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  1. I'm going to translate Aiyoku no Eustia from where the partial patch by Yandere Translations finished. I've run into a technical difficulty dumping the games scripts and could use some helping working through it: -I extracted the arc files using "arc unpacker 0.2.1", this worked fine as far as I can tell (images extracted this way look fine). -When I then try to dump the extracted scripts (with names like "aiy00010", and no file extensions) using the "bgi script tools" found on tlwiki.org, I receive an error from python: "Error: 'cp932' codec can't decode byte 0xf1 in position 1: illegal multibyte sequence." -I have tried changing the code page of the console window I use to launch the python script to no avail. Relevant details: Windows 7 64bit; Python 3.5; Japanese system locale; Console run as administrator.
  2. Hi, I have a problem with grisaia no kajitsu. I extract all the dialogs from "update04.int" but I do not know how to put everything back inside (repack). I have many .txt files and also .cst I do not know what to do D: And i dont have much experience in this field.
  3. Hello everyone! Last year i made my first VN translation to my language (hungarian) and lot of people liked it. This year, i want start a bigger project with my favorite VN the Akatsuki no Goei. I want translate the Trinity Edition, , because it has better pictures. But i can't find working. unpack-repack tools. The file is .xp3, but i think it's protected, because with all tools what i used, just give me unreadable script files. I plan make an english translation too. I really hope that someone can help with this! Laczy90
  4. So I am currently translating the a PC port of Steins;Gate Linear Bounded Phenogram from Chinese to English. It shouldn't be that hard since a translation of all the text exists but the problem is that I don't know how to edit or open RPYB files, if I can't open those files I can't edit the text for the Novel. So does anyone know how to edit and open these RPYB files?
  5. I extracted Scene.pck but now I can not repack it.The file is from a SiglusEngine game.What should I do? I tried the tool that I've found ,but it errors."createpck.exe has stopped working"
  6. Hello! Well my problem is that I want to create a patch for a game (Kirikiri) and what happens is that they are all files distributed in 2 .xp3 one called '' data.xp3 '' (text files .ks .tjs / weight Little 8BM so I have no problem in packaging everything) and the other file called '' gamedata.xp3 '' (weighs almost 500mb and inside there are many folders of which I just want to edit some but in doing so and separately packaging the game does not Opens me and I see a blue window) The thing is that in other VN has similar files (large in BM) but have separated some folders that are also in that file and the VN is well. EJ: gamedata.xp3 - bgimage - fgimage - Sound - etc... All those files containing the '' gamedata.xp3 '' are in the form of bgimage.xp3 fgimage.xp3 etc ... outside of '' gamedata.xp3 '' and the VN works fine, but when I try to do that myself Gives an error. I just want help so that does not happen PS, excuse my bad English PD2: sorry if I did not understand PD3: thanks for your attention
  7. I just want to increase a font size of a VN. However, upon extracting the .xp3 file, I can't find any .tff file. I tried to increase any value that say fontsize in many .tjs files and .ks files but it just does not work. Can somebody tell me where the font data is located at, or how to increase font size? Scenario folder: System folder:
  8. Basically, the error is like below. I have no idea how to fix it, I tried another tool named Sanoba and got the exact MemoryError. Does anyone has some experience with this, please share with me. Solution: Use something else, aka bundled tool with Kirikiri.
  9. The game has been around for a little while, and eventually a team of translators decided to take it on, but, we haven't heard from any of them since :S so it bit the dust really quick. The concept is really interesting to say the least. All the dialogue and narration of the game is at http://wiki.yuriproject.net/limit_panic they are for anyone to pick up so we have Yuri Project's permission I hope this makes the job easy, of course, is someone is willing to translate it in the first place, I would be so grateful you have no idea, I'm just gonna leave it here in case someone is interested ok? Ok.
  10. Hi guys, I'm italian I want to translate nekopara vol 1. in italian How can I extract all the files nekopara's file .xp3 ? In particular, I want to extract the file "data.xp3"
  11. I was wondering how I would go about making a custom boot up file / application file (that runs the game basically) due to that the startup file was infected with a virus (bad reason, I know). I can't boot the game and is left with all the files. So I was wondering how I would make a custom file instead that runs the game files. (sorry for bad English) the game in question this time is Little Busters! EX but I wonder if the same guideline for making these kinds of files stays somewhat relevant.
  12. Title Kuro to Kin no Akanai Kagi. Original title 黒と金の開かない鍵。 Aliases The gold and black keys that cannot open, KuroKin Length Medium (10 - 30 hours) Developer little cheese Publishers little cheese Description Katagiri Kanade is a hikikomori who spent her days lazing off in her room. Her specialty is her broad imagination which often leads to various wild delusions. One night a weird cowboy guy appeared in her dream, saying that he’s her heart’s hero. Due to his encouragement, Kanade decided to try and go have a haircut the next day. It was then when she met a mysterious guy who cut her hair in the park, giving her courage to resume her school days. Right after her haircut, Kanade was nanpa‘d by a guy who turned out to be her former classmate, Sudou Yukio. Kanade used to like him back then, and he was happy to meet her again. Kanade lives with her non blood-related brother, Sonomura Ikuto. Despite Ikuto’s warning, Kanade went looking for the mysterious guy who cut her hair the next day. She found him in the park, where he introduced himself as Hasui Tomoomi. He’s a professional hairdresser and owns a salon named Azalea nearby. Since Kanade was absent from school for so long, her homeroom teacher, Konno Chihiro, offered to help her with her studies. Having these guys around her, what will happen to Kanade’s life from now on? VNDB: https://vndb.org/v4106 I can provide the ISO for anyone who can help extract the script ;v; I've tried to extract it but failed.
  13. err I'm new to this but...... I've started working on the translations for the game (By hacking the scripts out), but I don't know how to continue to make a patch at all. Any help will be greatly appreciated~ Current Translations progress : Shido Kaname- Completed Yanagi Ryota- 5% Kuzuha Kakeru- 10% Prologue and Omake scene have been completed as well. Still a tentative project though. Or someone could teach me.....weeps. Since I can't repack or do anything except translate scripts ;; * I will provide the Game ISO to the team. it is the full version. Translation progress can be tracked at http://jokertrap-ran.tumblr.com/
  14. Lately RPG Maker MV JP games have been showing up on dlsite more and more, but the successrate of them working with VNR is very low- Almost always VNR fails to find any text to grab at all. Does anyone know a simple fix or set of programs that would allow you to machine translate games using RPG MAKER MV?
  15. The game in question is Ushinawareta Mirai o Motomete, and it is running on Kirikiri. However the xp3 files are TPM encrypted, and our hacker left without telling us how to repack the files. If you need any of the game files uploaded just tell me and I'll be happy to oblige. Thank you all for the help in advance.
  16. Hi! We are a new fansub group and we are translating Deardrops... but we have a serious problem. I can compress the archives but when i put these in the game folder, the novel does not start. There are something i can do wrong? If is possible, we search a hacker who wants to help us or someone who can do that for us, please. If someone wants this, contact me in private. Thanks!! EDIT: We are translating the novel to Spanish.
  17. Hey all, trying to extract the text for Astronaut's 2006 Nukige 'Erect!' and I'm running into some issues (I'm not super tech savvy) The game files are .gxp which I was able to extract using AnimED, but inside the bincode.gxp file is a moacode.mwb file. Looking at the Hex it's obvious that's where all of the dialogue for the game goes, but I can't figure out how to unpack it. I saw in an older data extraction thread here that their later games use the .mwb as a zlib file... but I tried using some zlib tools to unpack it and seems like it's not a zlib file in this game. Anyone smarter than me want to take a look at it? Not sure how to attach files on Fuwanovel so I made a link for it: moacode.mwb
  18. I´m kinda new to this stuff, i really like VNs and i´m interested in Shinigami No Testament but there seems to be no english patch anywhere. Anyone know where i can find one? If not, anyone know if there a translation is being developed? Thanks
  19. I decided to create an account just for this one because I really want to learn how to extract files from VN to make use of them for translating script, editing image and then compressing it back. I'm currently an ongoing second year college student, so maybe is it to early for me? I don't really know what to do or where to start so if you can atleast guide me what to learn maybe first or where to start. I already read so many topics but still some people say that extracting the game sometimes need to create your own tool, so basically means coding, to extract and compress it back but for some, depends on the file extension of the game (like .pack, .arc, .ini, .xp3, etc.) providing an already made tools for extracting the game. I have an atleast quite maybe enough knowledge about coding. As embarrassing as it is, I just learned C language but not fully master it yet, and Assembly language (I'm confident enough with this). I knew it's not enough maybe I just no-good person but really, I want to learn it. Please help. Thanks. I'm not a native English speaker, so sorry about the grammatical error/s if any.
  20. Hi, I want to try some things out with the game 365 imoutos https://vndb.org/v8037. I can find extractors for .arc files, but I can't find compilers. When I checked the arc file using a hex editor, I found out that its encryption is Tactics_Arc_File. Can somebody help me out? Here is the link to the folder for the .arc files : https://mega.nz/#F!JANgWByZ!8eMIrmA8k5DiXVGFs4hA8w
  21. Hello guys! This is my first post in this forum (loving it btw ). Im pretty new to the VN world, I got immediately hooked by this genre of games and I would like to support them by starting a fan translation project of a VN that I've had an eye on for a long time since I started reading them. The only concerns I have regarding this are the following: 1- Could someone like me, who doesn't know a bit of japanese (I can understand spoken jap a little bit but can't read at all) start a Fan translation project? That being said I am looking for a way of extracting the scripts for the game to be able to translate it (game has 6 years already) and I could fill the position of what is called Hacker and Editor. 2- Is there some kind of website/post/thread that talks about how to manage a fan translation team or how to start a Fan translation project for newbies like me ? I'm talking about how to set up an organized team to work swiftly in the best way possible and how to make the post thread of my project as clear and informative as possible so everyone knows how everything would be managed and the general info as well as attracting people to recruit (I do think there are a lot of people interested in entering a project but I don't know where or how should I post threads about recruiting people for one). I hope that everything is clear, I'm pretty nervous because this is my first post . I would love to hear your thoughts, since I'm lost and would like some advice.
  22. Hi everyone. Excuse me for the intruding, I want to ask something about my problems here when I played Golden Marriage - Jewel Days. It's faster if you can see this picture : Ok, I have changed my region, used applocale, reinstalled it 3 times, upgrading my DirectX, Visual C++ etc. And, seriously guys, I've no idea what I have to do next. If someone experienced it before or in another VN, let me know. Thanks before
  23. So basically, I'm a translator who usually just translates web novels. With that in mind, one of my projects has a visual novel I presume was used as promotion. However, since I don't like leaving anything left behind, I decided to take on this visual novel project for the heck of it. I understand a lot of coding knowledge is going to be needed, but I can take my time to learn; I mean, I was dipping my feet into it already since my desired profession kinda requires reverse engineering knowledge and a basic core understanding of programming language. Anyways, I've lurked around the forums until I recently made this account for my questions. Everything I looked at was sorta vague, and I don't think is designed for the kind of system I'm looking at. I think I got an idea how to extract the text, but what I'm really looking here is how to make a language patch from the script.noa the VN has. If you need the visual novel name or the files to see what I'm getting myself into, I think I can private message it? If you do decide to help me, I very much appreciate it. EDIT: I didn't think the title would be relevant to what I'm asking, but if people must know its Bishoujo wo Jouzu ni Nikubenki ni Suru Houhou. NSFW if you look it up, FYI.
  24. I want translate Koichoco from English to my language , but I dunno extract .SL2 to .txt . Can somebody help me? Sorry for my english. And thanks you.
  25. I wrote a bit of something for a VN i'm doing. Before I even continue. I would like someone to take a look at it. Tell what I could improve and stuff like that. I'll send a message to you with a doc link to my script.
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