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  1. Ok we will wait until you're job is done. BTW what project are you doing? Are you on another VN translation project?
  2. Here is the link http://oiptrans.0fees.net/transproj_ajax.PHP it's from Retrans
  3. Guys important news. I need everyone's advice on this message I received from REtransInternational: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Our services are free if you do not intend on selling the product. Here is what the basic package offers: * One RWI project with limits of 256 files, 20K rows per file, 4MB of data * Accounts for up to 4 users * Non-Text resource extraction and editing * Patch and installer development * Verification on latest XP, Vista, and Win7 client platforms * Release management and announcement to 4 sites * Six months of technical support and updates after first release * Free custom extra bonus feature Hosting your project on RWI makes it easily accessible to anyone with a Web browser to translate and edit. Your data is stored in a centralised, managed hosting place and we perform regular backups. Here is a public instance you can try out: http://oiptrans.0fees.net/transproj_ajax.PHP Sorry, we don't provide translators. When you give us the go-ahead it will take approximately 1-2 weeks lead time to inspect the game and setup the project. Let us know your decision. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I want everyone's advice before I agree to this. Should I go through with this or not? Because I don't know whether or not I should agree to this. Please post your advice.
  4. Guys I will be taking some time to learn how to use an IRC for our project. So I will have to be unavailable for a while. If anyone wants to set up our IRC it would truly be welcome. Everyone I need to focus on other matters of the project as team leader. So I will be leaving my translation progress of the prologue open for anyone to translate. If possible we need to find a translator, even with limited knowledge (I'm fine with machine translations). Everyone once again I want to thank you all for being on this project
  5. You are already welcome here. Welcome to the team. Glad to have another on board
  6. OK sure, just tell me when you're done and I'll send them to you. And don't worry it's an open community so no one judges or discriminates. It's always important to put your real life as top priority. Besides I also want to see if our hacker can make a trial patch just to have our project officially available. And to of course gather more support I will be going around this websites looking for volunteers
  7. alden_0023 I'm now starting the translation of the prologue and I think I'll be done in a week. So when I'm done I'll send them to you for proof reading.
  8. happy to know you as well. Please enjoy your stay with us
  9. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am so happy you decided to join us. So everyone please welcome our hacker "binaryfail" It is a pleasure to have you on board and now we can finally start this project!
  10. Here's the data script I think. Now the problem is if anyone knows how to extract it. Anybody wanna try please do. I feel like I'll take anyone out there http://www.4shared.com/file/g4G5o19F/xca2_sce.html?
  11. If any of my team is reading this. I want you guys to post my ad on any forums that might be interested. Any chat room or website to recruit. I have been searching around the net and I have some names of hackers, but not sure where they are. Please try to find at least one of them https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AimVGX04_aRydDZock4yZWdiVzJKSXZGM2NHcy1zcFE#gid=0 tools http://vn.i-forge.net/tools/ Please as I said before please post anything. Even if only you have the tiniest progress report that would be fine. Just a small clue. would be of great help. I would feel much better if you guys would post your reports here. As I said I am always checking this thread. I just feel much happier knowing I'm not alone looking for hackers. I am truly grateful to have you as my team.
  12. Well can you do that Steve because I have no idea how to do that. Can you do it? I don't know what script its using so I have no clue on what to do other than just translate. I mean how do you extract the script? I mean they are numbered right? I saw progress on other games and they are numbered. If you mean agth it might be messy. So tell me how to do that.
  13. I'm encouraging everyone on this team to please post something to keep this thread alive. If I've learned anything in life is that if you want something to be done you gotta take initiative. So any hackers out there please answer this project. I'm not giving up on this one, not one bit. I won't give in to despair, cause I will keep trying until I find someone.
  14. For the first 3 games I liked how they could make you do some hilarious stuff. But the rape bus only exist in the 3 games. I loved the 3 games, but Asuka doesn't seem very likeable. She's tsundere but not the kind I like. I just love how Kouji turned from a innocent virgin to a perverted deredere. And plenty more crack pot plots involved It gets better in the 4th installment where the main character is half gender. The stories in it can go from dark and depressing to freaking hilarious. Even the fact his bully fell in love with him. Ha ha. I would rate the installments 4.5/5 it's pretty great but the 5th has to be their best X-Change installment. Haa hopefully a hacker reading this will answer.
  15. Thanks for joining. Now just need to find a hacker and we'll be set. While you wait just post about anything to keep you company. I am always checking on this thread, unless I'm sleeping. If anyone out there has some thoughts on this game please post, but please don't start any flame wars or speak anything derogatory about this game or the project. We need full team morale to do this! If anyone out there is a hacker please answer and support this project. Happy to have anyone to join this project
  16. In real life I would just hide it otherwise my family would think I'm a freak. Just feels good sharing my interests, even though I can't see them in real life. I forgot to say that I also am a Hetalia fan. Been keeping track of the new season lately and I've been loving it!
  17. I wouldn't mind if the translators use machine translations just as long as they know how to form a normal English sentence with it. And hopefully any hackers out there please read this post and help this project out please. I'm just too excited to get started! Please won't someone answer.
  18. For me I would choose Cross Days following the Trap route . For me all the other girls are crazy about this guy over nothing.
  19. Greeting to all of you, I am kazameltis. I have been an avid lover of of the world of VN's and many other anime related things. My interests and genre include Yaoi, Gender benders, and Traps. You see I really like yaoi but I also want to find boy's love in places you wouldn't expect them to be. In gender benders my interest lies with a boy changing into a girl then falls in love with another boy. To me it's still gay and I love it. My favorite is the X-Change series and the other Crowd gender bender games they had made. But my most fave of their VN's is the "Three Methods to Conquer the World" where the main route is actually a man. I almost died of hyperventilating over how amazing this game was and the story at the end almost made me cry! It's a bit sad that JAST isn't licensing their games anymore. As for traps I still think no matter what you look like if that has a penis then it's still yaoi. I search for yaoi even in the most tiniest cracks of hentai titles like this one http://vndb.org/v11145. But the most amazing trap I have ever encountered in the history of traps would have to be Yuuki Ashikaga from Cross Days. After watching School Days anime I tried to stay away anything related to School Days. I was searching for traps one day and I never believed in all my life that Cross Days was one of them. So I tried to research about this game a bit more before I played it. And to my surprise Yuuki actually gets together with the biggest asshole in the world Makoto Itou who in the end gets to experience a nice boat. I played this game like crazy and passed all the other straight endings and to my amazement Yuuki actually makes the douche bag fall in love with him. I loved to toy with Makoto's feeling during the bathroom scene it was just too much fun! I was even the one who made the Cross Days walk through videos, but unfortunately Youtube had been on my case and I really got suspended I seriously hope that this game gets an anime of its own. Because the chance to see Makoto fall for a boy is definitely worth the money. I can't imagine why there hasn't been doujinshi about Cross Days traps? I mean there should be plenty of it. I wish I could see more, if you know any please tell me. Any way I had been trying to learn Japanese in order to read and understand their language but still trying hard to get a full grasp of the language. But I will try my best for the sake of fan translations and to share these works to people who have never heard of it. My first VN was Enzai and I think it was a mistake to play it first rather than Silver Chaos. I feel like I traumatized myself, but more likely sensitized myself to hardcore stuff. I almost wondered what was I thinking back then when I first played it, but I think my mind blocked it so I can't remember. But I still remember all the hardcore sex and BDSM I saw, luckily the good endings made the whole ordeal bearable to play. I truly hope to get along with all of you here. I feel like I'm with other people who understands my interests.
  20. Clephas after reading your advice I feel like I boiled down the roles of a Team Leader. Correct me if I'm wrong. The Team Leader: 1. Organizes all the files. 2. Assembles and assigns work tasks 3. Regularly talks with team members about their status. 4. Can give his job to someone else 5. Is in charge of recruiting My question is how does these roles make the Team Leader burn out and which of them are the most likely? What are some recruiting techniques you can give and please give some examples. Also I gotta ask that not working in the translation department sounds like the Team Leader isn't working at all. Won't the team members hate their leader?
  21. Can you please elaborate what are the roles of a team leader and how the leader is supposed to work. I want to understand how a team leader keeps the the team and project together. And please give examples of what he's supposed to do.
  22. Thank you so much for the blog. But I have to ask why did you use the Yin-yang X-Change Alternative pictures? They are both different games even though they are the same series.
  23. You know I'm trying to learn what it means to start a project and all your advice make sense. They still somehow contradict each other, but I guess that depends on the situation. I'm sorry but I'm new here. I as well am also interested in VN translations. See the Cross Days walkthrough on Youtube that was my work. I had to resort to that since I am no hacker. How do you set up your team exactly? And how do you recruit your members? Certainly that is a challenge considering it not like a video game where you can just get them at an instant. Please guide me. I'm sure you people have plenty of experience under your belt and I think it is certainly a blessing to share knowledge to better the future of other VN translation projects
  24. Hello, I am Kazameltis and I'm currently recruiting capable translators for the fan translation of X-change 2 Alternative. For a long time Peach Princess has licensed the X-Change series. Many fans waited and hoped that Peach Princess would do the same with the 5th installment in the series. Unfortunately, they have decided not to go through with the project due to some issues with a few routes containing lolicon. As well as their contract with Crowd finally came to an end and wasn't renewed. So, it has been 5 years and no news of Peach Princess ever starting or announcing a translation. It's time to take initiative and do the project ourselves. We plan to only provide a patch and are not promoting piracy or condemning it. Let me make something clear, anyone who wants to help out can still join even if the positions are filled />/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/> We are currently looking for: 1.Translator(s) If you don't like Nukige, no problem, you can skip those scenes If anyone doesn't like H-scenes you are allowed to skip those parts and go further with the story If anyone wishes to take on this task please PM or contact me at djongpoy@gmail.com ) or go to our IRC channel #XCA2FuwaTeam on rizon.net I am hoping for anyone out there to please answer my call on this important project. Thank you --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Links: Vndb Getchu Official
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