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  1. Sounds good. I wonder if they also do BL games?
  2. Hello and welcome to fuwanovel Hope you enjoy your stay So what kind of VN's are you into? B)
  3. Well we can accept anyone who wants to help out even if the positions are filled
  4. Actually my friend that is the plan. To translate all of Crowd's games. I just prefer to follow through on where they were supposed to have left off. :lol:/>/> BTW I sent you a PM so please check it out B)/>
  5. Nice to meet you as well. Hope you enjoy your stay
  6. Hope you enjoy your stay, because you are with friends here
  7. Oh good Grimeton, you're here. I'm online now so we need to chat. Join us ASAP in the IRC so we can welcome you into the group and update you on some details. And my team mates will help you on the way. Once again glad to have you on board! ^__^
  8. BTW what forum should I post in nihonomaru? I don't see a anywhere to place a recruitment ad
  9. Did anything go wrong with the IRC? Please if anyone is there please contact or post something here
  10. Nice to meet you. And it's never too late to introduce yourself. ^__^
  11. Aaeru if your health is bad you should rest and get better. You should put your real life as 1st priority. Anyway hoping for the best for you! Hope you will feel better. Just know you have friends that love and support you.
  12. Thank you Aaeru. Those pieces of advice were very helpful I'll try them. And maybe you're right that this community is growing
  13. Itachifan137 If you're reading this please contact us. Or PM we need to discuss some things
  14. How do you make more efficient ways of recruiting people for VN translation projects? And where would you suggest would be the best place to look? And please be specific Correct me if I'm wrong Level of difficulty searching: 1.Hacker- 4/5 2.Translator-5/5 3. Proofreader-2/5 4.Editor-3/5 5.Beta tester-1/5
  15. Welcome to fuwanovel and we hope you enjoy your stay.
  16. Sorry to hear that happen. Good luck on your next project Aaeru!
  17. I understand what you're saying and I agree, that's why I re-edited the recruitment requirements. I have the decrypted script from binaryfail. But I have absolutely no idea how to use. If you want I'll post it for you. I want a reply from binaryfail about this script, but it seems he's busy and won't be able to help much. So just tell me if you want me to post the decrypted script or just pm it.
  18. Then you should try the torrent. Maybe the download was corrupted while it was packed .
  19. Truly a pleasure having you here Ryechu. I never thought someone of high credentials would be joining us. Brings tears to the eyes. We are all excited to have you on board the project. Please feel welcome in our thread and ask any questions you may have.
  20. Hello everyone I've been searching around the net for potential translators. So I've been looking around for translations groups. I've sent emails to some groups, but this one requires IRC. This is from Yandere Translations. http://yandere.tindabox.net/?page_id=9 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IRC channel: #wankotl on irc.irchighway.net (The best way to reach us is through the IRC channel.) Please do not discuss torrents, warez, or any other illegal means of obtaining any game, manga, or whatever. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sorry guys I'm still learning to use the IRC, but if anyone can contact them please do so. We may find a potential translators there.
  21. Is it a torrent? Because if it is try to force recheck it one more time to see if it's complete
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