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  1. How fast are you?

    Words per minute (WPM) 87 Keystrokes 440 (433 | 7) Correct words 80 Wrong words 1 because roommate is sleeping, i couldn't smash my keys and make all kinds of noise. when you want to rage in warcraft 3 as a 10 year old you get fast at typing
  2. Was wondering if I could get some

    Swan Song is a great post-apocalyptic type game. Made by the people who made Cross Channel, it is set after a 10+ magnitude earthquake hits Japan. I can't say much more without spoiling it, but it's a thriller with a particularly peculiar protagonist.
  3. Corrupt A Wish

    Granted, however you are now a fish. I wish I were a chick magnet.
  4. Rewrite Discussion Thread

    Does anyone know what the voice speed option is for? I tried it, and the only use I can think of for it would be to make Pani sound even more ridiculous.
  5. The same way I feel about people who aren't fluent in English. I have a Korean friend whose sister is bilingual. She would read the Harry Potter books in English when they came out and spoil everything for her friends. It's basically like... "Sucks to be you, doesn't it?"
  6. Rewrite Discussion Thread

    This is true... let's be honest, does anyone even remember Yukine from Clannad? I had to look her name up just now because I totally forgot.
  7. Rewrite Discussion Thread

    No, you're far from the only one. At the moment I've gone through every route save Terra and I have to say that I was quite disappointed in Shizuru and Chihaya's route's. I am a sucker for romance, and I thought the romance between Kotarou and Chihaya/Shizuru was really fabricated. The other girls have their own quirks and situations that make themselves appealing to Kotarou, Shizuru's route felt cheap and rushed, and there really wasn't that much interesting about it. It's a real shame because I like her character. If I had to choose one route of Rewrite for someone to play, it would be Lucia's simply because of her dere.
  8. I want to finish this game already! Thread

    This. Whenever I find it boring to continue a game, I won't skip, I'll just outright drop it. I've done that with 3 Key games, Clannad, Little Busters and Kanon. Clannad because it's just too damned long and I had to get EVERY single little fricken route, even Akio's route, Little Busters because the common route was really tedious and I just didn't like Kanon. I'm having the same problem with Hoshizora no Memoria as I did with Little Busters (i.e. when will they get to the point??) Is Hoshizora no Memoria worth it? As for Rewrite, each route is different so I wouldn't write off (no pun intended) the entire game due to one boring route
  9. AX in california?

    I'm half as well. I'm yonsei, how 'bout you? Also, I want to go to the LA anime con. I've been to Youmacon (which is in Detroit) twice. Is the LA convention really that great? and as for a meetup, I'd say the best thing for you guys to do would be to get a schedule of the place as soon as you possibly can, mark a place on the map and meet at that place at the designated time. That way you can make sure that you guys aren't going to miss too many panels as well as make time for talking/planning on what panels you might want to see together. As for identification... well maybe if you're cosplaying you can tell people what you're cosplaying as.
  10. How nice/horrible is your desk?

    That looks like a nice view. What exactly is it looking at? My desk is so small that it takes about 20 seconds to clean it up. Solidbatman has a really cool setup :/ do want. Electric Schecter, 'Coustic Fender. headphones are DT-770, he-400, AD-700.
  11. Top Ten Favorite anime

    10. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai 9. Bakemonogatari 8. Samurai Champloo 7. Darker than Black 6. Neon Genesis 5. Serial Experiments: Lain 4. Haibane Renmei 3. One Piece 2. Madoka Magica 1. Fate/Zero I try to keep it classy, but One Piece just slipped in there somehow
  12. What are you listening to right now?

    Anyone else love Dystopia/Demetori? I have a friend who is absolutely in love with demetori, and in his honor
  13. Hey there

    Nicee, what part of Cali you from? I'm from Huntington Beach myself. Also, I'm in JPN 102, but my listening skills are probably on level of a 301 (too much drama + anime). It's hilarious! Most of the jokes are actually funny, which was surprising. I did the same thing, I uninstalled when I realized it wasn't going to be out for a good half year at best. I still have no idea what those gangster girls are about too. which route was your favorite so far?
  14. Hey there

    Thank you so much Aaeru! I'm really looking forward to being a part of a team. Also, thanks for the warning, I will stay away from those folks... I have no preference as to what project I'm a part of. I'd love to help you with D.C.! I'll inbox you soon. the 'Infinity' series by KID is much like the scientific adventure series by Nitroplus & 5pb. (steins;gate, chaos;head etc.) in that each VN can be read standalone. The first time I went through Ever 17 I did Tsugumi > Sora > Sara > You, but personally I think doing it Tsugumi > Sara > Sora > You is probably better simply because [tsugumi + sora] and [you + sara] are both viewed from different protagonists POV. If you get around to it, tell me how it goes
  15. Hey there

    Hm.. I guess my top three would be Ever 17, F/SN and Steins;Gate, in no particular order. Sayonara Z-sensei is one of my favorite comedies, it's up there with Gintama . What have you been playing recently?