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  1. The last thread got oblirerated to an oblivion, so I'm trying my best to fix things at least somewhat Here's a short recap thus far: Mangagamer Bocchi Musume x Produce Keikaku. | VNDB Maggot Baits | VNDB Watashi ga Suki nara "Suki" tte Itte! | VNDB Dal Segno | VNDB Hadaka Shitsuji | VNDB JAST Katahane remake | VNDB Eiyuu*Senki | VNDB Princess X My Fiancee is a Monster Girl | VNDB Sweet Home | VNDB Frontwing Island | VNDB Aksys Bad Apple Wars, Period Cube & Collar X Malice | VNDB[1] | VNDB[2] | VNDB[3] Code: Realize Fandisk | VNDB Zero Escape: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors PC port Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward | VNDB Tokyo Xanadu Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters: Daybreak Special Gigs World Tour | VNDB Degica Kimi ga Nozomu Eien | VNDB Minori Trinoline | VNDB Sekai Project Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki | VNDB Boku to Koi Suru Ponkotsu Akuma | VNDB Baldr Sky | VNDB A Magical High School Girl
  2. (Do you have an "identify" thread?) Does anyone have a clue as to where at least one of these images is from, where I can ask about the titles, or some similar visual novels: (Beauty warning) Heavily interested in 6. 10. 15. 16. 1. 2. http://livedoor.blogimg.jp/nijisaku/imgs/9/4/94d9a44c-s.jpg 3. http://livedoor.blogimg.jp/mkumku-matome/imgs/8/1/81905e47.jpg 4. http://data.okinny.heypo.net/image/large/825f4fe230b14cbb95c40e1f7e46cb04.jpg 5. http://img.momoniji.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/mizugi2014121820.jpg 6. http://blog-imgs-70.fc2.com/m/o/r/moroahedoujin/shimapan20706005.jpg 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. http://newniziero.com/wp-content/uploads/storage21/shimapan2_11s.jpg 14. 15. http://gazouko.jp/pink/files/201307/縞パン【二次元】5.jpg 16. 17. Thank you in advance
  3. This topic may kinda look similar to some of u guys cause few weeks ago i hv asked the same kind of question with the topic "VN's that were not up to their mark..."....now back to topic today i want to ask u guys which was/were the VN's that sky-rocketed ur expectation (in a good way), meaning that before the release of the VN u were thinking that "i would not play this VN even i hv given the chance of free download" but after the VN comes out u thought that "even if i hv pay a huge credit (not so huge though) i will play this VN".........I thought of this topic based on the answers of ChaosRaven and Narcosis in my previous topic....... (*********IMPORTANT NOTE***********) All players hv their own independence of chosing VN and so no one should oppose to another's choice of VN cause everyone hv their own like nd dislike......
  4. 1) A few months ago, JAST released Aselia the Eternal -The Spirit of Eternity Sword- on Steam. They said that there is a possibility of a 18+ patch, and I have been waiting for that. However, now, they said that there will be no content-restoration patch for that game, because: Their translator refused to work with the material, due to it involved loli or something. They didn't find the game is actually worth the effort that they are putting into; and frankly, I understand. The Aselia Steam version is selling not very well, I believe, as it's a 13 year-old game. The game has RPG element, so they have to put more effort in it for a product that would eventually sell less. So how come there has been no fan-patch for Aselia, the full version. I checked VNDB, and it seemed both popular and well-ranked. Also, if anyone has played Aselia Steam version, can you please enlighten me: how much content was cut out pls? 2) Is it possible (make sense) to play the sequel, Seinarukana, without playing Aselia. I just don't want to play an incomplete product. I get it that it's not JAST fault, but I don't want to play it either, yet I want to support them with the sequel. P/S: I am new, probably not to the forum, but at least quite new to comment/posting. My signature is too spread some words about my favorite campaign as well, but what I've just asked is serious.
  5. Hello, I've created a Visual Novel recently along with my team it's called - Elisa - The InnKeeper. It's a prequel to the main story. I was wondering if I could get some community feedback about the game and how everything in it from the perspective of the player. The game is currently free on steam right now and can be downloaded here --> http://store.steampowered.com/app/472680/ All other information about the game is located on the page about me section on the steam page. -Thanks for your feedback!
  6. Today i want to ask u guys that if there was any VN that u were excited to play before it's release but the VN doesn't came up to ur standards after it's release....? (*********IMPORTANT NOTE***********) All players hv their own independence of chosing VN and so no one should oppose to another's choice of VN cause everyone hv their own like nd dislike......
  7. Read the Review Here It's very different from the standard fare we usually have here, but it's really good.
  8. Well, I'm bored and found this interesting article here. By the way, the writer here was also one of our member Jikorde (Although actually it will be better if he posted it by himself here though. And sorry for posting it here if you come here), and if you need some save data from VN with gameplay, you could also visit his site and browse it. He also did the review the VN that had save data uploaded, and I think he did well in regard of review (If Jikorde see this, you could add your blog to the hub in here). Regarding the article itself, I'm sure anyone already knew this secret regarding of Mangagamer nukige release. But my comment would be I think it's okay if they release nukige in order to support the company. After all, I think if in the future we'll seeing more of good VN translated, why not? And even if we didn't read the nukige, most of other people outside will buy and read them of course. Or if you said Steam/Sekai equivalent it would be Sakura series (Sakura Wars series or Snow Sakura not included here). Now that I think about it, back in the past mostly JAST release was came from nukige (ie Sagara Family). My conclusion here would be I'm okay if Mangagamer using nukige as gold mine for the company (Although if I'll play nukige or not is another story though), but any member here might not agree though. Oh, and he also comment about his expectation about July announcement and he hope it will be good (I'm looking forward to it too by the way). So, any opinion, especially about Mangagamer nukige release (Even though it's maybe already well known, I'm still interested to hear everyone opinion) here?
  9. JAST Discuss It's 100% less sucky than the terrible JAST Connect system, which resembled blogging software hamfistedly repurposed for forums. It has the usual features one expects like a private message system, file and image attachments, and configurable notifications. The system is pretty similar to Fuwanovel's. I'm also a moderator there (with highly restricted moderation powers). If you want replies from JAST staff members (Nicholas Graham and Tim), that's where to post. JAST and J-List owner Peter Payne is also expected to stop by occasionally.
  10. The title says it all. Which VN localization company, out of the major 3, do you prefer? I prefer Mangagamer out the 3 and I will give my pros and cons of the company. Pros - Don't take a long time with releases. - Have a good staff of translators. - Don't abuse funding programs like Kickstarter. - They license some really good VNs. Cons - Their marketing and advertising is abysmal. They only use their twitter to promote things, which isn't enough. There is my favorite localization company with provided reasons why I like the company so much.
  11. I know it's uncommon for a company to explicitly say they are having issues landing a publisher but I have been extremely active with you guys and value your opinions on the matter. What do you feel I need to court publishers? I am clearly not going for the trend in the genre. So what are your opinions on this matter? Also mods, you can destroy this in 3 days. This is mostly to understand where I might improve.
  12. I have some question about Corpse Party. 1. How much blood are the in Corpse Party? 2. It's Corpse Party good VN Game? I hope somebody can answer my silly question.
  13. https://vndb.org/v15485#main So I was looking for random VNs and stumbles upon this majesty. I swear to god this has the funniest prologue to a VN I have ever read. Which bring me to mention this sharp tongue girl. I won't show her godlike line at the prologue but I want to show these 2: listen for ~20secs Just the line she says: Problem is as you may have guessed.... It's all in moon runes. D: I have read about an hour into it but I'm getting lost bit by bit as it goes on. So.. is anyone translating this already ( haven't found any yet ) Also has anyone read this ? What are your thoughts? Also if you haven't read this and can somewhat understand moon runes I URGE YOU TO READ AT LEAST THE PROLOGUE. It is really the funniest opening to a VN .
  14. I ask this question because everyone has their favorite villain. What in your view made a villain. I want your thoughts on 3 types of villains. 1) The Hero - A villain who is ruining everything for what they perceive as "the right thing," but in reality, fucks everything. Examples would be : Hero stops an army from finishing off X general and instead allows him to leave causing a 10 year rebellion. 2) The Fallen - A Hero (most of the time) that has a series of bad events lead them to do bad things (sometimes reluctantly.) Example would be: A sith that sucks at being a bad guy until they purge all their good tendencies. 3) The Evil Incarnate - These guys are evil for evil's sake but tend to either be boring monsters with no motivation OR masterminds with extreme motivation. Magneto would be an example of this. He is evil because we are not mutants and he wants to kill all non-mutants. I am sure some of my examples can be altered a bit but you get the jist of it. Let's start the dialogue!
  15. So a youtuber that I sometimes watch (The Animeman) uploaded a video talking about why visual novels have been getting more and more popular over these past few years, in the past there were nearly no vns on Steam or other online stores and such, so why is it that they've been experiencing such a boost in popularity?. This is the video in question: I watched it and thought about sharing it with everyone here on Fuwa to see what you think about it.
  16. Hey ppl, I've been sluggishly playing Noble*Works and while it's a nice eroge, I fear I can't do this anymore. The longest "nonchalant" (read: bog standard) eroge I've done is Period (8 routes), and by the end I was begging to be done once and for all. Noble*Works is entertaining if you like high school crap, and it keeps you reading, but in the end, it's hardly special. Supposedly in this type of game the H content is a treat for reading so far, but in this case the romance is a main focus. Here with a rare exception, H-scenes are boring standard. So, I wanted to ask, I've got Koichoco available for reading, but should I skip it? VNDB points out that the H content is just more vanilla crap. I hardly expect that the development has anything more going for it than the H and romance. Maybe I should just read dramatic romance stories with illness and so? Like Rin's in Period, I liked that. And if so do you know of any nice translated title in that regard?
  17. As we knew at April 18th Dangan Ronpa 2 was finally released on Steam, and we obviously should knew that this game was the sequel for Dangan Ronpa. For Dangan Ronpa, my first impression would be the game looks like a bit over the top with Ultimate student thing, but guess it's quite acceptable if the setting was also over the top here. The premise was actually a bit questionable with the students must kill each another to get out from the school that trapped them. The principal (Monokuma) was the one who trapped the students and establishing the strict rule. My attention was obviously to the seiyuu here though. In fact, even though Dangan Ronpa was only partially voiced (Maybe to save some memory and cost), the seiyuu was definitely not an amateur. In fact back in Dangan Ronpa 1, we got name like Megumi Ogata, Hisaka Youko, Sawashiro Miyuki, and many more. And more famous seiyuu had voicing the characters in Dangan Ronpa 2 by the way. I'll give the list to MAL link for each seiyuu later. For the premise here, actually it was sort of different for the beginning since the students was brought to tropical island by a rabbit called Monomi. She said that she bring them to field trip. And sometimes later Monokuma decided to join for fun and establishing a strict rule on the island. The rule was the same as back in Dangan Ronpa 1. Oh, actually Monokuma and Monomi was sort of artificial doll who could talk there. And from the moment Monokuma announce the strict rule, the vacation on tropical island was turned into slightly dangerous area, since with that rule some students obviously could be tempted to do the bad thing, killing his/her friend (Actually same thing also happened back in first game). Actually, this series had some sort of gameplay called class trial, which remind us of Phoenix Wright. And the reason for establishment was to find out the murder culprit each time murder occurred. Oh, I forgot to explain that if the murder occurred and the killer was unknown in the court, Monokuma will made the killer got Karma Houdini trope (Just google it since I kind of dislike the trope) and killed the rest of the student. While if the killer was found, he/she will be executed (And to be honest from the execution scene I saw on Youtube, the scene was so over the top that made me giggled instead of fear (Although the death was obviously horrifying)). And since MC in almost all of the mystery story should be not the killer, your job was to find out who's the culprit each time a trial occurred. I think that's all I could write for, and I'll add seiyuu info for each character later. Oh, and had fun to discuss the game here. And here's my advice, don't get to attached to any character because it could be your favorite character that would be died, either by execution or be killed (But if your favorite character was MC himself, you didn't need to worry and you may get attached to MC himself I supposed).
  18. New West Games has offered up its second visual novel, Impulse!, following a band making its way into the cut-throat world of the Seattle music scene. You can read the review from the link below. Impulse!-ive Review Questions, threats, telling me I'm a dork for my lame nicknames can all be directed here. Special thanks to Flutterz for soldiering through the long review.
  19. Okay so...I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IMHHW. Ugh. And I thought Koisuru Natsu was great! Seems I haven't had enough of Pulltop lately. Pulltop is like...idk...for me the definition of the perfect Visual Novel gaming company. The UI is clean, the art is very nice, the music(omg) is sublime, and just overall topnotch! So as the poll suggests, who's your fave route? Please, don't spoil some major things. I loved how the ending of Kotori's was, it was just so satisfying at the end! So much so with Amane as well, the part where she became kinda of like the narrator and the text was different and just, ugh, it was all perfect....HOT DAMN! Amazing stuff. But I enjoyed Kotori's route more because there we could see the progression of basically everything. Though in Amane's route, it shed more light on Isuka, Tatsuya, and Tobioka. Who knows what else is waiting for me in Ageha's, Asa's, and Yoru's route! What's more...the "epilogue", the Sweet Love of each route! I can't wait for it!(still looking for a patch cause it's all symbols) Anyway, I've rambled long enough. By now you must realize how much this VN has touched my life, or for that matter...how much VNs touch my life. So, why did you choose that route? Why did you like the girl you choose more than the others? P.S. Please don't spoil any major things in Ageha's, Asa's, and Yoru's route since I'm currently in the process of doing it. ALSO in the Sweet Love routes.
  20. So yeah, this was the VN I had finished last when @solidbatmanwas looking for more reviewers. It's more polished. Review is up! Feel free to discuss, ask questions, pour on me. Etc. Just remember who's watching your every move, though. Overall, great translation of a piece that does do the best of what you typically expect from the genre.
  21. - VNDB - English patch - Miu's route completion translation project Ahh, Dracu-riot. My favorite from when I started reading VNs. I remember how this was the game, which made me start to learn Japanese, and thus finished it when just Elina's route was translated. But now that it has been almost fully released, and a lot of other people are going to play it, I'm making this thread for that reason. I hold an extreme amount of bias towards this title, and as I played it for the first time, it completely enraptured me with its entirety, and it still is to this day my favorite moege. Now that I am replaying it, it still holds all the charm it once had, and I still hold extreme bias to it. As per Yuzusoft's art style, the characters look good, the H-scenes are amazing, and the colors are vibrant. Never have I loved the character cast so much in a moege than in Dracu-riot. The protagonist is self-insert, but like in HoshiMemo, it's not completely self-insert. That's probably enough of me gushing about it. I'll finish my thoughts below on a later date. Now I'll continue Rio's route and probably die from heartburns. It's pretty damn good. Go play it.
  22. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2016-04-01/rewrite-anime-2nd-promo-additional-staff-unveiled/.100560 Sad because will have an originnal development, but will have some parts from the VN too, so i have expected this, because the game routes are too individual and too much larger for an anime. The good point: The Romeo Tanaka ( Rewrite creator) will create this originnal development so... atleast will be an logic history for rewrite. The bad: This is probably an signnal for a 12 episodes anime, atleast in imagination, but if i give a try will be an slipt cour. Edit: well i have forgot to say, this caracther design its too moe i think...well its only my opinnion.
  23. The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel for PS3/PS Vita(RPG) so The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel come out for PS3 and PS Vita in January 29, 2016 and it's very good RPG game to play. I really love this game very much and enjoy play it very much. It have very good story, character and sound but the music are not very good. I love the gameplay in the game very much and you can do much in the game. My favorite gameplay are Traveling System where you can do various quest and strength your bonds with your classmate. The part I don't like are it not much voice in the game and the voice suddenly stop during the game, so it's not everytime we hear character voice. My favorite character are Rean Schwarzer and Alisa Reinford. The character I don't like are Jusis Albarea since he it's so mean all the time. so The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel become my favorite game for PS Vita. That was all for now and I hope somebody join me to discuss about The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel for PS3 and PS Vita, since I want to hear what there think about the game. Love Novel21
  24. Hi, I am currently working on an English Visual Novel called Lost Winter Nights which has a very fast paced writing and I was wondering how the public would react to when our demo comes out. I am not a very big fan of Japanese Visual Novels because of very slow paced stories which tire me a lot since I am not a native english speaker. I am a student here in France to become a professional screenwriter and I have been noticing that stories can be told very shortly, simply but still be very interesting and fun especially with great art backing them up. As the leader for the project, I was worried for quite some time that this type of writing may not be well appreciated by the community but I started to like it myself, as it feels actually more like a theatre play with dialogues for the most part. I have to admit that voice acting is a must for that kind of writing though, which is something we totally plan to have. What do you guys people think of that kind of writing ? I could potentially show some samples from our writer to illustrate my words. Looking forward to hearing your opinions on that matter
  25. So let’s discuss what a Majikoi X dbz crossover AU would be like with Goku as the main character. How could he fit in being born in the Majikoi universe? Would he be related to anyone? Like Momoyo? How strong would he be by the time he’s 17? Would he be the strongest in the series? Who would his girlfriend end up being? (I’m thinking about writing a fanfiction)
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