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  1. I think doing a PSP release is possible. I mean they did make an eng patch for this game on the PSP. http://vndb.org/v5299 How about we try contracting their hacker, maybe they know
  2. I have already looked at vndb, but unfortunately they are sometimes inaccurate. There are games with yaoi that aren't marked with it. Here's an example Hoshi no Sasayaki http://vndb.org/v9024 Sorry I dunno who the character is And ending is unknown to me. here's some proof if you doubt me http://g.e-hentai.org/s/2e29b336fd/229224-108 And the only reason it has a yaoi tag is it's because I put it there
  3. Now why doesn't that surprise me? I really don't see any reason to put my faith in licensing companies anymore. Most of the VNs in the world is translated by fan groups anyway. I know it sounds pessimistic, but for me I feel like none of their releases mean anything to me anymore. Well maybe Sekai project will do doujin VNs so maybe things will get better
  4. I would definitely recommend Crowd's gender bender titles as some great comedies. http://vndb.org/v130 http://vndb.org/v817 http://vndb.org/v1492 I suggest you try them out :D/>
  5. If they were to translate something I was hoping they would translate Cross Days Oh well the name of the group has already lost meaning
  6. Do you like BL? Just judging from your avatar that you are
  7. OK then here's a some H-games with BL in it Hitsujitachi no Yuutsu ~Concrete ni Utsuru Kage~ http://vndb.org/v4449 sorry forgot his name And there is a BL ending where he dates a man And of course my all time fave Cross Days http://vndb.org/v1193 Yuuki Ashikaga yes it does have a BL ending with Makoto as his lover
  8. I am also a huge fan of BL as well. If you want I can even give you some list of H-games that have BL content in it. I'm always searching for the new BL frontier.
  9. Wow that's cool! I'm also going to be a nurse
  10. You know it has been my mission to find as many BL even in the smallest cracks of the VN community. So can you guys name some H-games that have Yaoi in it. Most of these yaoi content is from traps, but to me it's still BL Here's how you'll post it. Name: vndb: name of character: does it have a BL ending: (I put that there because there are games with yaoi but no BL ending like Draculius. So try to name as many as you can!
  11. Actually I was planning on doing that very project you mentioned. But as you might have read in aarinfantasy our team is doing the Sukisho series. But here's the deal. If you can find a translator willing to do translations for the game, then we can have the project off the ground. Just one translator or more will be enough. So you better start searching
  12. I tried hooking this game from morningstar http://vndb.org/v12486 But I can't hook the text. Does anyone know any agth code or ITH to hook to this game engine? I really don't know what to use for bruns engine
  13. It's looking good. But I agree with the previous comment it needs paragraphs
  14. Well no I haven't tried the IRC channel. Can you give me a list of fansub IRC channels
  15. Well thank you for the support it's truly appreciated. And I did try sending emails to fansubbing groups, but no reply. Is there a group that would be interested in doing this? Or better yet can anyone give me a list of groups to contact so I can search them out
  16. Actually this project is still active and on-going. We just need more translators joining us. Proof reading comes later after translations
  17. try this website for making visual novels http://vnengine.com/index.html
  18. Well it seems there are plenty of opinions that contradict each other. Well sounds like the better alternative would be to actually build and run your own localization company. If you want eroges to get more translated just start your own localization company and see where it goes. Well that is just a thought. I wonder what it's like for a fan to run a company.
  19. I read it and it still brings me back to the point. Porn is a hard issue to tackle that much I understand. But if they have to fix a game that isn't broken, that would compromise the quality and integrity of the game. If they choose to localize pornographic games that is the companies decision. But if they choose to localize an original all ages game that is also their decision. Some people don't like porn, but there are also others that do. If the company wants to prove a point that it doesn't localize a 18+ game then don't. There are plenty of games that can be safe for all ages and they should just tap in on that market.
  20. Well if they want to localize games that are safe for all and don't show H-scenes. They should just consider localizing Otome games. I mean the game is mostly directed for girls, but that doesn't mean boy's can't play. Well when it comes to games and television gender just really doesn't matter. Even girls can play Call of Duty and boys can watch My Little Pony. It's all just a matter of personal preference. I truly find it silly that they would try to remove H-scenes or edit them, considering that all the porn in America is completely uncensored. The VN market is so hard to understand, even considering cutting out sex scenes just to make it safe for all ages. They should just localize VNs that have no sex, that would then be considered more appropriate. And let's also remember that when you buy an 18+ game, it's meant to be for 18+. So that means it's a matter of personal responsibility that a person plays it at his/her own discretion. The localization company must understand who they are selling the game to. If it's 18+ it truly means that it's meant for adults that understand about sex. I don't get why they have to butcher VNs for the children if it isn't meant for children. :mellow:/>
  21. Try learning at these sites http://kipchu.wordpress.com/2012/08/02/visual-novel-help-translation-tools-for-playing-untranslated-visual-novels/ http://amaenboda.wordpress.com/tag/jparser/
  22. Yeah I also agree. That would destroy the entire story. They would have to modify the game and the story to do that. That's what Peach Princess did with X-Change 3 and there were issues with the changes they made.
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