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  1. https://forums.fuwanovel.net/index.php?/topic/2841-desperately-need-help-with-beautiful-melody-of-sin-translation-project/ Anyone who can and is willing to help, please check this out. In the meantime, any information people can give me, in basic terms, is appreciated. Is it possible to do a project like this without doing this jailbreaking thing?
  2. That's the issue. I've even found someone willing to translate it. Any ideas?
  3. At least it's possible. Now I've just got to find someone willing.O_O
  4. The Beautiful Melody of Sin Because this exists, and it would be great if such a thing were possible.
  5. What's your point? I'm aware the game is out of print.
  6. To legally play the game, you'd need to pay upwards of $200, and no matter what the budget, that is not an excuse for a sloppy job. I'm on a team with only two others, and none of us are getting paid anything. But we still go to great lengths to ensure the quality of the product. That should be all the more true if you are releasing a product officially and expect people to pay money for it.
  7. If that were the case, I'd be really irritated. There's just no excuse when it's an official thing.
  8. Nothing really seems different, though.O_o Still the same problems.
  9. Thanks. I think I've got it now. But I'm still playing Ever 17, so I'll probably beat that first. I love these trapped games the most, I think.
  10. No luck. Added both the folder and file, but Norton just scans and removes it anyway.
  11. I got it from here. False positive? All I know, is that when I try to launch the game, Norton says it is dangerous and automatically removes it.
  12. The one everyone seemed to be having on the first page, where they couldn't get the game to start using either exe file.
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