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  1. Game can be found here : https://store.steampowered.com/app/455310/Bloody_Chronicles__New_Cycle_of_Death_Visual_Novel/ Just a thing before we continue, if it isn't too much to ask, we would like to post our project that fuwanovel in order to create more exposure for it; with this being our first project, it is important that we can get people in the community to know who we and what we're making. Bloody Chronicles - New Cycle of Death http://bloodychronicles.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/about-project.png Bloody Chronicles is a visual novel and Igrasil Studio’s first project. The plot focuses on Kazuki, who has lost his parents in an accident. After graduating from the police academy, he was recruited by Igrasil, a non-governmental organization which solves murders the police deem are impossible to explain due to lack of evidence. Kazuki’s partners include the crazy and funny Ishikawa siblings, Kaoru Moriyama (the daughter of a millionaire and founder of the organization), and Suzumi, the head of the organization. http://bloodychronicles.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/character.png http://prefundia.com/uploads/projects/8099/a907fb3ec0cc6d893d9a251e0e156ea3.jpg http://prefundia.com/uploads/projects/8099/f0d134115efa90e47a6dab4cb01f6f12.jpg http://prefundia.com/uploads/projects/8099/053d1e7692d380e7b42a9403eec67ffa.jpg http://prefundia.com/uploads/projects/8099/6906237afb19e8d6a3f4223a14a284f2.jpg http://prefundia.com/uploads/projects/8099/88e9136e991d6991350263bdf4e0f1e9.jpg http://prefundia.com/uploads/projects/8099/5e639846eb1ee719e3efabf17ed1bb57.jpg http://prefundia.com/uploads/projects/8099/aab646dcf126f50e1de9dc5fbe5504ed.jpg The whole series will consist of 3 installments; the first part is “Act 1 - New Cycle of Death.” We’re aiming for the length of the entire series to consist of 40 hoursof gameplay, where the player will be able to make different decisions that will affect the ending. Like in most visual novels, the player will be able to establish close relationships with the series’ characters and get to know their personal stories. Please note that our studio aren't fans of "fanservice", so Bloody Chronicles won't be another dating sims game etc. Our game is broken into several chapters; these chapters are separated into seven days, where “Player Choices” will help or hinder the investigation. Player decisions and choices will affect the ending. http://prefundia.com/uploads/projects/8099/290b65a65925382fdacc3fc306cfc3e6.jpg Suzumi | Akito A & B | Kaoru | Aki oh, we won't tell you how to get the "DARK" ending... it's a secret! φ(゚ロ゚*)ノ Bloody Chronicles can be classified as a mystery, drama, slice of life, and action; the plot takes place in a modern day fictional universe called Utna http://prefundia.com/uploads/projects/8099/b7728499757d82b0b0ff1968d74fc3e9.jpg http://prefundia.com/uploads/projects/8099/6ed32b5031e8e5c8edb4d87bf36a006a.jpg Each of the character designs will include casual clothes, organization uniforms, unique poses, and different facial expressions. We’re aiming for each character to have 30 fully-detailed CG illustrations and their own original musical compositions. Casual / Uniform Clothes http://prefundia.com/uploads/projects/8099/a74fc2bde69a2ca3c342033600014c26.jpg http://bloodychronicles.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/platfrom.png PC -Windows / Mac OS Linux Mobile - Android / Windows Phone / Xbox - pending http://prefundia.com/uploads/projects/8099/768cc91ecdcca36bb5d6902d2932c4e6.jpg http://prefundia.com/uploads/projects/8099/d5f88a495dd0c6e6e870b4b527147527.jpg http://prefundia.com/uploads/projects/8099/6c1bac1b8f0898cdb8b2d37005ce8047.jpg http://prefundia.com/uploads/projects/8099/03cf097494f37179af880a28eb3ad40d.png http://bloodychronicles.com/project-status/ Here you can see our project status! The bars below represent what is done and what we still need to do - updated weekly Meet our Voice Actors The main characters in the Bloody Chronicles series will be fully voiced. Skyler Davenport IMDb | Official Facebook http://prefundia.com/uploads/projects/8099/af13cb701fea0e9a31bf689c350467e5.jpg John Archer Official SoundCloud | Official Twitter http://prefundia.com/uploads/projects/8099/eb2c4125150b81a1ff719dff729c018f.jpg Sayaka Mashiro IMDb |Official Website http://prefundia.com/uploads/projects/8099/8cb310a5a02fda36f38c3c21fe026ff5.jpg Bloody Chronicles F.A.Q. 1.When game will be released - We're hoping for a release date of March 2017 2.Will the players establish close relationships with the characters?/ Will the relationships be 18+ or all-ages? - You can establish close relationships with every member; however, this game is all-ages/teen, so there won't be any H-scenes. 3.Where can we see your progress? - Here you can check our weekly progress http://bloodychronicles.com/project-status/ 4.Have you decided on a price for the VN - We're considering a price range of $15-19 5.Will the game be translated for other languages? -The game is being written in English, with input from our Japanese and polish members. In the future, we plan on releasing it in additional languages. 6.Will you add a Japanese voiceover? -We will focus on adding a Japanese voiceover once the English version is finished, provided our campaign is funded successfully. 7.Will the soundtrack be available for download? - We'll release the soundtrack for purchase with the game; alternatively, you can buy the steam exclusive edition which comes with the soundtrack and other extras! 8.Will you add steam trading cards? -Yes 9.How about achievements?. - Why not? It'll be fun! For more information visit us: Official Website with project status Facebook Twitter SoundCloud Bloody Chronicles Demo http://bloodychronicles.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/bloodydemo.png We are excited to present the demo of our debut project, Bloody Chronicles! Enjoy the first prologue scene and some extra footage as well! This demo version is completely free! Please be aware that the demo version is an early version in development and the final product will be revised. We thank you for your support and hope you enjoy the demo! Bloody Chronicles Windows Version | Bloody Chronicles Linux Version | Bloody Chronicles Mac
  2. Don't do drugs kids. A Lamb in Wolf's Clothing [ GxB, Action, Mystery, Psychological Thriller ] This is a work of fiction, and even the super drug here messes people up bad. Okay, prescribed drugs from doctors that are necessary are fine. S T O R Y Utopia has long since ended. Confined in walls that have yet to be broken through, people join factions trying to survive another day in a decaying city with limited resources. There is hardly a day of silence, a day where a cry rings out through the streets in the middle of the night. There is a constant fight for power, for influence, for authority. The one in control changes every other month, the rules changing even more so frequently. This is the story of one particular moment in the carnage. Of when a drug known as Treats started to circulate through the system. Of when questions were no longer whispered and instead roared at the front lines. Where one girl who was born and raised in this society learned to aim for the throat when you wanted - needed - something. Follow Meri as she casts away the little that remained of her, stumbling across the truth as she pursues for revenge. The Jungle A large and sprawling metropolitan city that remains held up with a thin thread, seemingly ready to crumble at any given moment. This fragile place is where the populace reside for the eternity of their lives. The city has a turbulent structure of varying societies, groups and gangs that wish to hold more power than the other. This division causes districts to be made, though they are constantly swapping ownership as the feud continues among those of relatively equal standing with no clear winner. A large wall, without a single entrance or exit in sight, cages the city. Very few remember the official name of old for what this crumbling city used to be. Among the folk tales and mysteries of what this now rubble filled city used to be, the name, history, and events that unfolded to cause this current state only remain speculated. The Wall No one has been able to come or go ever since they could remember, the wall that towers high and encompassing the entirety of the city preventing such things. Attempts to traverse the wall has been made, though incredibly unsuccessful with rather strange and gruesome results. The peculiar circumstances and the blood stains hidden among the graffiti on the wall remains a foreboding reminder that there is something very wrong, and a kind of warning against those that hold suicidal pursuits. Treats The exact source of this increasingly popular drug remains unknown. Some have speculated it originated in the humble abode of a stumbling druggie who decided to mix and match for the next best high, others believe that it was the results of a laboratory of some scientific mad man, while there are a few hushed whispers that the remains of the government are to blame - seeking the power they once had. It seems that conspiracy theories weren't one of the things lost after the breaking up of the society from before most could recall. Not all of the effects of this mystery drug is yet known as it is still quite new. Effects seem to vary among consumers, though heightened senses, thought processing and strength seems to be a common symptom. Questioning consumers result in varying reactions - some proclaiming it to have changed their lives, saying that every other drug is put to shame by it, while others vehemently believed it to be the tool of the devils. A drug shrouded in mystery, yet so fervently produced, trafficked and consumed. It's sudden popularity caused a major shift of power within the rather chaotic and ever changing hierarchy, causing the downfall of some while allowing others influence that they could only ever imagine. F A C T I O N S The Royals Debatably the oldest society with a long history dating back before the fall of the society of the old. However, these records remain a secret and guarded like a jealous mistress as anyone outside the higher ranked remain ignorant of the apparently prestigious background. Though their numbers had consistently remained minimal as members were restricted to those of the same blood, they managed to hold power with their horded knowledge and their rather smart distribution of said knowledge. However, their small district had since been consumed by the growing gang known as the Red Caps, the members scattered and mostly believed imprisoned or dead. The Code Blues This neutral party remains a pacifist group. Neither are they particularly wealthy, nor do they have access to military resources. However, they remain through the support of many other groups and anyone that dare cause trouble with them would instigate a war among the other groups. Holding some of the brightest doctors and greatest knowledge when it comes to keep someone with multiple gun shot wounds alive, they remain a vital part to keeping everyone from permanently killing each other by providing aid between each battle. The Trade A merchant group that has an extended range of dealings, though they are most known and requested for their arms trade. With particularly sharp wit and high levels of intrigue, they manage to remain an influential power through back handed dealings and selectively partnering with other groups to warn or outright wipe out any potential threats. The Shroud Not much is known about the shroud. There are plenty of whispers and rumours that surround them. About how they seem to appear from no where, seeping in among the left remnants of a since over conflict. How they collect the bodies, leaving not even a whisper of what used to be life behind. How they evolved into an urban legend as the grim reapers as nothing ever remained, not even those that were known to be simply heavily injured instead of dead. Yet, somehow, these resources never seem to appear again, even within the many branches of the black market. The Red Caps One of the younger, but more powerful group. Rising in the scene with a questionably large stock of Treats, they had managed to gain exponential support and influence. Not much is entirely known of their policies due to the lack of any defined leadership. However, their ruthless dash and climb in power has given them a worrying reputation of doing anything for their goals, whatever they may be. Their district as of recent years haven't had particularly defined borders. Ever since the Red Caps had monopolized the market of Treats, their pursuit for expanding the areas under their control has increased several worrying folds. Though there is not a moment of peace or quiet within the streets of this district, the main building which acts a sort of headquarters for the higher in hierarchy. But none of that cocaine, ice, cool kid stuff plz. C H A R A C T E R S Meri Lambert | Royals Faction She believed herself invincible. She trusted her faction's invincibility. She thought herself to be more than she was. She was simply a naive child who had yet faced the sirens of reality. She learned that the world's tough love really was the fastest way to learn. She threw away what she once was for something she may never have or become. Cimon | Factionless He was there for you after the downfall of your family. He was the one that taught you how to survive without the faction's protection. He was the one to teach you about the various other districts. He was the one you had underestimated. Cimon is a seemingly happy-go-lucky and free spirited individual. Easy to hand out smiles, you question how he is able to trust others to easily and yet remain relatively well off. He just kind of seems rather naive and idealistic. However, he proves to be resourceful and hold a high level of awareness of the circumstances around him. With a understanding of the various different factions and their movements, you can't help but wonder why no one had already nabbed the guy. He would have been such a useful member after all. It really did seem rather strange. Gil | Trade Faction He lectures about peace as he gives warmongers bombs. He moarns the fallen as he accepts money from a murderer. He confesses his regrets and apologizes as he fires the gun in his hand. He signs the contract ensuring the death of many. He gives aide and resources to the neutral, saving their lives. He hates those he love, he loves those he hate. He's a hypocrite and he knows it. You haven't quite managed to grasp his personality. Through the layers of facades, the faces of professionalism and compassion, the acts of horror and delight - you just can't quite say definitely what type of person he is. An image of an upright man who's only wrongs are due to circumstance and an unfair world, you know it is simply a mask and in a way you wish to never have to see what is hidden beneath that rather careful construct. Aric | Royals Faction What's the blood that flows through their veins to the shared red dyed stains? What's a friend in a world of lies? What's a promise against the memories? What's an apology shackled with regret? What's a boy with questions that he doesn't wish an answer for? What waits past the end? Aric was someone you would tentatively call a friend. With the trials of time you've grown distant. The connection never truly lost, but there's just something no longer there. A closeness that you remembered from back when you were kids, desperately faking a childhood that they could never have. Following the faction's fall, you find yourself wondering where he is and questioning the rather peculiar circumstances around him. After all, only those that shared the same blood were meant to be allowed in the Royals, yet you are absolutely certain he fails to meet that very simple criteria. Jackie | Red Caps Faction He's felt the sweet caresses of joy, pure bliss with the feeling as if he could take on anything in the world. He's felt the tightening choke of sorrows, whispering lies that became his one and only truth. He's endured the shakes of rage, the physical pain he felt as he had to restrain himself. He knew far to well the damages fueled by humans fickleness. You struggle to describe him. He's just so- invisible, for the lack of a better word. In a way, it's actually a little disturbing. You don't know where he's from, what motives drive him, what actions he plans to take next. You notice how he seems to be able to simply disappear within a crowd or even in a desolate area without a single soul. However, one thing is for certain, you know that won't last long. The unsettling feeling that blankets you, a foreboding calm before a storm, that tilt of a smirk when he's lost in thought. Ihsan | Code Blue Faction He holds the needle like a knife, an apathy for each injection like a serial murderer who's grown bored. He binds the bandages like a noose slowly coiling around his own neck, suffocating him as the begs for a savior drown him. He's neutral, he doesn't take sides. He's long forgotten to care. A cloud of fatigue follows him, his actions sluggish and tired. The bags under his eyes don't go unnoticed, and his rather short and and general lack of enthusiasm reminds you of a corpse walking. However, you recall the stories of the heroes from the Code Blue faction. Their pursuit for pacifism, their incessant need to save lives. No one would join such a faction without having cared before. Right? Zeph | ??? Faction He hugs the gun like a child hugs their toys after a nightmare. He lies curled in the ash and rubble as if they were a safety blanket that would protect him from everything. He treats the serenades of gunfire like a lullaby, welcoming a dream that is soon to come. A dream he had long held, a dream that he had been pushed to his knees for. A large grin on a face splattered with blood. The gunshots that surround him, the blood that paves the streaks of death around him. You question the cheerful joking nature of his as whatever conversation you have with him seem to hold no direction, and yet you know he is far from lost as he avoids any talk about factions, Treats, the wall, and the coming future that lays ahead. "Hey, do you know why the sky changes colour? I've always thought it strange. You know, how such a big and encompassing thing could be so fickle. Yet, all our blood remains red no matter how far from human we get. Hey-- I wonder what colour the sky is outside the jungle." No matter the circumstances, illicit drugs would probs make it much shittier. P R O G R E S S Written General | [ ] Draft Complete, 80% Proofread Cimon | [ ] Planned, 50% Drafted Gil | [ ] Planned, 20% Drafted Ihsan | [ ] Planned, 70% Drafted Zeph | [ ] Planned, 60% Drafted Aric | [ ] 70% Planned Jackie | [ ] 30% Planned Art Sprites | [ ] 80% Sketched CGs | [ ] 30% Sketched Backgrounds | [ ] 50% Sketched GUI | [ ] 50% Sketched Music Background | [ ] Planned, 10% Drafted Opening | [ ] Instrumental Drafted Coding GUI | [ ] Done, just need to finish appropriate art assets. Script | [ ] Not yet. o(-< Like, no. F E E D B A C K Heyo! Oh golly, thanks so much for visiting this thread and having a look at my attempt at a visual novel. Does the story interest you? Anything you're looking for in particular? What concerns do you hold judging from what you've seen thus far? Any of the bachelors you fancy at the moment? Heck, just ramble about anything really. I'd love to hear your thoughts. :') Any and all feedback would be appreciated, even with this being at the early stages of the development right now. Seriously, addiction sucks scrotum.
  3. We at Retro Sumus are currently developing Ameba, a detective adventure in the form of a western-made, western-set visual novel. The story takes place in Madrid, Spain, as the main character is a veteran senior officer from the Policía Nacional. Here is the teaser trailer for the project: And here is our first interview with SegaZine last year showing some character sketches... http://retrosumus.com/2014/11/our-first-interview-character-designs-revealed/ ...and our second interview, with the Dreamcast Junkyard, where we showed the first screenshots of both Ameba and Xenocider, our 3D on-rails shooter also in development (nothing to do with VN's at all). http://retrosumus.com/2015/06/ameba-xenocider-screenshots-interview-dc-junkyard/ We have been sharing our progress (on both projects currently in development) in a series of videos we call the Dev Diaries: Also, we showed our first very early demo a few days ago at RetroBarcelona, the biggest indie/retro event here in Spain. Not a great video but, for now... So, why the Dreamcast, a 15+ year old console? Well, we're developing the game for PC as well as Dreamcast and Saturn This is my second thread here so I hope I'm doing this right! You can follow us on: http://facebook.com/retrosumus http://twitter.com/retrosumus http://youtube.com/retrosumus http://soundcloud.com/retrosumus
  4. Name: Criminal Investigations: With Woman's Tears Genre: Crime/Mystery Status: In Development Platforms: Windows, Mac Linux. iPad, Android and handheld (eg: PS Vita) are also under consideration. Release Model: Commercial. Follow development on Tumblr Follow development on Twitter Follow development on Facebook Synopsis: Do you have what it takes to be a criminal investigator? Take on the role of an FBI Special Agent in this contemporary mystery game where your investigative skills will determine the outcome of the case and the lives of everyone involved. Monmouth, Rhode Island: Fourteen year-old Madison Bradley disappears on her way to school. There are no witnesses, no ransom demands and no sightings. Monmouth PD call on the FBI’s Child Abduction Rapid Deployment team to send one of their best agents to support the investigation. But when a second girl goes missing amid suggestions that both girls frequented an occult-themed website, media speculation is rife that the girls have been abducted by a “Vampire Cult”. Use your investigative skills to navigate through a complex web of truth and lies to find out what really happened to the girls and bring them home safely. Explore the fictional town of Monmouth and uncover the secrets that lie within small town America. Interact with a cast of complex characters, each with their own weaknesses and motivations. Utilize an array of tools and techniques to uncover the truth of Madison’s disappearance Experience a dynamic narrative where your every action has consequences Test your investigative skills against one of the most challenging detective adventures ever created. Discover a world of moral ambiguity, where doing the right thing may not necessarily mean getting justice. Characters Gameplay: The game is going to be a classic visual novel in many respects, but there will also be investigation elements. Your role as an FBI advisor gives you unique oversight of the investigation, allowing you to do as much or as little investigation as you choose. If you just want a relaxing visual novel experience, you can simply observe the Monmouth PD investigation and offer little direct involvement. Alternatively, you can get involved in every aspect of the investigation and try to move the investigation in the direction you see fit. There are 10+ major endings and numerous minor variations but there is no "true ending" or correct answer. It's your investigation. It's up to you to determine what's true and what isn't. It's up to you to decide how justice is best served. All possible endings are available on your first play through, although we would encourage you to play through multiple times to explore other endings and learn more about the characters you meet. Screenshots: Progress: Writing : 10% Programming: 50% Backgrounds: 10% Characters: 5% Audio: Not started We are currently aiming to bring the game to Kickstarter in January 2016. Feedback: All feedback is welcomed (within forum rules). Jobs: We're not currently in need of any assistance, but if you have mad skills in art, writing, or audio design, you're welcome to drop a link to your portfolio. How can you help? The game is still very early in development. The art style for characters and backgrounds is pretty much set. Everything else is still very much up for discussion, and we would love to hear your views, thoughts, opinions and ramblings. We also need as much help as we can get spreading the word. We want feedback early and often and we plan on releasing several demos at various stages of production. The more people we can get feedback from, the better we can make the game. What do you like about the game? What don't you like? What concerns do you have? What features are must-have for you in a visual novel? What would you like to hear from us? We're going to be posting a lot of pictures, discussions and features about the game on Tumblr and Twitter but rather than just posting what we want to say, it would be great to know what you would find interesting.
  5. I am currently looking for capable individuals to fill positions within my production group. This involves artists, composers, web producer/designer, sound designer, programmer, writers, graphics designer, producer, and a co-director. Please take your time to fully read each project pitch and determine for yourself if either are of any interest to you. When you have done that, follow the google form URL located at the very bottom of the post to complete the following application. The application is one of two parts, the second part will come to you individually according to which position you applied for. Think of the first part being interview questions, and the second part is for you to show me what you are capable of bringing to the project. Once the second part has been sent, the results of whether you have been selected will come to you through email after all applicants have been reviewed. *Should you decide against joining the production after you have been selected you are by no means obligated to commit. However, please make that decision before officially taking part in the team.* The projects I currently have planned may be considered within the "concept" stages. However, I have envisioned how each story will progress and made a few outlines for portions of a common route. Island Rakuen(18+) Genres: Mystery, Drama, Romance, Horror It is summer break and college students Shougo and Kyouhei have big plans for vacation. Together, they rent a yacht with the money they saved and invite their friends into the pacific. It would be their last trip before they graduate from students to full-fledged adults. It is also a chance for Shougo to confess to his long-time crush, Toujou Tomoyo. The group sets sail from Tokyo Bay and into the Pacific Ocean when they happen across an uncharted island. Seemingly uninhabited with the exception of heavy vegetative and tropical growth, and a sea teeming with fish the group anchors their yacht and makes camp. Everyone pitches in, building cabins out of branches and leaves, fishing in the ocean for food, gathering the tropical fruits, and hunting the unusually large population of aggressive birds from within the island. They take tests of courage, roast food over a campfire, share dreams and hopes for the future. The place is like a paradise for them. It was a paradise until a tropical cyclone sweeps away their only means of returning home. Stranded, and without means to communicate with the outside world the group of friends' long sought after vacation has become a nightmare. The test of time begins to take its toll on the island's newest inhabitants, and one by one they begin to lose hope of ever returning home. Tomoyo quickly becomes a burden, failing to hold her end of her tasks and earning Maehara Ryouko’s ire. Finger-pointing turns to shoving and opinions to arguments, solidarity crumbles and the group splits into two. Ryouko, having grown impatient seeing Tomoyo pampered for her mistakes and never owning up to her failures takes her own group and leaves. The separation brings temporary peace, but strange things begin to happen at night. A cacophony of howling and laughter sound throughout the island, and each group faces a danger worse than isolation—themselves. Position-specific Notes *Notes here do not reflect that positions in bold above are unneeded. Please fill out application even if your position is not listed in these notes. Writers: Two routes to be written, one for each heroine. Composer: Looking for composers able to play any of the following: Flute, Piano, Ukulele, Percussion. Artists: Sprites (11 characters), CG, Background, Title Screen, UI. Programmer: Capable working with and have experience in Ren'py or other visual novel software. Design UI, title screen, Configuration screen. Sound Designer/Editor: Generate and create sounds and noise for purpose of immersion. (IE- birds, ocean waves, motor, SFX, etc) Additional Notes 1. Potentially Short-Medium in length. 2. As the 18+ tag implies, this story will contain content for the mature audience. Anyone under the age of 18 will not be permitted to participate in this production. Wraiths of Ivarholdt Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Action, Kael Craster is the leader of the band of sellswords called the Wraiths of Ivarholdt. Seven years ago when the clan was originally called the Ivarholdt Raiders, Kael was but a junior member in the clan having been taken in after he was orphaned during the Michar-Forissimo War. He had known bliss and love from his fellow clan mates until one day the Wraiths were indiscriminately hunted and slaughtered by orders of the king himself. Kael and Darrik were the only survivors, having been absent from the camp for a hunting trip. Present day, the war has ended in an armistice and Kael has peacefully rebuilt his clan, naming it the "Wraiths of Ivarholdt" in honor of his former comrades. However, that peace is short lived. News of the hermit King Michar leaving his castle to negotiate a treaty with King Forissimo reaches Kael’s ears. It is an opportunity he would not let go. Revenge begins to stir in Kael's mind and little do his new clan mates know their lives have now become a means to commit regicide. Enter Wiles Tressante, the protagonist of our journey and the Wraiths’ newest member. He is a spy from the neighboring kingdom and ward of King Forissimo tasked with kidnapping the daughter of King Michar. Life with the Wraiths becomes like a dream to Wiles. He finds within them camaraderie he’s never shared and a family he’s never had. His mission becomes a distant memory to him. But as the nature of Kael’s true intentions grow more visible, the tenuous accord between each member begins to shatter. Wiles discovers that he isn’t the only one with something to hide. Old grudges open new wounds, the tangles of lies tighten, and the very person he is supposed to be looking for may not exist at all. Position-specific Notes *Notes here do not reflect that positions in bold above are unneeded. Please fill out application even if your position is not listed in these notes. Writers: Six routes, common route. Composers: Looking for composers able to play any of the following: Flute, Piano, Percussion, Violin, Sing (chorale), cello. Artists: Sprites (Six main characters) (~15+ supporting/side characters), CG, Background, Title Screen, UI. Programmer: Capable working with and have experience in Ren'py or other visual novel software. Design UI, title screen, Configuration screen. Sound Designer/Editor: Generate and create sounds and noise for purpose of immersion. (IE- sword clash, walking, fire, SFX, etc) Additional Notes 1. Potentially Long-Very Long in length. 2. The routes withinWraiths of Ivarholdt will not branch. They will be "arcs" and follow right after the other. In other words, it will follow one large linear path with multiple arcs, one focusing on each character. The story is designed this way such that, unlike traditional otome/bishoujo, the characters will experience the impact of the arcs preceding them. 3. Depending on the success of this visual novel and the continued commitment of the production group I intend for a sequel. 4. Kickstarter/Crowd Funding TBD Specific Recruitment Directors and Writers to work on genres: Otome, horror, comedy, skit, mystery eroge(18+). I am looking for a director and writer who will not be working on the above projects, but will instead lead projects of their own. Preferably a writer who has their own story in mind. I will lead the production for you on your end. Web Producer/Webmaster: Design and manage multiple websites to improve relations, increase publicity, and keep updates for public to see. Make sure to complete the form below. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1HYJAXlJVDt_6V68zDbBxYRT5X4oDUcrH-7RwOoSURNw/viewform
  6. Inna is 22 and a social recluse with a most unusual skillset: assassination. Under pressure of changing her ways, she takes on an assignment very different from what's she's accustomed to. Her new job requires her to look out for a 17-year-old girl while she is in college. What sounded like an easy piece of work – with the plus of turning over a new leaf – turns out to be quite the predicament for Inna... in more than one way. This release features 3 complete endings, and 1 ongoing one. Inna Antonova: The protagonist. Inna generally avoids social interactions, save for the ones with her contacts and clients. Contrary to her "cold" professional image, when relaxing at home she could be mistaken for any other regular 22-year-old girl. Lillian Garland: The romantic interest. Lillian is a 17-year-old, outgoing college girl with a stubborn streak that she most likely inherited from her father, a successful lawyer. Samuil Atonov: Inna's adoptive father. Currently in the hospital, his health waning with each passing day. He's the main reason why Inna feels compelled to change her ways. Ray Garland: Lillian's father. A well-known and ambitious lawyer. He's rarely home, but when he is he tries to make up for lost time by spending lavishly on Lillian. Mel: Inna's primary contact for work opportunities. A mysterious, brusque man with a mind for business. He appears to have multiple underground connections. Writing: DarkSin Art: DarkSin Music: Noyemi K Editing: Shadow Programming: DarkSin, Helvetica Standard UI Designing: DarkSin I'll try my best to get the final release out within the next couple of months! Twitter for updates: https://twitter.com/_sinsystem_
  7. SVG SOURCE FILES ADDED - 301 FREE 2D UI Sprites (#1) Perfect for 2D game development, 3D game development, visual novel creation and game engine usage. Get it @ http://soloflare.blogspot.co.uk
  8. I joined Fuwanovel on November 20th, 2012. It was a long time ago. The Bruce Wayne dating sim that I suggested in my intro topic never came to fruition (a fact I'm mildly depressed about). When I first joined, this place was very very different. I really did not post much at first, and was blissfully unaware of how evil the VN community was overall. I did not know that I had to patch VNs myself in many instances and thanks to this place, I was able to play VNs without having to worry about that sort of thing. The forums looked quite different as well, with each hosted VN having it's own sub board if I recall (it was a mess). The forums were quickly re-organized into something close to what we have now. There was no walkthrough section, no FAQ section, no games and chatter section. Just a few forum boards. Slowly the forums grew, and I began posting more. For what ever reason, that in all honesty still baffles me, I was eventually promoted to a moderator position. I became fast friends with Steve as we frolicked through fields with our mutual agreements on everything. I love, and miss you Steve (just please, no naked Hachikuji pictures). I really enjoyed helping out around the forums. Everyone was friendly and we rarely had any issues with behavior. Fuwanovel was a tight knit group that just loved VNs. Ryoji and Eldin would have epic battles over old, obscure anime that the original production studios probably forgot they even produced, Steve was having a field day posting loli pictures and trying to convert me to the lolicon side, Skeith was regularly posting walkthroughs, Harry Kinomoto was being amazing as usual. It was an awesome place to be a part of and I loved every second of it outside of the staff forums. It was a place where everyone respected one another, and everyone respected what Fuwanovel was (save a few people). A place to make VNs accessible to the west. Fast forward to today. Fuwanovel has grown immensely. We have a ton of active members on the forums, and out library of VNs continues to grow, as does the scope of operations. Nayleen has done wonderful work, and Tay did a great job of holding things together during the hosting outage. But despite that, I've felt a growing disconnect between myself, and a lot of the newer members. None of this is meant in a negative way. The newer guys have changed the forums a lot. We have so many random topics now, that have found a good home. The forums have been re-shaped to your guys liking. I said Fuwanovel was a family, and you guys sure have banded together. Sadly, I feel like part of the old guard, and find myself irritated with the place. Some of the things I used to love about Fuwanovel, the things that separated us from the rest of the VN community have begun to slowly crumble away. There is more mean spirit here, more rudeness, and just more of a 4chan-esque environment. The group of people I used to talk to all the time is mostly gone now. I still enjoy talking to you guys, but I find myself feeling less enthusiastic about the place than before. Perhaps what Fuwanovel is has become diluted with more members. Perhaps its just growing pains. Maybe we've grown big enough to drag some of you guys out from the dark places of the internet. (As yusa used to say, "I'll reform you"). I still enjoy this place. And I don't hate anyone here. I just wanted to put out there what I couldn't really put out there when I was staff. I want this place to remain friendly, towards everyone, and I want everyone to be treated with respect, like we had just 4 or 5 months ago. My year here has been enjoyable, and I'll continue hanging around because visual novels. So this is a request from me to everyone here: Lets make this place more of a friendly place and respect everyone. Staff respect the members, members respect the staff, staff respect staff, members respect members. I've made my share of mistakes on this, and I want to correct them. I want Fuwanovel to be the place it was a year ago. I want it to be the friendliest place on the internet again.
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