."., dejected, he then looked at the next letter, it was one of those white paper letter, written not on hand, but using typography, the author was very meticulous at drawing ot the letters so he coudn´t be indentified. It wasn´t the last time this guy sent a letter to the emperor, on the fourth letter, the author just infered from the lack of response, that he was being censored, so he began adressing the Emir directly: " Good Morning As praxis demands, i request once again that slavery should be abolished as the immoral and unethical activity this is, condemned even by Allah. But that will not work, right? You are saturated with such philosophical essays about it, and even after such eloquent texs explaining why is it wrong, you still insist upon refusing to debate tnhe issue, so be it, the time of asking has ended. Yours truly, Yanyra Expect me." "Oh great, now i have to deal with yet another rebellion, abslutely fantastic" he thought. But if rebelions happned everyday on the Sultanate, what was that feeling of fear in the bscure parts of his mind? Was that going to be diffent?
  8. For all the Art Fans, Rah Development Speed up Video!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ak8wWkMAEA&feature=share Please leave comments and likes on the youtube channel as well. -) It is our new promotional piece for Black Sands http://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/10931-black-sands-origins-historymythologyscifiupdated-72615/ This could possibly be how our entire project will look if we hit our stretch goal. Please leave feedback and have a good day NEW IMAGE What do you guys think of this bad boy?
  9. Kickstarter Link: http://kck.st/1mXd4pd Hello everyone!I'm the main developer of Project Nostalgia. We have been developing this game for almost a year, focusing mostly on the engine part of the game, which we plan to release after the game is completed. This is a project in which we have put our heart and love every single day since the moment we started it.If you find the project interesting, please support us. Not monetarily, but spreading the word(Tweet/Facebook, for example).We have also put a demo/prototype together for all of you to try. Please, any feedback are more than welcome.If you have any question about the project, please feel free to ask us, PM me, or email me (ask for email).We really hope you enjoy what we have to offer. We have put a lot of effort on this game and we would like to hear everyone's opinion.Our whole team thanks you.Magna Studios -THE GAME- Nostalgia is committed to bring you a fully-interactive experience for WiiU & PC. Join Alice to find the answers of the Universe in this Interactive Adventure/Graphic Novel game set in the present world & a Cyberpunk world. Nostalgia is a hybrid between genres such as Visual Novels and Rpgs. We're trying to do our best to mix both genre in this game. Gameplay heavily inspired of games such as Phoenix Wright, 999/Zero Escape: Virtue Last Reward, Snatcher, and classic RPGs like Mother, and the great stories such as Brave New World book. We want to bring new feels to Adventure / Graphic Games. -Features- Unique Characters from each worlds - Even though you may interact/play with your alter ego, every character is different. Everyone has different moods, ideas and even different weapon types. Beautiful Graphics - We are working extremely hard to bring beautiful, stylized and fully-animated graphics to your screen. Full Interaction - In Nostalgia, you will be able to interact with almost everything, and each object will have its own, unique description. Unexpected Outcomes - We want cliches out, simple as that. Solid true twists, no sugar coating. Decision Making - Each decision has it owns outcome. So re-playability is guarantee -Story- You play as Alice, a 22 years old Chemical Engineering student. Alice was one of the 15 children who were captured when they were born to be used as experimental subjects. She spent 12 years of her life being kept in this facility. None of the children met each other while being kidnapped. All 15 children were released around the world when the project totally failed. This project was called Project Nostalgia. All 15 children were separated and has not seen each other since then. Ten years later, upon leaving her school Alice experiences a side effect of the experiments that were performed on her, momentarily causing her great pain and a sudden state of unconsciousness. In her dreams, Alice sees herself locked in a room, with no escape. Alice is being told she has 10 minutes to escape or else, she would die. The game talks about the Multi-Universe theory, each Nostalgia features a heavy, deep and cruel story. There's Violence, Murder, Heavy language, and strong references. This is a game aimed to 16+. -Characters- Both worlds Alices! Please, I'd like to hear your honest opinion so far. This is a professional game, for both PC & Console. A few question that I'd to ask: -So far, are you happy with the graphics? Yes/No? Why? -If we ever release a Kickstarter, you think you would support it? Why? -The game is a Visual Novel, however we're implementing puzzles zones (just like VLR/999) and a 1v1 battle system (complementary to the story). How does this make you feel? -There is high violence, nudes, murder. Would you still like to play it? -As we before, we're doing our best to bring full interactive experience. This mean, most of the object will have some form of interactivity. Do you think this will affect the way you play/read Visual Novels? Thank you so much, and have a good day!
  10. Genre:Adventure, Investigative, Management, and psychological Visual Novel Platforms:PC, Mac, Linux, PS4 Languages:English (Fully Voiced), English (Text) Visual Style: DreamWorks style graphics mixed with dark and mythological themes. Progress:~20% of the game completed. (20 hour game) Estimated release:~Summer 2017 “Whether friend or tyrant, I will become a King!" Welcome to the Rift, a dimensional tear located in Canaan where the ancient gods were created and where you must prove your worthiness to lead the world of men. You have allies and the training needed to fight, but nothing will prepare you for the wonders and horrors of the unstable plains in the Rift. Manage Respect, Relationships, and Mental will when making decisions. Assigning team members to missions best suited for them. Discovering weaknesses to epic enemies through investigations. Collecting real world lore and in game lore by discovering hidden items. Unlocking secrets of the past by collecting memory gems. Making timed decisions and avoiding damage in high intensity situations. Leveling up your characters to specialize in unique skills. Time In the game, everything will cost time to complete and characters may be away, unable to do a task available. Time is managed by the player and he has 6 months to prepare to face Nun. Special events will happen at certain times such as full moon cycles, changing of season, etc. This will give the player a level of management that makes them feel immersed. Leveling Each character has core stats which helps them succeed in feats. Completing certain missions and training will gain you very limited talent points to specialize your character in lore friendly ways. Respect You are a leader. You must earn the respect of your soldiers! Decisions you make and the success of those decisions will affect the confidence your allies have in you. If you fail a lot, they will lose confidence and go rogue during critical decisions. You may even lose command. A true Pharaoh never loses command… Kinship While how successful you are in decision making and your sense in the field affects the way they see you, it does not help one bit on how they think of you as a person. In order to get on their good side, you must appeal to their innate personalities. One cannot please everyone so make your choices wisely. It is worth noting that Kinship affects how allies act when not around you or when not commanded. Stability You are the strongest. Unfortunately, you are also the most flawed… You have an issue with Dementia and you must suppress these voices throughout your time in the Rift. The tradeoff is considerable though because when you were young, and you let the voices run wild, you could do things others could only dream of. In these dark days, will you allow your mind to slip in order to wield more power or will you avoid such pleasures and rely on knowledge of self? The rift has stood for thousands of years, since the day Nun arrived from the planet Nibiru. Located in the barren lands of Canaan, this void was created to keep the outside world uncontaminated while Nun worked on his creations. He spent centuries studying the humans and when he figured out this world, he created ancients similar to the life found on his home planet. They warred with each other inside the Rift until only 3 families remained. When they left the Rift, Nun used a stability gem to alter reality and hide the incomprehensible damage done. But now, thousands of years since the great sundering, Nun has created another race of beings to combat his creations from ions past. In order for them to prove themselves, they must survive the Rift, as it were during the time of the ancients. Stability is no more! Can the mortals survive the Trials of the Rift? There are many different types of quests in Black Sands. We will briefly go through some of them to better understand the gameplay mechanics involved in each. In Black Sands, time, health, and deployment all work against you as you stride to prepare yourself for the final battle with Nun. Scouting - designed to seek new quests exclusively. Minimal danger Investigation - A quest that requires discipline and perception. Player must decipher material and decide what is important and not. Proper investigation rewards secrets. Tracking - This is an extremely heavy skill check category that requires quick decision making and a little luck. These missions are available only once before they go back into the quest pool. Social - This is a quest where you develop relationships with the other characters and learn more about them. Instant Events - Automatically happen when certain criteria are met. May have nothing to do with prior tasks. Group Events - The entire group must participate. Nun will go over your notes and inspect your facility whenever this happens. Epic Events - Storyline Events that are either triggered by actions or chose by the player. These tend to have more decision making then other events. Exploration - A quest designed to explore unknown locations. These quests have no prior knowledge so player must use their wits to move forward. The farther you get, the better the rewards. These missions can be ended at any time but there is no guarantee you can return. This game is directly inspired by Dragon Age and Telltale. Their strong narratives and crucial game changing decisions inspired me to design a visual novel unlike any before it. Additional motivation was found in the way Hollywood depicts middle eastern and Saharan people. We do a lot of research and use annotations in game to teach the actual history behind the fantasy of our world. Future We will be converting all sprites to Live2d and making them look a bit more realistic and 20x more brutal. The goal is to make this like Conan while having the art leveling of pixar, dreamworks. How can I help? Follow us on facebook, Cosplay our characters, Share the hell out of this, and Pay homage to the gods by buying some of our merchandise. Don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter and remember, Nun sees all. We have these posters and more. You can support us while getting something tangible that will uplift both you and your families. Facebook Twitter Official Page Official Store Youtube