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Ugh. Still more roadblocks. Need to get an as-yet unknown password from Nay in order to get this sucker changed. For now, please enjoy the mess of a forums we've got, and dream of the forums we will probably never one day have.

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  1. Hey there! So my vn has been done for quite some time... I just haven't been able to release it because I can't find testers. I just need a few people to download the VN from the site (itch) and tell me if it works. Because there's a fairly good chance I did something wrong along the way and need to fix something up. PC and Mac users needed! Here's the link to the itch page, the password is elsewhere https://penholder.itch.io/elsewhere-high-chapter-1-a-visual-novel- Here's a link to the greenlight page for information and screenshots! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=782686123
  2. Hi, I'm Miya! I'm the leader of Truth Unveiled Visual Novel. We need artists, programmers, and more writers for this project. We already have two. Here is everything you need to know and every bit of info we have so far: http://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/15762-truth-unveiled-gxbsupernaturalromancepsychological/#comment-428907 Contact me here, via email, miyarishirou@yahoo.com or Skype: Miyu "Aoba cake" I look forward to hearing from you. ❤
  3. It’s been five years since the Hayabusa Academy gang graduated from high school, Yuka has just graduated from University and moved to a new city when she receives an invitation from Aya, her best friend, for a class reunion in her country lodge in Cannon Beach, Oregon. What adventures lie for the old friends in this beautiful mountain state? Will there be romance? Will old memories sweep them up into rich and new emotions? Find out in Last Days of Spring 2. GET IT NOW ON STEAM Last Days of Spring 2 features: A rich, light and entertaining storyline that continues on from the events in “Last Days of Spring” The return of some of the beloved characters from “Last Days of Spring” Beautiful and expressive new age music 6 endings (every choice matters) Tons of replay value (over 25,000 words in total) A gorgeous setting split between many of Oregon’s most beautiful towns, parks and mountains.
  4. Hi! Recently I have been creating a new world to set stories in. I am creating a series of shorter games and comics exploring this world. While I am not completely done, I feel as though your feedback would be very much welcome. I want to include you peeps in the development process. What is it? Rooted follows a town built on top of a giant creature wandering through the world. The town is mostly self sufficient - they grow crops and trees on the creature, harvest the giant fur to sew clothes and other materials, and mine the horns of the creature to create more sturdy things such as weapons and foundations. Every once in a while, the creature ceases its endless trot to slumber. For a short while, the giantfolk can visit the ground to trade and mingle before the creature wakes up. To the people living on the creature there are two worlds. The familiar and constant soft and furry world of the town set in the fur of the creature, and the ever changing, moving world of the ground. The world of the ground is always different , forever changing as the creature continues walking onwards. The creature folk are forever moving this way, but also forever rooted to the creature. Intent I want to explore how life on the creature is. To explore their world and use that in context of my own worldview to gain a better understanding of myself. Does the townfolk ever feel trapped? Do their youth run away to the unknown ground world? Does the town traditionally reproduce with people from the ground world to increase their gene pool? What does the ground world think of the creature? What if a city is trampled down, does people get angry and what do they do about it? What happens when they meet another creature with a townt? What if their giant is a predator, for example a spider? Those are some potential plotlines set in this world. For now I am still creating the world and establishing just how it works though! View from a small settlement on the edge of the giant. What do you want from me? I am involving you in the development of Rooted, if you would like to! Here is how it works; Every week or every other week, I will post a new update on the project. I will give you guys a script, a comic, a prototype or simply some artwork. In the same run, I will provide a feedback form, you will hopefully give feedback, and based on your feedback I will pivot accordingly! While I have a vision, I believe it is important to listen to your audience and iterate from there. If you’re into it, I would love to take your opinion into consideration. Okay, let me join! You can leave some feedback and sign up as a tester here - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfs_tElhyRJ2VJ0tuiVjBKdcRynAH2Zihld8DfQm_xjpVZe9Q/viewform Who are you? My name is Sebastian Larsson. I am a game design student from Sweden. I am into creating things ranging from games, to comics, to stories. I have been working on Rooted independently for the past couple of weeks. You can follow the development of Rooted here - http://rootedstory.tumblr.com/ ..or hit up my twitter here https://twitter.com/Mnniska Thanks a ton for reading, let me know what you think :)
  5. .: STORY :. Eighty people, either dead or missing. Rumours of monsters that stalk their human prey in the mist-clad forest. Moonlight is a gold mining town in trouble, and only The Falconers can help. The Falconers: Moonlight is a supernatural thriller visual novel set in the 19th Century West Coast of New Zealand. Falconer, Cassandra Winter, is on her first solo mission. Can she save the people of Moonlight from their plight? Or will she disappear into the mist like so many others before her? .: THE FALCONERS :. The Falconers is an IP that mixes historical fact with supernatural thriller and fantasy fiction. Its stories are based in the 19 th Century colonies of the European empires...Britain, Spain, Portugal, France, Sweden, Belgium, Italy, Holland, Germany and Russia. The Falconers are an international organisation of 'monster hunters' devoted to protecting European colonists from the entities that would thwart the spread of 'civilisation' into the wild frontiers. These creatures are 'The Cullers'. And it all starts in New Zealand, the most far-flung frontier of them all. .: CHARACTERS :. .: SCREENSHOTS :. .: THE TEAM :. Writer: Edwin McRae (Path of Exile, Seven Dragon Saga) Artist: Ares (Life of Fire, Nine, Wolflore) Composer: Manuel Marino Producer: Kirawat Sahasewiyon .: PROJECT DETAILS :. Length: Around 3-4 hours. Languages: English (NZ), Thai Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux Website: https://www.bionicpenguinstudios.com/moonlight Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/falconersmoonlight .: PROGRESS :. Percentage: 48 / 100 Milestone 1 - 30 Oct 2016 - Preview Demo released Milestone 2 - Early 2017 - Demo released Milestone 3 - Q1 2017 - Completed .: DOWNLOAD :. Preview Demo is available to download on itch.io: https://bionicpenguin.itch.io/moonlight .: STEAM GREENLIGHT :. Help put The Falconers: Moonlight on Steam by vote for us on Steam Greenlight.
  6. Link to Trailer When a withdrawn virtual reality nerd has the opportunity to beta test a neural device that feels more “real” than reality itself, everything she assumed about the nature of existence is thrown into question. Download the Demo If you play, please take our feedback survey! Steam Page Story Supernovas blaze in the night sky and major natural disasters are commonplace, but the gaming world is abuzz over a revolutionary virtual reality console. The Penta, developed by InterMense founder Jacob Lessard, promises a direct, neural connection more “real” than reality itself. But what does it truly mean for something to be real? When VR nerd Lilya Martel arrives at InterMense as a beta tester, she expects to spend the weekend battling her social anxiety in exchange for the opportunity to enter Vitalia, the flagship Penta simulation.But the creatures of Vitalia seem more intelligent than any current AI could possibly simulate. And between the physical side-effects of the device and suspicious explanations from the developers, clearly all is not as it seems at InterMense. Ben Evers, another beta tester, claims that Vitalia is the world in which he belongs - permanently. When his life is threatened, Lilya sees that she has become involved in something much riskier and more eye-opening than she realized. As Lilya, Ben, and Jacob’s fates intertwine, they must make some of the hardest decisions of their lives, and confront their own beliefs and perceptions of the nature of existence. Features A Thought-Provoking Narrative - with several mind-bending twists and two perspective characters, the story is both philosophically ambitious and deeply personal. Choices That Matter - a heavily branching story line makes the game re-playable. Your decisions have major consequences - ranging from shifting a character’s attitude, to placing them on a different story branch, to re-directing the outcome of the entire game. Expressive Character Art and Visuals - 14 characters (each with various poses and expressions), 12+ background scenes, 17+ CGs/special illustrations, 15+ ending panels. Character and Relationship-Building - rich character development, affected by your choices, and with opportunities for both romantic and non-romantic relationship-building. Romance is optional, and may be pursued from either Lilya or Jacob’s perspective. ^ Work in Progress CG Original Music and Sound Design - by the talented composer Chase Bethea. Characters More character sheets on the way!! [Updated Oct. 26, 2016] Writing: 95% Editing: 25% Character Art: 65% Backgrounds: 50% CGs: 40% GUI: 60% Music/Sfx: 15% Programming: 70% </reality> is being made by the folks at Fancy Fish Games. We are a tiny indie gamedev studio, passionate about making thought-provoking games. Art & Writing: Natalie Maletz (RedOwl) Code & Story: David Maletz (terra0nova) Music & Sound: Chase Bethea What we hope to get out of this thread - Let you know we exist - Share our progress, updates and announcements - Receive feedback, comments, and critique Does the story interest you? Why or why not? Which part(s) of the story description entices you the most? Is the character art appealing to you? Why or why not? How do you feel about the character descriptions? Did they make you interested to know more about the characters? Why or why not? What do you think of the background art? The game focuses on plot/character development (romance is optional) - is that a downside for you? Have you played or are you planning to play the free demo? Any other comments, observations or critique? We want to hear it all! Follow the project on Tumblr! Follow us on Twitter!
  7. Truth Unveiled Hello! My name is Miya and I'm recruiting for Truth Unveiled. I am the team leader. At this time, our team is made up of two programmers, three writers, and I. This is a non commercial project. Our Team pigionsdeliver - Lead writer (on lemma) Otometea - Writer (on lemma) Philip Napier - Writer (Not on this site) Logic Nerd - Lead programmer (on lemma) James Inness - programmer (Not on this site) Our progress so far First, let me say that this game is being built in a custom engine that allows episodic release. It is like Ren'py but has many more features. So the script for Episode 1 (of 5) is finished. It needs editing. If you are interested in being an editor, I can send it to you via email or skype. Information below. For the Episode 1 demo, that puts us at about 30% completion What we Need We need a sprite artist for about 7 sprites with your basic expressions. I, myself, am an artist and would be happy to provide you with basic concept art to aid you. I'll do whatever it takes to make your job easier. We need a background artist, I want these locations to be unique. I'm not above using the creative commons but everyone wants to be original. We need a musician. We have our plot in place and would love to have themes per character as well as menu and dynamic event tracks. This is ambition, but at the least, we need background music. We need an editor. We have a VERY talented writing crew and as a small downside, the script needs to be converted to more layman's terms to appeal to a wider demographic. Summary Truth Unveiled is a GxB otome game about a 24 year old English professor that features the option to reject dating any of the available suitors if you wish. You can befriend them or go your own way to find out just what's boiling beneath the surface of your own psyche. Story Synopsis MC (Main Character) Burroughs has done everything she could to run away from her gift. Now, she is forced to stop running from death. It’s time she unveiled her gift and face her problems head on. MC has been able to see spirits her whole life but since her 24th birthday the problem has escalated. With the help of her inner voice and a range of attractive suitors, she discovers more than she bargained for. And, as big as her problems seem, those who surround her carry secrets of their own, some just as big and others more dangerous than she could’ve ever imagined. Life is never simple but the only option left for MC is to live it. No matter how much she tries to avoid it. A messaging feature will be included. Text the guys, make a friend, or choose a route. You're the one in control. However, the neutral story is available if you do not wish to date! Contact information Contact me! Email: miyarishirou@yahoo.com Skype: robbiesmiracle@gmail.com(do NOT email this account!!!) Google+: Miya Hangouts: Miya Moo Or here in the pms I look forward to hearing from you. (I'm still getting acquainted with this site, so sorry for the weird spacing and irregular font size. I have no idea how to fix it.)
  8. Hey there guys, I have updated my page to include information on the three main characters in my VN Elsewhere High! I will update it with secondary characters soon. In the meantime, check out the page, tell me what you think of the art, and maybe leave a comment/vote! Thanks a bunch http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=782686123
  9. Hi, guys! We just started with a project called "Monster Prom". It's a game meant to be played from 1 to 4 players that mixes "choose-your-own-adventure" and "dating sim" mechanics. You will have a limited number of turns to explore a highschool full of weird and amazing events that will let you meet your six classmates. Each event will let you raise or lose your stats and improve or mess with your relationship with the NPCs. In the end you will ask one of the NPCs to go to prom with you. Similar to The Yawhg (Awesome game, check it out!) We're planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign soon! (October 25th) STRENGHTS OF THE GAME > Cool art > Funny situations and dialogues > A Multiplayer game to play with friends and laugh w/ the situations. A funny experience to share! What do you think?
  10. Cyberpunk VN

    Hello! First of all, this is my second post (but is like the first one) so I want to say: hey everyone. This web is like a VN paradise, I love it haha I've been working on a Cyberpunk VN for a month, mostly on the script but I have some art already and I wanted to show it to you. Hope you like it. I have a lot more but of couse I can't post it. So, thats the art but I want to talk a bit about the story and all of that, just because this is my first VN and I'm excited about it. As is said on the title the game will have a Cyberpunk/Sci-fi thematic with some soft philosophy on it and a lot of robots. All the protagonists are girls (with a bit of Yuri even if this is not an eroge~) Right now I'm thinking about using TyranoBuilder as engine, because I don't know anything about scripting, I'm not sure if is the best option though. I'm a bit worried about the music and the translation because: even if I have experience drawing and writing, this is my first time composing music so I will upload a couple of tracks in the future and you can tell me if they are any good. And since I'm spanish, I need to translate the script but my english is nowhere near perfect, so I may need help to correct the mistakes I will make translating the script. Thats all for now, I'll gladly answer any questions ;D Thanks everyone for reading me. Cheers.
  11. Manuscript: Another Way[RenPy][0.3.21 DEMO] We are recently released the first public demo of our game. Version 0.3.07, a Prologue and the First chapter, just the tecnical preview. This adult game is in a VN format, but also contains immersive RPG style aspects, including character development, combat and exploration systems. Manuscript: Another Way storyline: The main protagonist of this game was an ordinary, (or not?), college student; without a girlfriend. Two campus girls hold romantic interest for him, but he lacks the confidence to approach them. Our 'hero' finds himself in another world full of magic and adventure through a twist of fate, with monstergirl counterparts to his romantic interests in this world... Will he be able to accomplish in this fantasy realm, what he has lacked the willpower for in the real world? Features : - A lot of different endings that reveals new aspects of the story and characters. - Choices made by the player during the game affect relationship levels and actions with the characters. - The greater the intimacy of the protagonist to the girls, the more effectively they fight. And vice versa, any actions of the protagonist will affect the attitude of the girls. - Several story arcs, that are depending of the protagonists choices. - Development of romantic relationship between characters grows gradually, and future choices are dependent on their personal history and actions. - Original graphics. The main plot will be an all sex relationship between the protagonist and two girls, but there will be multiple sideplot scenes with different sexual content and fetishes. Type of content & fetishes: - Catgirl transformation - Bunnygirl transformation - Big breast - Small breast In the future versions we planning: - Tentacles - Fail over Rape - M/F and F/F - Threesome - Female masturbation - Futanari - Mind control - Dendrophilia - Defloration - Creampie Expected release date: ~ 20 Oct Here is a link to our Patreon page, where you can not only download a demo, but also support us. https://www.patreon.com/greatchicken You can download latest demo from the Blogspot: https://greatchickenstudio.blogspot.com VNDB link: https://vndb.org/v20090 Thank you for download the game. Please let us know what you think about it, we will glad to see the feedback!
  12. Please Vote YES Kim Yoon-Ji has a fantastic opportunity come up during her spring break; her affluent architect uncle has a business trip to New York and has asked her to housesit his luxury Seoul apartment for him. Comedy and romance ensues as she moves to Seoul for this time period and meets an interesting set of locals who proceed to show her around! What will happen next? It’s up to you! Live out this charming romantic comedy Otome visual novel and see if you can find your Seoulmate! Featuring A fun, light and comedic storyline. A pleasant and charming soundtrack An entertaining and addictive mini-game. Loveable and charismatic characters Six endings
  13. In Starry Dreams, the player is a new resident of Sunflower Apartments, where they meet several interesting characters- two of which who want to open their own bakery! As the story progresses, the success of the bakery hinges on whether or not the player is good enough friends with the characters. The player plays as the nameable protagonist who has just moved into the apartments of most of the characters in Starry Dreams. There are a total of 6 characters in Starry Dreams, not including the player character. You build relationships with the characters, which decides how the story progresses. The better a friend you are to some of them- how much you support them- dictates if their dreams and goals are accomplished. The aim of the project is to make a light-hearted LGBT story that's cute but doesn't focus on the characters being LGBT- instead, it's about their lives and their goals. Two characters, Marion and Frederika, are a non-binary couple who want to build a bakery together. Two other characters, Licellia and Bricie, are a lesbian couple that have their own aspirations, developed later in the story. Starry Dreams focuses on becoming friends with the characters and either supporting their dreams or being apathetic to them. Progress Sprites: 100% done CGs: 80% BGs: 80% Writing: 100% Scripting: 100% GUI: 100% Demo Beta Download Here I'm currently requesting feedback on the beta version!
  14. We at 7 Keys Studios have finally launched the crowdfunding campaign for Angels - our vision of a next generation SciFi VR Visual Novel. This comes in parallel to making Chapter 1 available for free on Steam. Find the media kit here. The goal of the campaign is to raise enough money to finance the production of the rest of the story, which is fully voiced and works on a variety of platforms. The production began when Milan Kazarka the creator of the Invisible Apartment visual novel series met with Stan Kuhn who’s been creating virtual and augmented reality products for an assortment of clients. Angels & Demigods was a story which Milan had in store for years, waiting for the right platform to release it on. Stan had the software platform ready to create a new visual novel engine that would bring the genre into VR. The plan was not to reinvent the genre in 3D, but rather to use the best of the principles from making traditional visual novel games, keep the art number one priority and work around the fact that high resolution illustrations are better than 3D textures. We managed to create an immersive experience by carefully working with high-resolution illustrations rather than 3D models. This focus on art-style, the atmosphere makes the experience so authentic and the game so unique and fit for VR. Unlike many current VR games we designed Angels & Demigods around the idea of storytelling in VR, so it’s not just straight up port of existing game mechanics. It’s a unique experience. We work with some great artists and musicians - Henrique “Kite” Xavier who has worked on the Invisible Apartment series, Roly Porter who’s been recognized by Rolling Stone as a musician you should know, Sebastian Bach combining classical and electronic music and voice actors like Sally Feng and JB Coleman. Angels & Demigods is a tribute to both SciFi and anime. It’s a manifestation of ideas collected over the course of many years. - “Angels & Demigods is a story and a set of ideas I had on my mind and on paper in my drawer for a long time waiting for the right moment. I’ve been writing down ideas for stories for fifteen years now. I’m a huge fan of sci-fi, anime. My huge inspiration are movies like The Dune, The Fifth Elementand manga like Battle Angel Alita and works by Tsutomu Nihei. I like to imagine worlds far in the future, beings with superpowers and a the environment a cultural mix. I never really wanted to release any of my stories on paper, since I found the book form of publishing quite limiting. I’m a huge fan of comics, though I never embraced the medium myself for my own work. Still, I like to express my ideas visually. Discovering the visual novel medium was a blessing. I realized that I was able to publish a story in an interactive format and that opened new possibilities. My first visual novel was Invisible Apartment, which transformed to a series of four parts over the course of the last years. With Angels & Demigods we’re taking things further. I was blown away by the first prototypes in which we just experimented with putting a few characters and music into a 360° space. As someone who writes interactive fiction I couldn’t imagine a better platform.” - Milan Kazarka - - in the media: https://versions.killscreen.com/new-game-studio-making-visual-novel-vr/ - pre release article on Killscreen http://www.mobilevrdaily.com/coming-soon/angels-and-demigods-preview/ - pre release article on MobileVRDaily Gameplay videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPmyrZ50a4c https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bo-NoYjJB1U https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHSk7DVvq8Y
  15. TRAILER: Check out the demo! We've developed a pre-alpha demo for a brief look at the project. It features two backgrounds, one pose per main sprite, and a brief selection of music and story. While there are some placeholders and limited features, we hope it provides a glimpse of our vision! The main goal of the demo is to convey the overall atmosphere of the game in how we handle visuals and music. The demo is 2500 words long (around 7 minutes of material). We'd like to shoutout Youngha Hwang for programming the demo via the Ren'Py engine, and putting truckloads of work into custom functionalities! S T O R Y Here's the rundown: you play as Alison Hart, a fresh-out-of-college journalism graduate who is desperate for a job. In fact, you're so desperate that you're willing to apply for an infamous (yet successful) online tabloid that specializes in "supernatural events"—though, really, it's just a collection of tinfoil hat conspiracies. So, when you're assigned to investigate six people who are rumored carry the Spirits of the Zodiacs—whatever that means—you're not worried. After all, the whole idea is just sheer nonsense. Right? A light and fluffy adventure ensues in which you: Are almost crushed by a chandelier. Find yourself in a burning house. Witness an execution. And somewhere along the lines, you start to think that journalism is a lot more complicated than you expected. A B O U T Zodiac•Axis is a commercial visual novel game that will be developed in Ren'Py and released for Mac, PC, and Linux. It is a fusion of suspense, romance, and supernatural fiction with a splash of psychological horror. With a thoroughly developed worldlore, it mixes a contemporary environment with whimsical Asian fantasy. Romance five guys! (Not simultaneously.) Pick from an array of choices. Feign insanity, write a cheesy love song, and assimilate with cardboard boxes. Choices shape Alison’s skillset and allow her to stay alive. Er, that is to say, write good articles. Experience a narrative begins with humor and intrigue, then evolves into heartwarming depth. C H A R A C T E R S L I N K S Dev Blog / Tumblr Twitter
  16. "The Herbalist" is a calm and meditative logic puzzle game from the creators of "Everlasting Summer". Along with Slavya you will need to recreate magical potions recipes. The game features colorful anime style graphics, pleasant soft sounttrack and fruity plot scenes. Plot: One day Slavya came to spend summer at her Grandma's place, but nobody was there to greet her — the hut was empty. Slavya found an old book containing barely readable alchemy recipes. She decided to restore the knowledge lost — maybe she would be able to find out why did her Grandma disappear. Game features: Searching and gathering magical and normal herbs Scores of unique potions and items Lots of rich and spicy plot scenes Game modding with new recipes, locations, events, etc. Links: Our Website Facebook Twitter Download free mobile version Steam Greenlight Download demo
  17. Story Premise Become Aurelia, a rare winged Sylph of Avalon who makes her living as an information broker in the red light district of Yoru. Despite Aurelia’s job, she prefers to live life as peacefully as possible— unless there’s an adventure involved. In her past lies many exploits, some so old they’re nearly forgotten, and some so fresh she can still feel the chills. But there’s one Aurelia cannot forget. One that has come back to haunt her. In the dark depths of the mythical ruins of Atlantis, Aurelia and her best friend—known as the “Pirate Queen” Pax—searched for both knowledge and treasure. But when Aurelia unleashed something far beyond their realm of comprehension, the two barely managed to escape with their lives. When Pax one day comes crashing through Aurelia’s window, only managing to whisper “...that thing...it’s back”, it’s with a resigned and grim determination that she takes on the task of correcting her mistake from the past. Having to choose between having the world obliterated or attempting to save it at the cost of their own lives, the two gather up an assortment of some of the most dangerous people in Yoru. It’s together with these men that they set off to try and stop the ancient and immensely powerful threat. But how do mortals even begin to stop a power that presides over all creation? How can mere mortals stop the power of Chaos? About the Project Mystic Destinies: Echoes is our second planned game, focusing on the antagonists of MDSOA and a new protagonist. This game is planned to be a dark epic that will explore mature themes. Since we have already reached our main Kickstarter goal for the Deluxe version of MDSOA we are now trying to reach the stretch goal for Echoes. If you like what you see for Echoes please consider helping us out by pledging on our Kickstarter! Mystic Destinies: Serendipity of Aeons is an ongoing otome visual novel that has been in development for over a year. To date, three routes have been released that are over 5+ hours each and completely stand alone as separate games. Due to the large scope of our project, we're running low on funding to finish the last two routes in the way we want to and would also like to add extra features and content to flesh out the game. You can try the first three chapters of each available route on Steam. The Team Gesso - Lead Artist/Graphic Designer Xelestial - Leader/Scriptwriter/Editor - [Fuwa] Stormvalkyrie - Lead Creative Writer/Scriptwriter - [Fuwa] Social Media You can find us at: Website || Tumblr || Twitter || Facebook || Patreon Support us on Kickstarter here! If you're interested MDSOA, you can find it here!
  18. Hello! We've updated the Ramen Prince to v0.9.5 08/24/2019! This version is available in our patreon page. Links below! Looking for compelling stories coupled with great sexy action? We are BeerBrew and Sharkie of Studio Paper Waifu, and thanks for trying out our game, Ramen no Oujisama (or The Ramen Prince)! This is a H-visual novel that chronicles the loves and tribulations of a young man who, thanks to a generous benefactor, is starting fresh in a new city and opening a new ramen restaurant. Along the way, he meets an eclectic cast of characters, and eventually must learn to juggle business with pleasure. Can he get the girl of his dreams? GAME FEATURES: - 10 planned playable waifu routes with their own unique personalities, stories, kinks, dynamism and interaction with you, the MC. - 10 character routes currently available! - 40+ Animated special scenes that are semi-interactive - *Omake scenarios that expand on the stories in the form of short kinky skits, short stories, side stories, and maybe something right out our main character's dreams - *Secret Codes to enhance the gameplay experience - Available in multiple platforms (Windows, MacOSX, Linux, and Android) - Great music! - In active development! LATEST UPDATE NOTES: We're happy to announce that we have concluded the 9th character route! In this update, we've also advanced the Chinese translation of the Intro area, still incomplete though, but will be update when all the character routes are completed! Please enjoy this release! WHERE TO GET OR PLAY THE GAME: Our Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/paperwaifu NEWGROUNDS: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/715609 GAMEJOLT: https://gamejolt.com/games/the-ramen-prince/206343 ITCH.IO: https://paperwaifu.itch.io/the-ramen-prince-ramen-no-oujisama *Our games are available online, and on multiple platforms. The Android version is available from our Patreon page, Gamejolt, and Itch.io! WHATS NEW! v0.9.0 - 10-24-2019 - NEW! 10th character route opened! Exclusive to patrons! - NEW! 9th character special scene added! - FIX! MacOS build problem (won't run). - FIX! Image fading problem. - FIX! Image fading problem on load. - OBSERVE: Audio system may be stopped while Chrome 76-77 is out of focus. This may affect audio fades, leaving them hanging. v0.9.0 - 07-29-2019 - NEW! 9th character route finished! Exclusive to patrons! (Only up to chapter 4 in the free demo version for now) - NEW! 2x special scenes up! - NEW! Chinese (ZH-Simplified) translation now covers intro area! v0.8.5 - 05-23-2019 - FIX! Menu-related sound and bugs - FIX! Sound volume related to loading game - FIX! Dialogue auto-scroll bug - FIX! Scenario-related bugs and typos v0.8.5 - 05-12-2019 - NEW! 9th character route opened! Exclusive to patrons! (Only up to chapter 2 in the free demo version for now) - NEW! Options menu added! - NEW! Added global volume controls! - FIX! Bug setting transition between animations. - FIX! Event log text now fixed up! v0.8.1 - 03-31-2019 - NEW! 2 of Mie's special scenes have been recreated! v0.8.0 - 02-17-2019 - NEW! 8th character route finished! Exclusive to patrons! (Only up to chapter 4 in the free demo version for now) - NEW! Chinese Simplified translation (Prologue) - FIX! More bug fixes. New menu system in all versions. - FIX! Plot hole fix! - FIX! FF and Auto bug! - FIX! special scene variable added - FIX! Fireworks scene bug - FIX! Fullscreen bug
  19. Oakwood Academy of Spells and Sorcery is a fun adventure visual novel game filled with romance and intrigue. You play as Toma Tokisawa, a first year student, who tries to get by while encountering a diverse cast of characters along the way! Oakwood features an engaging story with rich dialog accompanied by vivid scenery and character artwork! ^-^ There is also some choice making involved for the player which can lead to side paths/dialog, but is for the most part a kinetic story with one end! The game includes tons of high quality CGs, Backgrounds, and Character sprites! Please check out our link here for any and all information! We are new and could use help! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1916629652/oakwood-academy-of-spells-and-sorcery-a-visual-nov
  20. “...A world is supported by four things...the learning of the wise, the justice of the great, the prayers of the righteous and the valor of the brave. But all of these are as nothing without a ruler who knows the art of ruling.” - Frank Herbert When your brother, the King, is killed in an ongoing war with the neighboring country of Tawar, you are named next in line for the throne. No one said wearing a crown would be easy, however. It will take all of your charm, cunning, and strength as a ruler to keep it. There is also the small matter of your suitors... ... An elegant former tutor who seems a little too determined to hold you at arms length, a tempestuous lord whose bid for your hand could decide the fate of the kingdom, and even a surprisingly witty ambassador from the very country you are at war with... Settle the conflict in your kingdom and decide who - if anyone - will be at your side when it ends. Play the official Queen's Crown demo HERE. If you enjoy it, please consider supporting us on Kickstarter and give us an upvote on Steam Greenlight! Nameable, customizable protagonist whose personality is determined completely by you! A stat-building system made up of 3 different stats: Intelligence, Strength, and Charisma Opportunities to build stats manually as well as in casual conversation for heightened role-playing potential! 4 romanceable characters with routes that branch heavily depending on your choices, plus a mini route for any yuri fans! About 30 different endings An estimated 200,000 words of content World-building out the wazoo! Agashi - Project Lead, Creator, and Writer Nero279 - Sprite Artist Saitoki1582 - Secondary Sprite Artist Harliqueen - Graphic Designer ShojiAmasawa - Logo Designer LadyofGatsby - GUI Artist Lady_Luck94 - Character Concept Artist Noyemi K - Composer Barzini - PR and Marketing Atomic-Invasion - Promotional Artist Bonesy - Programmer UPDATED - 09/06/16 DEMO COMPLETE! Only 5 days left in our Kickstarter campaign, and then we'll hit the ground running! If you'd like to follow our progress more closely, we are on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr! Thanks all!
  21. When you're the only one who remembers... can you trust your own memories? You have been told not to ask questions. Working in isolation, this has never been a problem. That is until you develop an unlikely friendship with a fellow employee, who breaks protocol to talk to you. When that person then disappears without a trace, and no one but you has any memory of their existence, you are forced to search for answers. The others tell you that you must be mistaken, that you are confused, that the isolation has started to get to you. They may be right. You think you might be losing your mind. But I know more about you than you realize...and I know you'll come looking for me. Project Breach is a non-linear adventure/visual novel, currently in development for PC first. Key focus is placed on story, characters, problem solving, and making choices that matter. Project Breach features • a deep storyline with mature themes, and a thrilling mystery at its heart. • multiple plot threads, with multiple endings. • a dynamic dialogue system, with varied and optional paths and fully voiced characters. • a seamless experience, weaving story, problem solving, and cinematic moments together, without having isolated sections for each. Greetings everyone, we are Eastwatch studio. Project Breach is our first title, and is truly a passion project. Our goal is to create something with high production value, and deliver an unforgettable story. As of now we are still early stage, though much of the foundation is in place. The overall story is complete, with the first few chapters completely written. While influences are many, the Zero Escape series is a prime inspiration in terms of storytelling and utilizing the medium. In terms of the art style for Project Breach, inspiration was drawn from cg films from the mid 2000s(such as appleseed ex machina), a style you don't see much of anymore, but we love. Much effort is being put into the development of the environments, making them feel alive and atmospheric. The intent is to build things in a way that when there is a cut to cinematic, it blends seamlessly and doesn't feel disjointed. In Project Breach, you can expect a lengthy, winding thriller mystery, with rich characters and choices that directly effect the story. Thanks for checking out Project Breach, we'll have more to share soon! The official website and cg trailer are just around the corner, so please look out for that. We're very excited for everyone to see more! We invite you to come check out our facebook page for up to date developments. Also if any are interested, I'll be posting some high res shots throughout development on my personal deviantart page, MisterJL (that's me!), where you are also welcome. Official website - http://www.projectbreach.com
  22. The White Violin. An instrument that hasn't been finished with a soul. A device that only resonates with certain beings. Join Luna as she finds out the mystery behind the white violin, the people in the castle, and her own self. Download Demo Screenshots: Support us on Kickstarter here! Also on Greenlight Hi everyone. I haven't been very active on Fuwanovel so I hope I didn't make a mistake posting here. Sorry if I did. We released Vision of Aurora Borealis last year and I really want to thank Fuwanovel and Fuwanovel forums for helping us. This year we are trying to create a different kind of visual novel. I hope you guys will enjoy it too.
  23. ✧✧✧✧✧ In this barren world of endless deserts, almost all live their lives upon large fractions of land floating above the surface. Here there are two types of people: Normals and Abnormals. ✧✧✧✧✧ Buffalo Seer is an eccentric Abnormal who wants nothing more than to use the magic ability within them; future seeing. However, even within their society where everyone has a special power, future seeing is considered dangerous and advised against. Unable to be swayed, Seer finally gains permission to look into their own future, only to receive an unbelievable revelation. Not only have they left Abnormal society, they're married to someone they've never met before. With visions of happiness in their mind, Seer leaves everything behind and ventures to the part of the land fraction where those without magic live; Normal society. Seer is going to convince this stranger that they are meant to be together no matter what it takes, even if it means tagging along on an adventure. In only a few days Seer will learn just how far away that pleasant future is. -Game Purchase Page- Full game features: A 145,000 word script 3 romance-able characters (one male, one female, one agender) Choosing the name and pronouns (he, she, or they) of the protagonist Lite sprite and background animations A variety of choices, all of which are worth selecting (there are no ‘incorrect’ options) 20 beautiful CG images 25 gorgeous background locations (complete!) A lovely soundtrack with almost 40 minutes of original music (complete!) Extra unlockable scenes Buffalo Seer is a driven, goal oriented individual. For most of their life their goal was to use their ability at least once. After that was achieved there was no plan, Seer simply expected to be satisfied with life. However, upon seeing what the future holds Seer immediately created a new goal, finding their future spouse. But then after finding them Seer decided they’d have to get married before they could be fully content. Once that inevitably occurs, who knows? Seer has an odd habit of phrasing things in unnecessarily suspicious ways, that coupled with the way they dress causes them to come across as creepy within Normal society. Seer doesn’t seem to mind. Kea is a police officer who recently transferred to the capital of Vespen in order to work undercover. The job requires an officer to infiltrate a street gang that mainly recruits young teens off the street, hence the outfit they’ve got on. Kea was requested specifically due to their youthful stature and fitting personality, since in informal situations Kea is chatty, fast-talking, and can easily come across as rude or uncultured. While on the job Kea speaks and behaves (somewhat) more seriously. Despite technically being in charge, they are the black sheep of the group. While everyone else is perfectly comfortable bending or even out right breaking the law Kea is, naturally, not so keen on that. But, no matter how often Kea intentionally or accidentally isolates themselves from the others and how much they cause disagreements, they don’t actually want it to be that way. They’d like to get along with the team and have a positive impact on situations, it just seems impossible because of their position. Mapmaker and item collector extraordinaire Piper wouldn’t normally have a reason to be in the capital, however this is an unusual time for her. She is currently on hiatus. She chose to take a break because constant work had worn her down. Before she felt duty call and joined the adventure she had been spending her days wearing nice clothing and drinking tea while discussing good books with pleasant ladies. However, Piper has no intention of wasting time sulking over the loss of the last part of her time off from ruin trekking. In fact, she doesn’t seem to ever spend time being in a poor mood. Piper treats others in a friendly and casual manner but is nothing near an open book. She’s deeply enigmatic. Her courteous nature stems entirely from social obligations rather than genuine interest and that fact becomes rather obvious if you try speaking with her for any extended period of time. January is a man of massive importance and wealth in the region of Vespen, though only due to inheriting it. He has been the Duke of a significant family ever since his mother passed away a few years prior. That title is no longer bestowed and every other house in Vespen that had the title at one point has had the lineage die out. With an heirless only child as a Duke, January’s family is currently one step away from joining those other houses in being stripped of their clout. The weight of being the last true noble in the region has not been lost on January. The entire point of the trip is escorting January to a safe house, so in that sense he is an important member of the team. But only in that sense. January isn’t allowed to do anything, much to his frustration. Because of his sheltered upbringing January has spent his entire life having people assume he’s useless or an easy target. It is unclear if the group thinks the same way or if they are simply overprotective. Upon first meeting January he comes across as rather skittish. After Seer shows him his future he resolves to change the way he lives his life. From then on he begins to act more indignant and reckless. He is going to be a contributing member of the team, whether the rest of the group wants him to or not. *Not Pursueable* Trinette is the leader of a bounty hunting gang. The group is famous for its efficiency and willingness to work outside what is legal. However, lawlessness is the last thing you’ll find within the group itself. It is highly organized and functions essentially the way a normal business does. Every employee has a set wage, time off, health coverage, etc. The reason this criminal gang functions this way is because Trinette’s background is mainly in finances. After working for many reputable companies she decided to start a company of her own. She chose a bounty hunting gang simply because it was a position that needed to be filled in the area. If you can look past all her wrongdoing and not take what she does in her job personally, Trinette is a rather amiable woman. Thanks for checking this thread out! Feedback is always appreciated~ ✦Twitter (updates daily) ✦Facebook (updates multiple times a week) ✦Tumblr (updates weekly)
  24. Midsummer Daydream

    Project Introduction Hello everyone. As you can see by looking to the side, my name is Lavinder. As head of the Saturday Crush Productions, I woud personally like to present our first project "Midsummer Daydream" Visual Novel information Midsummer Daydream is an Otome Eroge visual novel, which promises a refreshingly modern take on romance. The player will fill the shows of our heroine, Yumiko Shirayuki, a recent college graduate who's life is turned upside-down over the course of one eventful summer. Navigate Yumiko through the unique ups and downs that come with open relationships. Midsummer Daydream seeks to break the mold of romance storytelling with it's organic, character-driven conflict. I am very passionate about telling this story using the medium ov visual novels, and Im confident that you the plsyer will enjoy yourself from start to finish. About Us Saturday Crush is a team of like-minded visual novel fans. We were brought together by our shared experiences in developing our own visual novels, and the failiures we've experienced going it solo. It was this commonality that brought us together that brought us together. Together we will see eachother through to success where we once failed indevidually, and we are confident that Midsummer Daydream will be the first of many fine stories told by Saturday crish Our staff consists of: Myself: As the ambiguous leader, my primary responsibilities are that of resource management and allocation of talent. As well, I am one of Saturday Crush's two artists, and programmers. I will dealprimerily in character and CG assets, but offer a wellrounded skillset that fills any role nessecary. Bluebolt: Saturday Crush's second artist, lending his talents to set design. His unique pallets and lush enviormental designs will bring our world to life Snailmusk: Saturday Crush's primary writer. His unique litterary style will be breathing life into our characters and make you feel things you didnt know possible. Sagic: Saturday Crush's eccentric composer. A passionate musician who has been a godsend to us. I'm certain his soulful scores with really take us to the next level. Wolfscythe: Rounds out the team as our general affairs manager and head of project planning. Hes an everyman similar to me who can help out wherever needed, but primarily serves to keep everyone on task and on time. Always pays to have a strict one jn the group. Progress: Ideation: 90% - Midsummer Dayream is pretty much planned out from start to finish. All of our broad strokes are in place. FULL STEAM AHEAD!! Audio Assets: 40% - Sagic has been kicking ass on our soundtrack. It's amazing how much free time students have this time of year. Brings back fond memories Xp Visual Assets: 5% - Rough designs are finalized and in place. Work on animated sprites has begun. Script: 12% - Common Route and all special routes completely outlined. Common route final script started. Programming: 0% - 0 is typically self-explanitory Misc: 0% - playable demo planned. In Closing: Thank you for taking the time to read all of this. It really means a lot to me and all of us at Saturday Crush. We look forward to crafting a story you can enjoy. If you have anything you want to ask or just want to show your support, we would love to hear from you right here on this thread.
  25. Errant Heart

    Hello! I wanted to take a moment to mention a new VN project that our studio has just released, Errant Heart. I won't blather on too much about it. If you're curious, you may want to check out our Itch.io page, watch our promo video or our sample game play video to get some idea of what to expect. We never got a whole lot of feedback in our later development phase. So we'd appreciate any insight anyone might have on the current v1.0 build. It doesn't have to be much. Even simply describing how well the animations run on your particular computer (and the general specs of said system) would be a great help in allowing us to do things like fine-tune graphics. One way or the other, I hope you enjoy! Thanks much.