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  1. #TLDrama This is in the end, another fan translation. Why do people keep forgetting that? Why do people complain about stuff non-professional people do for a hobby? Every single time I swear. But I'm not even going to bother now. Keep at it Akerou, you're doing a great job just translating every week and not dropping your projects like most mediocre translators out there do. Doing this when you're not even a native speaker is a huge accomplishment on its own already, so godspeed.
  2. Trust me, I'm not picky at all when it comes to translations. It is always a very bad idea when someone tries to compare a translation with their own or/and try to spot what is wrong and what isn't, but it's a whole different thing if the translation is just plain wrong. That being said, I also think they are doing an awesome work and I appreciate their dedication, otherwise I wouldn't even be bothered to post here. (And I don't even post at all anyway)
  3. Advice for a beginning translator

    Everyone can definitely share their opinion on the matter but more trusted translators' opinions are usually a lot more relevant than that of random ones. I definitely don't have to go around proving everything I say in every single post though. From the very moment you decide to translate something you are already pretty much overwriting the authors' original style, no matter the title and no matter how good you are of a translator/TLC. So complaining about not keeping the original writing intact while translating really is silly if you ask me. Sure, it is exactly because of this that it will always be better to read the title in its original language but that is just reserved for the people that can actually do it. I seriously can't understand the people complaining about stuff like this in what is fundamentally a fan translation. But thanks for proving that the ones that do it are always just complaining about irrelevant and very subjective stuff. Don't want having the authors' flavor changed? Then you definitely should never read a translation.
  4. Advice for a beginning translator

    ^The people that usually tend to complain about Ixrec's translations most of the time always go on ranting about irrelevant and very subjective stuff. But you have his own words on that matter, if you missed them from my first post:
  5. Advice for a beginning translator

    Definitely strongly against this statement of necessarily having to have one TLC or your project is guaranteed to be pretty much shit. Seriously, this really is not the case and it really depends a lot on the person that is doing the translation. Shit happens, and like the comment before mine here, a translator can burn himself out sometimes, that's a given. However that really doesn't mean you can't be good enough to TLC your own work or pull a good raw translation without actually having to depend on a TLC. In my personal opinion any given TLC really is just a waste of time for any translation out there. If you're not actually capable of taking care of the script on your own, then you're most likely not ready to be a translator just yet. It is probably thanks to sticking to Ixrec as a mentor that I can probably say this though. Then again, borrowing his words here, the very idea of seeking a TLC for everything out there falls into what is just massively overcomplicating things and having an overly high opinion of what it is we are all doing, which is just a simple fan translation. One other thing I'm also strongly against is having more than one translator work for a given project. As also recommended by Ixrec himself, it is definitely a bad idea to consider having more than one translator for a project, no matter how big it may be. You either do it or you just don't even try to. It is actually because most projects usually tend to have more than one translator that the finished work is generally a really messy mix of different translations styles that most of the time don't constitute what could be called a decent translation. But in the end there really is no need to overcomplicate stuff. A fan translation is exactly what the name implies, so my advice for any beginning translator out there would be to actually attempt to translate something following the points that were listed in this thread, definitely try to get stuff done and improve from experience alone. Also, for anyone out there actually trying you should definitely find yourself a more experienced translator that is willing to help you. It helps you improve so much faster than what you'd actually expect.
  6. Did you manage to extract all the images too?
  7. ハロー

    Favorite visual novel is definitely Rewrite. What's yours? And thanks for the moe. Also edited original post, no longer a translator for any active project.
  8. I don't know if you're looking for translated visual novels or not, but you should try -Comyu-
  9. Oh astro, I would've helped you translate this visual novel since it's one of my favorites, but I can't really do it now since I'm already taking a different project. I will help if you guys are not dead by the time I finish Ao no Kanata. But I will say this here again, it's a really, really bad idea to have so many translators in one project.
  10. You should probably remove Alice and just leave it as 'prez'.
  11. ハロー

    Not really good with this kind of thing. I decided to join fuwanovel forums because someone told me a certain person was searching for a translator for Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm. It was one of those visual novels I've wanted to read ever since it was announced due to its gorgeous art and some other reasons, so I obviously wanted to help him. I have been studying Japanese for a fairly amount of time already and I've translated a lot of random stuff from time to time. I'm actually one of those translators that likes helping people learn the language a lot. Most of the stuff I've learned over the past years I owe it to Ixrec from Amaterasu translations, so I believe helping others just like how I received help from him is a must from my end. I can't really tell if I am going to be a very active member here, since I already have a lot of stuff I want to do and I'm usually a very busy person but, I'm willing to help anyone that actually makes a serious effort to learn Japanese, so don't hesitate to pm me about stuff like that. Christmas is almost here too, so merry Christmas to all of you. And here's a Yaya, because Yaya is too awesome. Edit: No longer taking on any active translation project.
  12. Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm Translation Project

    Wow there's actually someone translating koikano already? My physical copy isn't even here yet, but I would've loved to translate it. Edit. It's always a bad idea to have more than one translator for projects like this. It's probably the main reason why there aren't many groups like Amaterasu out there. Well, pm sent and time to see how things develop.