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  1. Hello everyone, I just wanted to announce a project, Which I have been developing for 2 weeks, Is Danganronpa if. From light novel to visual novel. And release chapter 1. but it's in Spanish. The language of my country In any case I need help. Add English language I use the renpy engine Yes, I know, I need to correct mistakes. And if possible others add other languages. thanks for your attention.
  2. SYNOPSIS With only one week to complete an important project, you help Natalie manage her busy schedule and decide which activities to prioritize and sacrifice. INFO "Natalie" is a short story with multiple endings. The choices you make directly affects the outcome of the story. Please consider providing a critique if you play the game. Thanks! Download from itch.io PREVIEW PROGRESS Complete, but updates will be made if necessary PROJECT PAGE/DOWNLOAD https://kenibatz.itch.io/natalie
  3. Well, hello there minna, i am...oh please, everyone know about me, the shity tsundere who always brags about his favourite show and has a big urobuchi fetish. Well, what do you have to expect from this shitty fanfiction? Cringy english, poorly done fights, non-existant drama, shitty romance and a ton of stupid memes, i don't even know why am i doing this, but guess i have to do it. And, of course, please correct me if my english is terrible (it is, there's no if) (Really, feel free to give me any criticism, i need that in order to improve my english) Prologue : the epitome of the genesis. Typical japanese street, Akihabara, 26 Mars 2017 The sun was bright, too bright for my NEET eyes, the air is cold, too cold for my NEET skin and the streets are crowded, too crowded for my NEET mind...And here i am, in Akiba, the anime mecca, the holy land of the perverts, the sacred ground of the eroge and... ??? :Oi oi, gaijin-san, why the fuck are you standing like this? is that a gaijin tradition or what? I got suddenly interrupted by mister Takao. I know it sounds weird, but he's actually my japanese pen pal, i just recently got to meet him, and since i discovered he was also an otaku, it was even easier for me to talk to him, i mean, it's been only 3 days since i got my vacations for Japan, and i'm already hanging out with a bunch of japanese dudes. Gaijin-san : You can speak with yourself Mister Takao, it was just thinking about...stuff, stranger stuff as you may think, you know, i'm not really a NEET, i do have a job and all, but i prefer to drow myself into otaku stuff and all. Japanese dude A : Hahaha Takao-kun, your gaijin-san friend is kinda right, i never expected to meet a gaijin so open about otakuness. Japanese dude B : haven't you heard about the new big eroge? with lot of bishoujo and cute traps? Takao : you may be the only one here into cute traps, i mean, what are you, gay? Gaijin-san : nah, i don't think traps are gay, since they are girly and all. And we continued, laughing and talking about stupid shit and anime...everywhere on screens, you could see the new Berserk anime made by Ufotable, new ads for some weird eroge as well as ads for creepy maid café...on the streets, you could see some Jietai patrols, equiped with modern, but they completely feel normal, compared to the HUGE amount of cosplayers roaming the streets, cosplay of every thing, from lusty maids to some crazy characters. In short, Akiba was a heaven for me...if only, it didn't happen, my biggest fear... Takao : Eh, why did the sky suddenly turn dark? Gaijin-san : what do you...what... In one instant, the whole scenery changed, the peaceful akiba turned into hell, as the sky darkened, multiple....things fell to the ground, struck to towers, buildings or even the streets, the debris fell over us, and...nearly killed us. Gaijin-san : guys! we must get the fuck out of here, run to the metro station! Now! But as i was yelling, one of the things well on our position, crushing the ribs of one of Takao's friend...it took us a whole minute to awake again...unfortunately, one of us didn't make it. Takao: Kuso kuso kuso! what do we do now?! what the hell is happening here! We didn't even have the time to think of something, a ship approached us...no doubt was possible. Gaijin-san : Aliens...FOLLOW ME! WE must get the fuck out of here! ..... Meanwhile. TV Journalist : as we speak now, the same scenes repeating everywhere, Paris, London, Tokyo, New York and many, many other big towns were assaulted in the same way, what was first mistaken as an meteor shower was, in fact, and trust me, this is not a joke, an Alien invasion, one of our journalist caugh the picture of one of these...things...before he got killed and.. the TV got interrupted and, a blurred face appeared...the counsilman, why am i not surprised. Counsilman : Hello comma...eh wait, you're not the Commander...thanks to you i look like a stupid guy, get me your commander, now. ???: We still have no information regarding the commander, sir, it's his holiday and. Counsilman : Wait, didn't he tell you? he's in Japan and...oh...ok, i'll tell them. Change of plan mysterious soldier, the UN has activated the FuwaCOM cell, unfortunately, your commander is missing. As the Counsilman continue to speak, another guy entered the room, it was C.O Bradley, he's in charge of the logistic and supplying the field units with intel and orders, his nickname was Texas Dice, a rather weird nickname in my opinion. Bradley : Oh sorry lieutenant Tsundere, didn't knew you were with the super secret counsil everyone on the base knows his existence. Counsilman : Mh...seriously, why such people are our only chance?...speak, mister Bradley, why are you even here. Bradley : We got a transmission from the commander...he's being under assault by the aliens, he's in Japan, i tried to pinpoint his position, he's near the Akihabara trainstation...why the fuck is he so fond of trains?..oh, and he asked Tsundere to lead the recovery team, so...good luck Lieutenant. Tsundere : You know, i have a name, my name is Christina, not Tsundere!...Oh sorry Counsilman, but we have to recover our commander, i think it's the right course of action, you agree? Counsilman : You could go fuck yourself, i don't care anymore...just go recover the Commander, i'll talk with him about the future operations, Dismiss! We had no time to lose, i ran as fast as i could to the armory, the mission was vital, if we dont recover our rightful leader, we'll lose the war...it's your fault, stupid otaku! As i arrived to the armory, only 3 soldiers were here: The first of them, a tall slavic guy, with long white hairs, a big scar on his left cheek, and an adidas-inspired strips on his armor, a sniper rifle -the PGM Hecate II, with the inscriptions "Vodka for life", his name : Corporal Vlad "Voko" Brejnev, a fine soldier from the czech army, even if he's...rather lunatic, and mostly speak with dank memes. The second soldier, a bit shorter, with a brown skin, black hairs and a juvenile, beardless face, his name : Ahmed "HuMaN" Iskander, a Palestinian soldier under the Jordanese army...with an israeli flag...yeh, the flag was my idea, i wanted to mess up with him, if you've seen his face, magad it was funny. It's a tradition to do a bit of tease with new soldiers, and he wasn't the exception to the rule. He was our demolition experts, always carrying a standard FuwaCOM assault rifle and X-04 explosives. And Finally, the last of them, a rather generic size(But a very big..."size" i can tell you), with anime-esque blue hairs, a rather generic brown skin, he is...oh, right, i remember now, Lance-Corporal Noel "Big Gun" Ferrara, a proud portuguese special forces member, bearing a big ass minigun ...i'll have to deal with that grotesque team. Oh, who am i? Lieutenant Christina "Tsundere" LaRoche, even if i'm not a tsundere. I used to work for GIGN, and got promoted to this...ultra secret anti-alien project, FuwaCOM, our objective is to assure planetary defence, we're the first...and the last line of survival, if we do not save our leader, the world is doomed, with that in mind, i had only one order to give them. -soldiers! we are humanity's last hope...let's save our Commander! And this is the story of how humanity's trash dealt with the biggest threat even faced by earth since Donald Trump's Election. END ....I'm sorry, sorry!
  4. HQ and Finished Banner Coming Soon! Hello, everyone! One of our fans mentioned he posted on this site and told me about it and I'm super happy to see how much support FuwaNovel offers for OELVNs! I suppose I should tell you a bit about the game. ZodiaX is in extremely early development. Currently, the game is targeted towards Yaoi audiences, though when we finally begin a KS, we plan to add a funding goal that, if met, will allow us to use a female character as the main protagonist. Ah also! The banner above is just our first designs of our characters. Already they're all going through changes; just wanted to give you guys a bit of an idea as to our very rough sketches. You can find all of our currently released characters, as well as their bios on our TUMBLR CHARACTER PAGE. FEATURES:: • 12 Romantic Pairings to Choose From! • 3 Routes for each Character! Some Romantic, some Lust-filled, and some Violent. • Over 36 Different Endings! Good, Neutral, and Bad for each character. • High-Def Still CGs! • CG Gallery & Scene Replay! • Gorgeous Original Character Models, Backgrounds, and Soundtrack! • Expansive Decision Making. • Your Choices Determine Relationship Status, Dialogue, Consequences, and the Outcome of the Main Story! We also hope to have partial or full voice acting for the game, but that's something we plan to address when we're closer to release. PLOT:: Your choices will play an absolutely integral role in the story. This game is a huge undertaking, and as there are over 36 different endings, we want to make each route as different as possible, so there's little to no repetition. We want to keep the replay value high, and offer our players the most interaction possible between characters. There will be an in-game meter that will keep track of your relationship status with each character, whether negative or positive. Each choice you make will cause that meter to rise or fall, depending on said character's preferences and feelings towards Aster. ZodiaX will have many different branches, and each character's route will intertwine with one to three others, so that the player gets to see different sides and facets of each character depending on who they choose to pursue. Not only will players make romantic choices, but they'll also be making big decisions that affect the world around them. Do you save a little boy, and let Voidwalkers destroy and kill a family-run shop? Do you sacrifice one of your friends to keep the Barrier up and Elune safe? Do you side with the Company and figure the world needs a reset, or do you simply choose to wash your hands of your hometown and run away with your lover? With a myriad of different decisions, we want to keep our players as engaged as possible. TIMEFRAME:: We estimate that making enough content for a demo will take 4 - 6 months, which is when we'lll begin a CrowdFunding campaign, and the full game [ seeing as how huge it is ] should be in early Beta within 12 - 16 months. ZodiaX was created by Noxius and Binary. The idea was formed in mid 2015, and they officially began working on the project in August of this year. They both came up with the concept, characters, and story. All art, music, and other media belongs to their respective artists and ZodiaX. We will be needing people to help spread the word, as well as Beta testers to give us feedback. Character Art:: Noxius Programmer / Social Media:: Binary Background Art:: Spocar Original Soundtrack:: Glitch Nix Seeing as how I'll be the one doing most of the talking, I'm pleased to meet you all! Feel free to call me Binary or 001. Right now, we're looking for people to help us spread the word about the game, as well as those familiar with Unity, and people who are interested to do a test-run on our early Alpha when it's available. Obviously, people who help us will be given lots of goodies~ I. Is the art style appealing? As a VN, our game will ride primarily on the quality / style of our work. II. How do you feel about the story? We get that the whole 'mysterious company' crap has been done before. Cliche? Could it work with a spin? Should we rework that part of the concept entirely? III. 12 characters. It's a lot. Do you think this is a good or a bad thing? How can we be sure to make each interesting? We plan to put in the same amount of time and effort into each route, but aside from that? IV. What do you think of the world building / story setting? We want the game to have an eerie feel to it the majority of the time as the Void creeps slowly closer to Elune. V. Have any general thoughts / questions? We'd be happy to answer and converse with you! We mostly update everything through our TUMBLR. Links to our Twitter, FB, and Instagram can be found there as well. Currently, we're looking for people to give us their opinions and thoughts on the game, as well as to connect with other indie developers who create OELVNs! We hope to be a huge part of the Fuwa community, and sincerely look forward to it! -- Binary, Co-Creator / Writer / Programmer
  5. Elsewhere High - Chapter 1 Welcome to Elsewhere High, "a school for exceptional children." In this visual novel, players are able to immerse themselves in the world of the outcast. Each student at Elsewhere High has fallen short of expectations at their original high school; they've flunked out, skipped class, wrote threatening notes, or grew to be a reprehensible bully. The only prerequisite to admission is failure. Friendships spawn, and feuds arise, but amidst the teen drama and angst it quickly becomes clear that Elsewhere is much, much more than it seems. Chapter one is the first chapter in a planned multi-chapter series that is releasing absolutely free of charge. Subsequent chapters will be sold at a small cost. Main Characters: And here's some screen shots just for fun! Elsewhere High is also running a Greenlight campaign over on Steam! If you'd like to support this project, please consider giving it an upvote on Greenlight. You can reach it's page here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=782686123 The first chapter will take fast readers about an hour to complete, and slow readers upward of two hours. The novel is mostly kinetic: it offers the reader choices in dialogue and optional scenes, but ultimately will lead all readers to the same place. So, with all of that said, if you'd like to check out the first chapter of Elsewhere High, here is a link to the download page hosted at itch.io! https://penholder.itch.io/elsewhere-high-chapter-1-a-visual-novel-
  6. Hi! Recently I have been creating a new world to set stories in. I am creating a series of shorter games and comics exploring this world. While I am not completely done, I feel as though your feedback would be very much welcome. I want to include you peeps in the development process. What is it? Rooted follows a town built on top of a giant creature wandering through the world. The town is mostly self sufficient - they grow crops and trees on the creature, harvest the giant fur to sew clothes and other materials, and mine the horns of the creature to create more sturdy things such as weapons and foundations. Every once in a while, the creature ceases its endless trot to slumber. For a short while, the giantfolk can visit the ground to trade and mingle before the creature wakes up. To the people living on the creature there are two worlds. The familiar and constant soft and furry world of the town set in the fur of the creature, and the ever changing, moving world of the ground. The world of the ground is always different , forever changing as the creature continues walking onwards. The creature folk are forever moving this way, but also forever rooted to the creature. Intent I want to explore how life on the creature is. To explore their world and use that in context of my own worldview to gain a better understanding of myself. Does the townfolk ever feel trapped? Do their youth run away to the unknown ground world? Does the town traditionally reproduce with people from the ground world to increase their gene pool? What does the ground world think of the creature? What if a city is trampled down, does people get angry and what do they do about it? What happens when they meet another creature with a townt? What if their giant is a predator, for example a spider? Those are some potential plotlines set in this world. For now I am still creating the world and establishing just how it works though! View from a small settlement on the edge of the giant. What do you want from me? I am involving you in the development of Rooted, if you would like to! Here is how it works; Every week or every other week, I will post a new update on the project. I will give you guys a script, a comic, a prototype or simply some artwork. In the same run, I will provide a feedback form, you will hopefully give feedback, and based on your feedback I will pivot accordingly! While I have a vision, I believe it is important to listen to your audience and iterate from there. If you’re into it, I would love to take your opinion into consideration. Okay, let me join! You can leave some feedback and sign up as a tester here - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfs_tElhyRJ2VJ0tuiVjBKdcRynAH2Zihld8DfQm_xjpVZe9Q/viewform Who are you? My name is Sebastian Larsson. I am a game design student from Sweden. I am into creating things ranging from games, to comics, to stories. I have been working on Rooted independently for the past couple of weeks. You can follow the development of Rooted here - http://rootedstory.tumblr.com/ ..or hit up my twitter here https://twitter.com/Mnniska Thanks a ton for reading, let me know what you think :)
  7. A thriller-themed story driven linear visual novel with some gameplay elements allowing you to interact freely with characters, clues and locations to offer a deepest comprehension of the story. Due to the story structure, it's nigh impossible to tell the story without spoilers, hence for now only a small "outline" can be shared : The hero is Susumu Tokunaga, a substitute teacher back to his hometown for what might be his final course as he becomes unwilingly involved in a series of dissapearances and grisly murders. Story-driven Linear Visual Novel. Original 3 acts story divided into 7 chapters. Over 40 characters (with a total of 400 facial expressions). 1 good ending, 4 bad endings. Investigation minigames. Photo Minigame based on The Idolmaster Gravure For You!. 5 to 8 hours to beat. 70 000 words. 200 high-quality backgrounds. 40 music tracks. English and French language. Screenshots Gameplay : Analyzing clues : Suspects Interrogation : CG : CG : Game status : 100% QA : 25% English translation : 32% Steam Greenlit Youtube channel
  8. Tears Yggdrasil Windows 1.0 Description Our story revolves around our protagonist Yamakazi Kusanagi, an ordinary boy whose life was dramatically altered upon waking up in Alfheim, the land of elves, after a colossal Earthquake. Upon arriving in this magical land, our protagonist strives to find out if there are any connections between a phenomenon in Alfheim known as the universal tremor and the earthquakes back home while attempting to stay alive and discover who is trying to assassinate the princess of Alfheim and usurp the throne. Or perhaps, he has intimate connections with the very mysteries of the world itself... Features Tears of Yggdrasil is a fantasy themed, slice of life Visual Novel with a some elements of dating-sim and of course some echi and fanservice. It is fully voiced and extensively interactive! Each path you take will get you to a unique ending.– A unique story with unique plot. 1. Full Voice Acting 2. Original Soundtrack 3. High Quality Artwork 4. Full HD 1080p 5. Fluid Gameplay 7. Every Choice you make has impact on the story 8. Multiple Unique Endings 9. Music Gallery 10. CG Gallery 11. Scene Gallery( aka scene replay gallery) Artwork Characters Yamakazi Kusanagi While he's a lazy ass pervert who dreams of having a harem of girls at his feet, Kusanagi has a surprisingly kind hearted side. When he sees someone in trouble, he feels compelled to help them whether they be a family member, close friend or even a stranger. He started practicing jujutsu(an old kind of martial art) and kendo together with his childhood friend Kogara Sachi at the age of five, but stopped after breaking a bully's arm in a fit of rage. Besides his fruitless dreams of having his own harem, all he wants to do is become a NEET/hikikomori. It is not to be though, as Sachi has made a habit of waking him up and dragging him off to school whether he likes it or not. Kusanagi can be a charming, intelligent man when he has to, and knows how to carry himself in a fight whether it be fought with the sword, shinai, or his fists alone. Kogara Sachi Sachi is Kusanagi’s childhood friend since she was five, when Kusanagi saved her from a pack of stray dogs (which she believed to be wolves.) From then, she has helped him with everything from preparing his daily meals to helping him study. They both started martial arts around the same age, a sport that fostered their friendship and rivalry. Alvaerele Ikeshia Ikeshia the elven princess of Alfheim, who after the death of her brother she was declared the next heir to the throne by her father. She is very cold in nature and trusts no one else other than her father and her maid Elisven. Elisven Elisven is a maid at the elven palace (and Princess Ikeshia’s personal and most trusted maid, despite being somewhat awkward.) Due to her more darker skin tone, she has always been seen as a spy of the dark elves; thus, she has always been bullied and persecuted while growing up. Even now, after many years in service to Princess, she is often threatened and sometimes beaten by prejudiced individuals who still believes she’s only a spy. She is extremely loyal and feels indebted to the princess for seeing what she truly is beyond her physical appearance. Tears of Yggdrasil Staff Main Staff: MoonStar and Mafuda Artists: Character Design: pinguin-kotak Backgrounds: Uncle Mugen and Aswaforce. CG: Artemisumi Logo: LucaMadison GUI: Aleema Writers: Writer: MoonStar Voice Actors Scripter: Marisa Lenti and MoonStar. Music: Composer: Florenz Dominic Sison and N.H.C Voice Cast: Yamakazi Kusanagi: Matthew Curtis ( En-Vision America; The Adventures of Lord Dinby, Duke of Space!; Conquest of Champions; LEGO Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.) Kogara Sachi: Helen Ni Alvaerele Ikeshia: Marisa Lenti (Hasbro/Playdate Digital: My Little Pony: Twilight's Kingdom App: Princess Celestia & Cadance; ScrewAttack: DEATH BATTLE!: Noin; MirageV: Sacred Earth: Promise: Relima; A Wolf's Tale: Lina; The Mouth: Dragon , Libra & Eclipse Libra Fairy Tail(Funimation dub)) Elisven: Adoxographist Please feel free to provide any feedback you may have! What im looking for so far is feedback critic preferably honest cruel and honest opinions with arguments why you think that. http://strawpoll.me/3069411 https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/BZVH3GY Follow the development of the story here :yggdrasil.vnovel.com/ Also Like; Rate and Follow us on Indie DB: www.indiedb.com/games/TOY Facebook: www.facebook.com/YggdrasilVN Twitter: twitter.com/YggdrasilVN/ Patreon
  9. Hey there! I am super new to VNs but as soon as I discovered them I knew that I needed to create one of my own. It has been months in the making but I am finally ready to announce my VN. It is called Elsewhere High and chapter 1 is coming out very soon (no firm release date yet.) The first chapter is actually going to be released for free, with subsequent chapters being sold for a small cost. It will be released on Android devices through Google Play, and on PC and Mac through itch.io. I put together a small trailer for the first chapter and will post it here. I don't want to give away too much about the plot, but I'm sure I will answer any general questions if any get left in the comments. Let me know if there's any specific information that I should include/release in anticipation for the launch as I am quite new to all of this. Thanks so much for taking time to read this and have a good one. Trailer:
  10. Along the Edge is a visual novel set in the European countryside, where your choices impact the main character's personality and appearance. Story: Daphné is at a dead-end. She's unsatisfied by her personal and professional life. So, when she inherits an old family house in a remote part of the country, she jumps at the opportunity to start anew. Does she decide to embrace her legacy or does she hang on to her old way of life? Along the Edge is developed by a small team located at Bordeaux (France). It's our second narrative project, and our first one for desktop computers. Here's a link to our website: http://alongtheedge-game.com/ Trailer: Progress: Finished. Available on itch.io: https://nova-box.itch.io/alongtheedge Now available on Steam : http://store.steampowered.com/app/504390/
  11. Story Premise Become Aurelia, a rare winged Sylph of Avalon who makes her living as an information broker in the red light district of Yoru. Despite Aurelia’s job, she prefers to live life as peacefully as possible— unless there’s an adventure involved. In her past lies many exploits, some so old they’re nearly forgotten, and some so fresh she can still feel the chills. But there’s one Aurelia cannot forget. One that has come back to haunt her. In the dark depths of the mythical ruins of Atlantis, Aurelia and her best friend—known as the “Pirate Queen” Pax—searched for both knowledge and treasure. But when Aurelia unleashed something far beyond their realm of comprehension, the two barely managed to escape with their lives. When Pax one day comes crashing through Aurelia’s window, only managing to whisper “...that thing...it’s back”, it’s with a resigned and grim determination that she takes on the task of correcting her mistake from the past. Having to choose between having the world obliterated or attempting to save it at the cost of their own lives, the two gather up an assortment of some of the most dangerous people in Yoru. It’s together with these men that they set off to try and stop the ancient and immensely powerful threat. But how do mortals even begin to stop a power that presides over all creation? How can mere mortals stop the power of Chaos? About the Project Mystic Destinies: Echoes is our second planned game, focusing on the antagonists of MDSOA and a new protagonist. This game is planned to be a dark epic that will explore mature themes. Since we have already reached our main Kickstarter goal for the Deluxe version of MDSOA we are now trying to reach the stretch goal for Echoes. If you like what you see for Echoes please consider helping us out by pledging on our Kickstarter! Mystic Destinies: Serendipity of Aeons is an ongoing otome visual novel that has been in development for over a year. To date, three routes have been released that are over 5+ hours each and completely stand alone as separate games. Due to the large scope of our project, we're running low on funding to finish the last two routes in the way we want to and would also like to add extra features and content to flesh out the game. You can try the first three chapters of each available route on Steam. The Team Gesso - Lead Artist/Graphic Designer Xelestial - Leader/Scriptwriter/Editor - [Fuwa] Stormvalkyrie - Lead Creative Writer/Scriptwriter - [Fuwa] Social Media You can find us at: Website || Tumblr || Twitter || Facebook || Patreon Support us on Kickstarter here! If you're interested MDSOA, you can find it here!
  12. When you're the only one who remembers... can you trust your own memories? You have been told not to ask questions. Working in isolation, this has never been a problem. That is until you develop an unlikely friendship with a fellow employee, who breaks protocol to talk to you. When that person then disappears without a trace, and no one but you has any memory of their existence, you are forced to search for answers. The others tell you that you must be mistaken, that you are confused, that the isolation has started to get to you. They may be right. You think you might be losing your mind. But I know more about you than you realize...and I know you'll come looking for me. Project Breach is a non-linear adventure/visual novel, currently in development for PC first. Key focus is placed on story, characters, problem solving, and making choices that matter. Project Breach features • a deep storyline with mature themes, and a thrilling mystery at its heart. • multiple plot threads, with multiple endings. • a dynamic dialogue system, with varied and optional paths and fully voiced characters. • a seamless experience, weaving story, problem solving, and cinematic moments together, without having isolated sections for each. Greetings everyone, we are Eastwatch studio. Project Breach is our first title, and is truly a passion project. Our goal is to create something with high production value, and deliver an unforgettable story. As of now we are still early stage, though much of the foundation is in place. The overall story is complete, with the first few chapters completely written. While influences are many, the Zero Escape series is a prime inspiration in terms of storytelling and utilizing the medium. In terms of the art style for Project Breach, inspiration was drawn from cg films from the mid 2000s(such as appleseed ex machina), a style you don't see much of anymore, but we love. Much effort is being put into the development of the environments, making them feel alive and atmospheric. The intent is to build things in a way that when there is a cut to cinematic, it blends seamlessly and doesn't feel disjointed. In Project Breach, you can expect a lengthy, winding thriller mystery, with rich characters and choices that directly effect the story. Thanks for checking out Project Breach, we'll have more to share soon! The official website and cg trailer are just around the corner, so please look out for that. We're very excited for everyone to see more! We invite you to come check out our facebook page for up to date developments. Also if any are interested, I'll be posting some high res shots throughout development on my personal deviantart page, MisterJL (that's me!), where you are also welcome. Official website - http://www.projectbreach.com
  13. “...A world is supported by four things...the learning of the wise, the justice of the great, the prayers of the righteous and the valor of the brave. But all of these are as nothing without a ruler who knows the art of ruling.” - Frank Herbert When your brother, the King, is killed in an ongoing war with the neighboring country of Tawar, you are named next in line for the throne. No one said wearing a crown would be easy, however. It will take all of your charm, cunning, and strength as a ruler to keep it. There is also the small matter of your suitors... ... An elegant former tutor who seems a little too determined to hold you at arms length, a tempestuous lord whose bid for your hand could decide the fate of the kingdom, and even a surprisingly witty ambassador from the very country you are at war with... Settle the conflict in your kingdom and decide who - if anyone - will be at your side when it ends. Play the official Queen's Crown demo HERE. If you enjoy it, please consider supporting us on Kickstarter and give us an upvote on Steam Greenlight! Nameable, customizable protagonist whose personality is determined completely by you! A stat-building system made up of 3 different stats: Intelligence, Strength, and Charisma Opportunities to build stats manually as well as in casual conversation for heightened role-playing potential! 4 romanceable characters with routes that branch heavily depending on your choices, plus a mini route for any yuri fans! About 30 different endings An estimated 200,000 words of content World-building out the wazoo! Agashi - Project Lead, Creator, and Writer Nero279 - Sprite Artist Saitoki1582 - Secondary Sprite Artist Harliqueen - Graphic Designer ShojiAmasawa - Logo Designer LadyofGatsby - GUI Artist Lady_Luck94 - Character Concept Artist Noyemi K - Composer Barzini - PR and Marketing Atomic-Invasion - Promotional Artist Bonesy - Programmer UPDATED - 09/06/16 DEMO COMPLETE! Only 5 days left in our Kickstarter campaign, and then we'll hit the ground running! If you'd like to follow our progress more closely, we are on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr! Thanks all!
  14. Project Introduction Hello everyone. As you can see by looking to the side, my name is Lavinder. As head of the Saturday Crush Productions, I woud personally like to present our first project "Midsummer Daydream" Visual Novel information Midsummer Daydream is an Otome Eroge visual novel, which promises a refreshingly modern take on romance. The player will fill the shows of our heroine, Yumiko Shirayuki, a recent college graduate who's life is turned upside-down over the course of one eventful summer. Navigate Yumiko through the unique ups and downs that come with open relationships. Midsummer Daydream seeks to break the mold of romance storytelling with it's organic, character-driven conflict. I am very passionate about telling this story using the medium ov visual novels, and Im confident that you the plsyer will enjoy yourself from start to finish. About Us Saturday Crush is a team of like-minded visual novel fans. We were brought together by our shared experiences in developing our own visual novels, and the failiures we've experienced going it solo. It was this commonality that brought us together that brought us together. Together we will see eachother through to success where we once failed indevidually, and we are confident that Midsummer Daydream will be the first of many fine stories told by Saturday crish Our staff consists of: Myself: As the ambiguous leader, my primary responsibilities are that of resource management and allocation of talent. As well, I am one of Saturday Crush's two artists, and programmers. I will dealprimerily in character and CG assets, but offer a wellrounded skillset that fills any role nessecary. Bluebolt: Saturday Crush's second artist, lending his talents to set design. His unique pallets and lush enviormental designs will bring our world to life Snailmusk: Saturday Crush's primary writer. His unique litterary style will be breathing life into our characters and make you feel things you didnt know possible. Sagic: Saturday Crush's eccentric composer. A passionate musician who has been a godsend to us. I'm certain his soulful scores with really take us to the next level. Wolfscythe: Rounds out the team as our general affairs manager and head of project planning. Hes an everyman similar to me who can help out wherever needed, but primarily serves to keep everyone on task and on time. Always pays to have a strict one jn the group. Progress: Ideation: 90% - Midsummer Dayream is pretty much planned out from start to finish. All of our broad strokes are in place. FULL STEAM AHEAD!! Audio Assets: 40% - Sagic has been kicking ass on our soundtrack. It's amazing how much free time students have this time of year. Brings back fond memories Xp Visual Assets: 5% - Rough designs are finalized and in place. Work on animated sprites has begun. Script: 12% - Common Route and all special routes completely outlined. Common route final script started. Programming: 0% - 0 is typically self-explanitory Misc: 0% - playable demo planned. In Closing: Thank you for taking the time to read all of this. It really means a lot to me and all of us at Saturday Crush. We look forward to crafting a story you can enjoy. If you have anything you want to ask or just want to show your support, we would love to hear from you right here on this thread.
  15. Hello everyone, I want to make a visual novel with branching stories and a lot of choices with many endings. But Art style hinder me. What kind of art style most people like? Is it Japan anime style or Western style? Which one do you like from the picture under this text? And which kind of story people will like the most? Does Romance visual novel is too mainstream? I have plan for 1. Fantasy Romance, 2. Crime/Supernatural/Romance, 3.Horror/Thriller/Romance, 4.Romance/Drama and 5.Romance/Comedy. Please help me guys~ Thank you so much!
  16. I am in a library. That's good. My name is Ordell Harrison and I am good at libraries. I'm not very good at anything else. Talk to me - kickstarter campaign About the story we want to tell: Due to a recent tragedy in Ordell's life he fell to the "emotional bottom" and he needs help, your help! It's up to you to help him on his journey through life and maybe even find the love of his love. Or maybe not. Main characters: Evan Park Evan is the librarian.He is one of Ordell’s only friends in town. He’s mostly really nice, and everyone likes him, but even Evan has his secrets… Jasmin Rosales Jasmin is a bartender at the Lucky Lounge. Some people would say she’s pretty shy, but mostly she’s just really exhausted. She works a lot. So you better be interesting if you want her to spend any of her precious time talking to you. Summer Holiday Summer is an event planner. Fun and bubbly, her fun demeanor usually makes people forget that Summer is one of the most ambitious driven people out there, despite her complicated past. Liberty Lee Liberty is a PhD candidate in physics. She’s kind of shy and very career driven, but super smart and hilarious, just when she’s not studying. Alayna Lott Alayna is a park warden. She’s a current biology student and she spends her free-time lobbying for endangered species, trying to get people to clean after themselves instead of littering, hanging out with Evan and defying expectations. Side characters: Sylvian Sylvian is Ordell's best friend. Ordell's a bit jealous of him, because he seems to have his life completely together. But Syl really worries about him... Rhiannon Rhiannon used to be an important person in Ordell's life, before everything went to hell. She doesn't like him at all, but it's not like she speaks to him, so he can't ask her why Key game features: • Over 85k words of interactive fiction. The game can be completed in one sitting, but can also be saved for your convenience. One full playthrough should take anything from 2 up to 4 hours • • Nearly 600 unique encounters. Different encounters will be available to you depending on the choices that you make • • 20 different outcomes See how your choices have affected Ordell's life • • Extensive cast of characters • • Full HD resolution • • 20+ CG's • Music sneak-peek music Credits: Editor: Dubisek Programming: I.G Writer: L. M. Langley Character artist: fmjaye Background artist: Sigma.pibond Music: Fluffyrobotdog, jimmy changa Gif Screenshots:
  17. Released: can be found here https://store.steampowered.com/app/568770/Cinderella_Phenomenon__OtomeVisual_Novel/ g g Hi everyone! Kooriiko here, the founder of DICESUKI (previously known as DICE and creator of Locked Heart). I am proud to present to you our second game! We've been working so hard on this game ever since Locked Heart was released. The GUI is still not final and the screenshots posted are dummy ones, but otherwise, the overall design will be the same with some potentially minor changes. There are a total of 10+ side characters throughout the game, all with their own unique backstories. You can find more about them once our website for Cinderella Phenomenon is up. Like Locked Heart, we are planning to make this FREE to play. But we are planning on doing a kickstarter to get our funds back because of irl responsibilities. QUESTIONS: 1. What do you think of the plot? Does it interest you? 2. How about the art? Has it improved since Locked Heart? 3. Which route will you pursue first? Any favorite character(s) so far? 4. Do you have any questions? Critiques? Feedback? More updates will be posted on: Facebook: Facebook Page Tumblr: Tumblr We'd really appreciate you following us there as well. Thank you so much for reading!
  18. A murder is committed in a secluded mansion, and it's up to you to solve it. Triple M is a visual novel murder mystery. The story takes place at a secluded mansion estate, where a gruesome murder unfolds and everyone is a suspect. It's up to you to unmask the true killer. Interrogate the other characters, investigate the environment for clues, and form your own conclusions about the evening's mysterious events. Your fate rests upon your deductive skills. You can accuse anyone. You might send a killer to justice. You might condemn an innocent person. Or you just might take the blame yourself. Highlights A cast of unique and unforgettable characters Multiple endings based on your choices and logic Optional timed mode for a psychologically tense mystery experience Compelling anime-style character art Detailed clickable backgrounds that can be searched for clues Full voice acting throughout the game Vote for us on Greenlight! Try out our demo! Then answer our and survey and tell us who you think the killer is Triple M will be released Q3 2016 for Windows, Mac and Linux. The game will be in English, and if there is enough interest, it will be made available in French as well. We're the Foolish Mortals, a small indie team based in the flat and desolate wastes of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Read more about the game and us here: http://www.foolish-mortals.net/triple-m
  19. Kickstarter Link:https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1803745874/reach-for-the-stars-a-yuri-visual-novel (please support us if you can) On Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=700725357 Story Summary-After a near suicide attempt, Abby returns to her old home town in order to heal the inner wounds of her past. When arriving back to Belmont she makes quick friends with a group of girls who all appear to have what she doesn’t; true happiness. But on her way to recovery Abby will find that no one has an easy life and in order to progress past the pain they must learn to face their greatest fears and darker selves. Can she help them? Will she herself be able to forget her own trouble past? Or will she herself once again sink back into her depression? Help Abby get to know her new friends and maybe find something more. But be careful, even the happiest person holds a deep dark secret, a secret which will either break or make them stronger in the end. It's up to you to decide their's and Abby's fate. Characters Abby Our main character. She suffers from depression and has moved to Belmont with the hopes of recovering. Unfortunately her fears of the past have made her a bit skeptical with making new friends and being able to trust others. She's an overall kind girl, but at times her mouth gets the better of her. Her closest relationship is with Riko, who she admires greatly for being able to be herself and not worry of past mistakes. She is someone who deeply regrets her actions easily as well and is a bit apologetic whenever she does something wrong. As she grows though, Abby shows a more confident side and learns to trust others again. Has a love for food, video games, and writing fantasy stories. Kei A friendly yet sometimes overbearing girl who takes an interest in Abby the moment they meet. Due to her upbeat and energetic personality, Kei is well liked by many at school. However her ways can at times be a bit much for others, with some even calling her annoying. She is always positive though, something which contrasts Abby. Kei is also a bit on the lazy side however and isn't the most dependable person in the world. Her care for Abby though isn't a big mystery, they were once friends. What is the mystery is why the friendship broke and how a part of Kei feels like Abby deserted. Her dream is to leave Belmont and see the cities, maybe making into in the music career if she's lucky enough. Her route's theme is Trust. Chris Good friend of Kei though many wonder how polar opposites could ever get along. Unlike Kei, Chris is cold, serious, and a go getter, always trying to reach for the top. She has this desperate urge to fit in and gain the respect of those around her. Her perfectionism though can at times make her want to do rather impossible things, like doing an entire float by herself. Despite her attitude she is very dependable and smart, making her liked by many of her teachers. Sadly her home life isn't much to talk about and she is the black sheep of the family. She longs to find a place where she can be happy. Her route's theme is Growth. Yoko Yoko- A half Japanese and half american student who has a deep love for money. Like Kei, Yoko is popular at school but more for her looks and intelligence. She can be a friendly person, but she is also very competitive and at times looks down on others. She tries her best to earn the respect of others by using her brains and skills with business. Like her dad Yoko has a love for money and is very good at handling it. She also has pride in her family background and will not stand for anyone who says otherwise. Sadly, despite how things may seem, she isn’t the happiest person as her parents put much strain on her life to shape her in their image. Though money seems to be her only love, Yoko is secretly taking up a new hobby that she hides from many. Her route's theme is Acceptance Emily An underclassman who is often in the shadows. Emily has little care for most and often spends her time with her head in a book. To her life is more of a hellish reality while the world in her books is the ideal thing. Emily is cold, quiet, and a bit too honest. She isn’t afraid to express her feelings and it’s her brutal honesty that has made her target number one for her classmates. Still she isn’t the snow queen that everyone believes since she actually has deep love for her grandmother who is one of the few who understand her. Despite being mature for her age Emily has abandonment issues and can get easily attached to a person she cares deeply for in fear that they will leave her. In truth though Emily use to be a very friendly and happy girl but that all changed when she received the huge burn mark on the right side of her eye. Still maybe with the right group of people she will understand the true meaning of friendship and trust others again. Her route's theme is Change. Mara Mara - Best friend of Yoko. Similar to Yoko, Mara is from a rich family, but she is a someone who will be friends with anyone no matter who or what their family backgrounds are. She is a friendly and in a way motherly person who will try her best to care for others who need it. Sadly her compassion can often be taken advantage of given how gullible and naive she can be, which is why Yoko often has to take care of her seemingly clueless friend. Still Mara may not be as naive as some think and actually might be able to read people much more easily, which can either be a good or bad thing. Mara’s passions lie in acting and she is becoming a very talented actor. However with playing so many roles, one has to question her true personality. Riko Abby’s older sister. Riko has taken in Abby in order to help her little sis recover from the past. Unlike Abby, Riko is a friendly, positive and a bit cunning. She loves her sister deeply though sometimes her forceful ways make it hard for Abby to deal with her. In terms of hobbies, she aspires to be a painter and hopes to start commissioning, but until then she has to do a part time job in order to pay for food and other things. Though close with Abby, she hides certain secrets from her sister that she fears may trigger her traumas again Example of a CG Gameplay Reach for the Stars is planned to be a rather long visual novel. The player will first play the common route which not only introduces the characters, but also shows how each character will become friends with each other thanks to the Full Moon Festival, an event which happens every year in Belmont. The player will be given many choices in the common route and depending on your choices you will get one of the routes. Like the common route you will be given many choices in that said girl's route which will determine what ending you get. Note however that not all the choices are clear cut, so it'll take some serious thinking on some. This game will have it's light hearted moments, but also dramatic one. As it says it is a romance story, but the romance will not just come. In each route Abby will grow even closer with the girl and once their darker truths are known, will help them come to terms with their problems and vice versa. The romance does play a major role, but some may not be happy all the time I plan to make this game at the least 150,000 words with the hopes that I can deliver a fun and yet realistic story. The game will also be compatible for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Credits Infellune(Elle)- Creator, Head of team, Writer, and Coder. Aya https://twitter.com/creampette-Lead Artist dexter https://www.facebook.com/dexterneal64- CG artist LadyOfGatsby-GUI Artist (is on Lemmesoft) Paper Doors Studios https://twitter.com/ShojiAmasawa- Logo Trailer-sunrose (Lemmesoft)
  20. Released: can be found here https://store.steampowered.com/app/686760/Carpe_Diem_Reboot/ Hello everyone, Firstly, I want to say that I'm fairly new here so if there is anything I need to add, change or remove in this post, kindly let me know. Thank you for your consideration in advance! Backstory Last year, I attempted to make a short visual novel titled 'Carpe Diem' which I released on Steam for free. It was a small solo project I did for fun. It was more of a 'i-made-something' project that time and I really wasn't expecting much, but it surprisingly did pretty well. Until now, it sits at 91% positive feedbacks out of about 4k reviews, which for me is a pretty big deal. Over the past few months, I've gotten a lot of requests to make more of it. Inspired by these, I decided to give VN development another shot, thus the project I am currently working on which is the sequel. The following contents can be found on the Kickstarter page as well, but I'll try to expand a bit. Team Most of the negative reviews of Carpe Diem were about its assets (art, music, etc), which I admit are subpar since I'm not very good at making those. I want to overcome these shortcomings for the sequel, so I made a team and looked for people who can help me make a better product than the previous one. So far, I've found great people for my team: Editor: DJ Horn [he posts reviews on a certain blog site, and so far he's been a great help refining and polishing my narrations and dialogues] Programmer: Bonesy [he is a game developer himself but he's very proficient in Ren'Py] Sprite Artist: Sabie [DeviantArt] CG Artist: Thai Chau [DeviantArt] Backgroun Artist: Alexis [DeviantArt] Music Composer: Jonathan [he did soundtracks for indie games before but this is his first time composing for a VN] These are the positions essential for the current project. However, I'm also looking around for a web designer/developer who is interested to join the team (in case anyone here is interested). http://eyzi.xyz/images/moonlitstudios.png Information The sequel will still be coded with Ren'Py. I plan the story to be about 50k words long (around 3-5 hours gameplay) but seeing how I already have 8k words written down just for the introduction part, this number may increase. I'm also thinking of putting some mini-games relevant to the game but this will be discussed later on with the programmer once and if the kickstarter campaign turns out to be successful. The genre is Romance Drama, although there will be a lot of Comedy and Slice-of-Life elements throughout the story. Synopsis [Carpe Diem] What makes someone perfect? Experience this short bittersweet story in the shoes of the main character, Jung, where you will spend your time hanging out with a girl named Ai. Ai is everything Jung wishes for in a woman... except for one very important thing. A thing he prefers to disregard in order for them to have the best time of their lives. You have a day to enjoy your date and see the world from Jung's point-of-view. [Carpe Diem: Reboot] Jung's last date with Ai ended with a hard slap back to reality. Each day the two spend together is just one step closer to their inevitable fate. Ai doesn't have much time left. Even knowing this, Jung refuses to let her go and decides to stay by her side until the very end...Or at least that's what he planned. After receiving an unexpected letter from Ai about having to leave sooner than expected, Jung's life is turned upside down. Now, Jung must face a long road of loss and self-discovery as he attempts to reclaim the few pieces left of himself. [A special additional description about the story just for you, lovely people of FuwaNovel] The following is a major spoiler unless you've already seen the prequel. Characters **For voice samples of these characters, you can check it out on the Kickstarter page. Assets The following are asset samples that some team members provided: [Music] Check out the first music sample. The 'mystery theme' for the story. [Others] I also made a short pre-production trailer with the resources I have currently Unfortunately, these are the only samples I can ask from the team members right now but I assure you that, once funded, you will not be disappointed with the quality of the product. Links I would really appreciate your support to make this project come to life! Kickstarter Page Steam Greenlight If you have questions, comments, suggestions, objections, or violent reactions, I'd love to hear or answer them in this thread or via PM. Thank you and have a great day!
  21. VN Overview You may have heard the occasional theory of a potential catgirl 'dystopia' in a certain popular catgirl VN. (given that in a sense catgirls in that world could basically be seen as slaves). This visual novel will take that theory to a logical extreme in that sense. Catgirls will be used and abused negatively by humans and it will eventually turn into a rebellion/war started by those who want to fight for Catgirl rights. There will be a decent amount of realistic military action, the setting will take place in Japan (of course). At the moment, we're planning to have 3 routes. This VN at the moment is not going to have explicit H scenes. Current Project Team I'm currently the project manager of this whole VN We have the main writer who's written the major scenarios planned out, as well as a timeline (history wise) as well as a timeline that will be referred to for writing specific scenarios We have an editor who mostly reviews our scenario documents, records meetings when we have them and will likely be an editor of the VN when it's released We have a programmer who will be programming the VN through Renpy We have someone who will contribute to making music There are a few people who came up with the original idea of the VN and have helped make some character concepts. Current Progress At this point we have the major scenarios planned for this VN written out. We also have all the major characters' personalities and backstories written up in addition to a few secondary characters. We have Renpy set up and know some general ideas of how we're going to use it. Our next task, in addition to looking for art, is to start actually writing dialogue. Looking for Artist Right now, we're looking for an Artist. For the most part, we just want art that we think would be fitting for the setting and plot. That said, we're very open to artist interpretation and freedom. Our highest priority at the moment is looking for someone who can at least make art for our characters given their personalities and physical descriptions. Backgrounds would be nice too but since one of our teammates is currently living in Japan, he can easily take photos and blur them a bit. We have a Discord server where we keep all our documentation (we'd rather not show it publicly at the moment) so if/when an artist joins our group, we'd like for him/her to join the Discord server to read the documentation as well as post progress for us. If you know anyone who would be interested in being an artist for this VN project please reply to this project and PM me! If possible, we'd like you to show previous examples of art you made to see if it could be a good fit to hire you on."
  22. The White World [1.0] Hey there! GENERAL: We are an Israeli team that have been working on this visual novel for more than a year. The White World was a voluntary project that people worked on in their spare time, between studying and serving the country. It was a FREE ONLINE visual novel you can play in any device and any platform with a browser of the last decade. OFFLINE VERSION is the only option now! (still browser based.) This version was voluntarily translated so if you find typos or bugs - please report to me on a private message with the content of the message shown when pressing F2. DO MIND THIS: Granted we didn't make it very Japanese but Otaku references exist to expose and reflect it's genre. This is the very first version of the VN and so it is the result of the project as it ended. So indeed some things could go better but I can promise you we did it whole heartedly and with almost zero budget (the only budget went into hosting it). Still, please look at it as a finished product with it's own level of authenticity rather then some budgeted project. It is an indie project, and the first to have done that in our country and language. Hope you enjoy =) PLAY: >OFFLINE VERSION<
  23. I am in a library. That's good. My name is Ordell Harrison and I am good at libraries. I'm not very good at anything else. About the story we want to tell: Due to a recent tragedy in Ordell's life he fell to the "emotional bottom" and he needs help, your help! It's up to you to help him on his journey through life and maybe even find the love of his love. Or maybe not. Main characters: Evan Park Evan is the librarian.He is one of Ordell’s only friends in town. He’s mostly really nice, and everyone likes him, but even Evan has his secrets… Jasmin Rosales Jasmin is a bartender at the Lucky Lounge. Some people would say she’s pretty shy, but mostly she’s just really exhausted. She works a lot. So you better be interesting if you want her to spend any of her precious time talking to you. Summer Holiday Summer is an event planner. Fun and bubbly, her fun demeanor usually makes people forget that Summer is one of the most ambitious driven people out there, despite her complicated past. Liberty Lee Liberty is a PhD candidate in physics. She’s kind of shy and very career driven, but super smart and hilarious, just when she’s not studying. Alayna Lott Alayna is a park warden. She’s a current biology student and she spends her free-time lobbying for endangered species, trying to get people to clean after themselves instead of littering, hanging out with Evan and defying expectations. Side characters: Sylvian Sylvian is Ordell's best friend. Ordell's a bit jealous of him, because he seems to have his life completely together. But Syl really worries about him... Rhiannon Rhiannon used to be an important person in Ordell's life, before everything went to hell. She doesn't like him at all, but it's not like she speaks to him, so he can't ask her why Key game features: • Over 85k words of interactive fiction. The game can be completed in one sitting, but can also be saved for your convenience. One full playthrough should take anything from 2 up to 4 hours • • Nearly 600 unique encounters. Different encounters will be available to you depending on the choices that you make • • 20 different outcomes See how your choices have affected Ordell's life • • Extensive cast of characters • • Full HD resolution • • 20+ CG's • Few words and questions for you: We are happy and excited to announce our first game! We are currently working on a demo for our crowd funding campaign, which should come at the beginning of July, full release is then scheduled for November on steam. What is your first impression ? What do you think about the story/cast ? If you have any questions towards our project, we will be happy to answer that we can. Music sneak-peek music Credits: Editor: Dubisek Programming: I.G Writer: L. M. Langley Character artist: fmjaye Background artist: Sigma.pibond Music: Fluffyrobotdog, jimmy changa Gif Screenshots:
  24. «Eyes of Gods» is a dramatical visual novel with elements of mystery and cyberpunk which tells us about a struggle, uneasy choices and hope. The development of the storyline wholly depends on selections the player will make in the game. Support us on Steam GreenLight and Indiegogo! THE DEMO VERSION OF THE VISUAL NOVEL “EYES OF GODS” IS AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD! Demo-version (Windows) - http://www.mediafire.com/download/n4dyvt056njup11/Eyes_of_Gods-1.0-win.zip Demo-version (Mac) - http://www.mediafire.com/download/h80w5r3kjqbyyxj/Eyes_of_Gods-1.0-mac.zip Demo-version (Linux) - http://www.mediafire.com/download/lbi9xy44c4091oe/Eyes_of_Gods-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 Group Facebook: facebook.com/groups/eyesofgods/ Site: http://solarsidegames.com/ The plot People… In a rotten world where people forgot the definition of "humanity", two coalitions fight for power. One of them is the Order who keeps under its heel a puppet government and another one is the Alliance – a gang of yesterday’s bandits who decided to take power. What way to choose ? Who has truth behind him? Should one reject the old rules and rely on the ideas of the future ? The truth is to be looked for in the tricky tangles of people’s destinies, hopes and vicious desires. And what about gods ?... The Order uses the faith in them for its black deeds. And the main asset of the Order are no donations from millions of believers but children born with black eyes. These children are called "seers" because they can see the future and look within the mysteries of the past. It is believed that the seers are chosen by gods and that the Most High watch mortals through their eyes. From infancy the seers are taken away from their families to the Order where they are given to drink potions depriving them of their consciousness. To the regret of the Order, only a few are born seers so scientists try to create "the messengers of gods" artificially, by means of experiments. Certainly, nobody believes in a fairy-tale about the divinity of black eyes anymore, except for the desperate ordinary people who have nobody else to ask for help. But who knows, what if the gods watched for real?... The player is invited to walk through his way with Luca, a hired killer who was born with only one god’s eye. You will have to decide on what party to join in an unfolding conflict between the Order and the Alliance, and also to determine who really Luca is – a simple murderer or something more. Early concept Music A composer has written magnificent soundtracks that you will be able to enjoy during the game. We invite you to hear some fragments of the soundtracks from the novel. https://soundcloud.com/ryrpzexntvku/sets/eyes-of-gods-1 Characters Luca Luca is the main character. He earns money being a hired killer. He has only one “god’s eye “ that he hides under a blindfold. Luca doesn’t want to enter the war (doesn’t matter whether it’s for the right cause or not), his own small world, far away from the Order’s intrigues, is good enough for him. However, one fact changes everything… Early concept: Dora Dora is a victim of the Order’s unsuccessful experiments in an attempt of creating« the seers » artificially. She managed to escape from the Order’s facility when she was ten and she first met Luca in the slums. Dora has a sweet temper but a strong will. From child hood she decided to fight for the Alliance where she found a shelter and a refuge. Early concept: Cloyd Cloyd is a former military man whose sister was a seer. He has been hiding her from the Order for fifteen years but in the end he couldn’t save her. Cloyd has a harsh temper, his own codes of honor, and he won’t stop until he achieves the intended goal. Early concept: White Lady The White Lady is the first leader of the Order. Cruel and mysterious woman, she thinks that she controls the balance of powers in the country. She got her nickname for her color preference in clothing. Early concept: Garey Garey is the leader of the Alliance. He is physically undeveloped but very smart. In the past Garey was a professor of a University, and in his spare time he created his own drug dealing net. Even though he hides himself behind words of virtue, he only cares of himself. Early concept: Spider Spider is the deputy of the White Lady, the second leader of the Order. He is smart, charming, able to find an approach to people. At the same time he is diagnosed with alexithymia (he can’t understand and almost doesn’t feel any emotions). If he had an idol – that would be Hannibal Lector. He is acquainted with Luca. Before joining the Order he had worked with Luca for two years. Early concept: Leland Leland is the third leader of the Order. He loves ballet and makes considerable donations for the needs of art, he also supplies arms. He was married five times but none of his wives could outlive the first year of marriage. Leland is sure that his ancestors were aristocrats. He collects porcelain dolls, five of them have faces of his deceased wives. Early concept: Astra Astra is the fourth leader of the Order. She dreams about taking the place of the White Lady. She has three children ( all girls, she adopted each of them). She favors the illegal organ trade. She was the one who caught Cloyd’s sister. Astra suffers from fits of melancholy. She doesn’t see the sense neither in her and nor in others’ lives. Only the fight for power helps her to distract herself from painful thoughts. Early concept: Abby Abby is Luca’s friend, who he has been raising since she was ten. She is a cheerful girl. She dreams of a new life for her and for Luca. She saves money for moving to a different country. Early concept: Nancy Nancy is a popular seamstress in the slums. It was precisely her who found Luca and raised him like her own son. Nancy is a rather rude and simple woman, she values her relatives more than anything. Art About the project - Follow the hitman’s way who is able to see the future and to look within the mysteries of the past. - Make selections that will effect the storyline. - 12 main and 7 additional endings! - 2 possible love-affairs! - 20+ exciting musical compositions! - More than 60+ unique backgrounds and 60+ CG - scenes! - The game will be available for Windows, Macintosh and Linux.
  25. Hi! I'm planning on developing a visual novel titled "Reset", a mystery horror anime, since I know how to write the script for a visual novel. However, I cannot draw at all and I'm quite frankly, well, terrible at it. If there's any artist out there who is willing to draw some characters on a computer with some description of what I imagine them to look like, I'd greatly appreciate it and be in debt from your assistance! Thank you.
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