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  1. Is there anyway to port PC Visual Novels to PSP?
  2. Hello! Wheres the best place to find.. umm... I think it's called "moe" characters pictures? I'm speaking about those that are often given to the people who say 'hi' in the "Introduce Yourself" Forum. But I don't mean only loli.. thou lolis are welcome! I've found some in google searches deviantart and here in fuwanovel. any other website to recommend?
  3. Yūki Yūna wa Yūsha de Aru AniDB | Official Release: October of 2014 Info: The anime is part of the "Takahiro IV Project" which includes four titles written by Takahiro during 2014. The first three titles are the PC game Shōjo-tachi wa Kōya o Mezasu, the anime adaptation of Takahiro's Akame ga KILL! manga, and the novel series Washio Sumi wa Yūsha de Aru. Description: The story takes place in the era of the gods, year 300. Yūna Yūki lives an ordinary life as a second year middle school student, but she's also a member of the "Hero Club," where club activities involve dealing with a mysterious being called "Vertex." The Army of Loli is getting bigger ...
  4. Hello. I've finished watching the 13 episodes of the anime Hataraku Mao-sama (Wikipedia), and I kinda want to know what happens next. Hopefully there are people here who read the manga becuase it would be awesome if you could help me out with some questions I have: 1. If I want to continue from the where the anime dropped off, what volume/chapter should I pick up to read? 2. Is there any website you will recommended for reading the manga in a translated form? 3. What is the difference between the manga and the anime? content-wise, if I do pick the manga where the anime dropped off, will I miss a lot of content the manga covered and the anime didn't? Thanks!
  5. Hello for anyone who doesn't know me. (I'm not anyone important anyways) Anyhow, I ran out of good anime to watch and wanted suggestion in a more exciting way than I already have thought, "Scroll through an anime list and randomly pick out some using their cover pics", and that is asking for suggestions. I just need your Genre Bias and your suggestions. What's Genre Bias? It's my basis to know which genre's do you like to watch. Rules: (If you care about it) Example of what I want: (Meh, just suggest in anyway you want, I just wanted to make my post long anyhows) PS: I don't need spoilers or a synopsis. PSS:
  6. One person will say a replique or a dialogue from an Anime or a VN he thinks it's enough memorable for other people know where it's from and next person must find where it's from (and if he can say the episode if it's from an anime) Warning : it cans contain spoiler for example : From an anime : We made a promise and I said I'd beat you to death if you broke it! I can't beat you to death if you die! It's from Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai ep 9 and it's Momoyo who say that Game ..... START From an Anime : "My wish was to erase all the witches and if that prayer really comes true then even I should have no reason to despair ever!" Good luck
  7. I have IPad and i Wonder exit anime site where i can watch anime offline on my IPad. You see i have my own broadband but i like to use it most at cottage and camping since goes much batteri Which i use my broadband very much so i dont use it very much in the car. So i Would like to see anime on my IPad but that must i have Internett connection. So anime site where i can watch offline whould be very helpfully. Best Regrads Novel21
  8. Remember the first... the anime that made you a fan of this wonderful entertainment called ANIME. Do you remeber wen you got your first manga and read it non stop? What anime was it? Or What manga was it? Can you remember what made you in to an Anime Otaku? Why did you decide to read manga? Mine was Full Metal Alchemist My brother was in to anime before I was and one they he introduce me to FMA and soon I got sucked in to anime and ever since then I became an Otaku.
  9. This my top 3 3-Sankarea 2-Kanon 1-Clannad (this goes also too after story) BTW this my first post so Im not sure if I did it right....
  10. Hello! I "discovered" anime from VNs, and apparently really like them. I'm looking for a new anime to watch, which is Nakige (The VN terms holds here too right?), Like Clannad, Little Busters - which both have anime adaptation.. etc. I don't care if it's an adaption my only wish is for the series to be complete - and be a Nakige - or at least have more than 2-3 seasons. Anime that I watched: Clannad - Liked A lot, Little Busters - Liked, The World God Only Knows - was O.K, ummm thats it >.< Thanks! Nakige explanation just in case:
  11. The thing is: after reading Rin1 I tried to watch the Litter Busters anime season 1 which was nice, I like anime apparently ><.. But the way they butchered Komari's Route left me more than worried so I stopped at episode 6. Anywho, from my understanding the refrain season (2) of little Busters anime was good. but my question is, should I read it first? or watch the anime? I heard Refrain is pretty short, so it won't be that "cut" in 13 episodes will it? In my opinion the Clannad After anime had much more emotional impact than the VN (maybe because I watched it first thou) I read the VN but the question is, for the Refrain part Anime or VN? Thanks!
  12. Hey guys and girls let's have a great time!! Come and talk with each other! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu! B)
  13. Can anyone recommend some good anime for me to watch? Here's my list so you can see what I've already watched: http://myanimelist.net/animelist/Schnarf Thanks
  14. If I'm half way through the anime, and got really interested.. is there any reason to read the VN? to be more specific, he ends up with Nagisa no matter what in the VN as well?
  15. Hey there fuwa peoples, I've been watching a lot of anime lately, rewatched steins;gate and finished whats out of sword art online and attack on titan. I've heard a lot about kill la kill but never got around to watching it, IS it as good as I keep hearing or should I look for something else? D:
  16. I don't know if this would be in the anime discussion area or here, so since it involves visual novels (albeit a bit) I shall place it here. I was wondering who sees some of the anime out there as potential candidates for a visual novel. If you have any thoughts please do share, and why do you think it deserves it or how it should work? My recent anime that I thought deserved some visual novel love would be Campione! Of course there is a lot of work needed to create a visual novel, (and a large thanks is in order to not only the production teams but translators as well.) not including the work needed to share these things with the community in the west (Fuwanovel being a great cause, a thanks is given to them in the form of a super, double jump, high-five). This was just a quick topic I thought of, forgive me if it already exists or I have it in the wrong place (and do correct me if this is true and I shall remember not to mess up in the future). I hope you enjoy, oh, and how about I share a picture of a harem just so you can ponder that in style (this one being of Kusanagi Godou in Campione!).
  17. https://forums.fuwanovel.net/index.php?/topic/3250-vnanime-recommendation-sub-forum/ ok you can! Everything below is Applied to Manga Suggestion too!
  18. Lets discuss storytelling types in anime. I was re-watching Darker than Black yesterday and I thought to myself " I like the arc format that they use in the episodes" I felt like it was a unigue way to tell a story. The Monogatari series does this as well. My question for you is: What are some of your favorite ways to tell a story in anime?
  19. So, what are you looking for? I mean, apart from Sakura Trick, which we will all be watching. (I have a few people in mind that probably won't be able to hold back nose bleeds) The one to look for for me is Space Dandy, because Watanabe x Bones and probably amazing comedy. To Aru Hikuushi no Koiuta have potential, if only because the To Aru Hikuushi e no Tsuioku movie was good and really enjoyable. On sequels I'll follow Seitokai Yakuindomo, Saki and Chuunibyou. Also trying out random stuff as usual, but there's not that much other stuff I'm excited about. Well, of course, Kill la Kill and the sports anime will continue airing, so I'm not getting bored anytime soon.
  20. So, I somehow managed to get myself out of Muv-Luv Alt long enough to finally watch an episode of the new season. Let's get this topic started, since new -and promising- stuff is going to air massively these following days. Kill La Kill 01: So far up to the hype I had: it's fucking amazing. Everything in this screams "who the fuck cares". The OST is god tier, the VAs are great (Damn, Ryuko's voice O_O), backgrounds are good enough to be worth mentioning contrary to 95% of the time, and of course animation is over the top. Although they probably didn't give it their all yet. Tons of fun. That's only the first episode, it has yet to make its proofs, but that's a hell of a good way to start. Well, now, if you'll excuse me, I still have some MLA awesomess to discover before I go further into all this new anime stuff.
  21. Hello! My name is Damonkala I've just joined these forums no longer than an hour ago. I've been a fan of visual novels for nearly 2 years and I had only just discovered the wonderful site of fuwanovel in June! I hope to read many topics and make many friends, as I am very happy to discover such a large group of visual novel fans. I've watched anime as a child but I have only been an otaku for the past 3 years. My first anime was Fooly Cooly and my first visual novel was Katawa Shoujo. Since then I've played Clannad, Kanon, Rewrite, Wind: a breath of the Heart, Steins;Gate, Chaos;Head and many more. Currently I am playing Air. Little Busters is my favorite visual novel of all time, and I am currently watching the anime adaptation. Once again I hope to make some friends and have a fun time here. Thank you for reading my introduction. *bows*
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