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  1. Yes, not to mention they were in the middle of translating Harvest Festa. No problem and thanks !
  2. Thanks guys ! While I could ask Ixrec about this he doesn't seem to be active anymore. Maybe it's worth a shot though.
  3. Thanks I'll need it, and good to know I'm aware of that, which is why I'm telling people not to get their hopes up, but I still want to try, maybe someone qualified is interested in translating this, and thanks.
  4. Thanks for the messages, if it comes to C&D well I'll see but thanks for letting me know, because I'm probably going to change my plans a bit then.
  5. Hello Lady! Translation Project Recruitment VNDB Hello everyone, I am coming forth with a translation project that I’d love to make a reality. I’ve been a fan of Akatsuki Works for a very long time, love almost all of their titles and I’ve been waiting for three years now for someone to pick up Hello Lady! in order to translate it. However, no one picked it up and I thought it was about time for me to try my luck with it. So here I am, I’ve been preparing a lot of things since last week and I think I’m about ready to make my announcement. Because yeah, for now I’m all alone and if I’m making this post it’s mostly to see if there is anyone interested in helping me / seeing a Hello Lady! translation. If you’re looking for more information about the game, just browse the VNDB page: https://vndb.org/v13631 Current state I’d like to start by saying this, but unfortunately, I’m no translator and thus no progress on the translation have been made so far, however: I’ve spent the last week trying to extract the scripts and other files from the game, I’ve now figured how this all works and am able to extract everything without issue from the game. Despite a lot of trouble, I am now able to repack all kind of data inside the game (see the pictures at the end of this section) and there seems to be no issue with using English inside the game. I wrote a custom formatter to format the scripts into an easily readable format and scrapped everything useless from them, the scripts are now uploaded to my google drive as worksheets so they can be really easily edited and are stored in the cloud (I’m going to keep backups often though, just in case) So basically, I’ve done everything I could possibly do by myself. As I am not a native English speaker nor a Japanese speaker, I’d like to avoid doing any linguistic work (except proofreading for spelling mistakes and such). That being said, I’m not going to be completely useless during the whole project either, I can do a lot of small things on the side. As I said I can do some proofreading but I also have some skills in editing, not to the point of uncensoring of course, but I could edit the menus without too much trouble. Some images of the game with English text inserted: Here’s an approximation of the sentence count for each part of the game: Common Pershow (?) Tamao Sorako Eru Saku 5103 194 4040 3906 4563 6358 Not sure what Pershow is to be honest, anyway it’s very short. Recruitment As previously said, I would need to assemble a team in order to make this project a reality. If you want to volunteer, first thank you a lot, but then please contact me by private message here on Fuwanovel and not by responding to this thread. For now I am only looking for a translator (since nothing will be done without it) but I will open new positions as soon as a translator is found (if it ever happens ). Translators / Translation checkers I don’t really care about previous experience, what I’m looking for is someone serious about this (that can stay around for more than two weeks and who knows what they’re doing) and that have at least a few hours every week to give to the project, I don’t want this to drag on for years and I’d like to submit weekly updates as often as possible. That's all for the recruitment as of now. Final word Thanks to everyone who read up to this point, I hope that I’ll be able to found at least one translator because I’d really love to see this game translated. I’m going to check this thread and my Fuwanovel profile regularly from now on in hope to find a translator and I’ll update with new positions (Editing / QC) as soon as something happen, but please do not get your hopes up for now. - Azengar
  6. Just dropping by to say thanks, you guys are amazing !
  7. Is it the game or the installation that crashes ? Or both ?
  8. Shit just noticed S wasn't A, thank you ! More seriously at least it should be clear for everyone now.
  9. Yeah I'm glad to be back, shit happened but yeah it's better now.
  10. Wish you good luck guys ! It's a really good initiative to finish the stalled projects and on top of that the Majikoi serie really deserves to be translated.
  11. I don't really like Wanko's route myself but do you really need to go as far as to spit on the people who liked her route ? That's sad. I also think that there is a bit of forced drama in her route and I could feel it coming all the way but well it was touching nonetheless and hey, to each his own.
  12. It is really insulting in french though, I don't recommend using it as a title, that would be like taking 'shithead' as a title.
  13. Check your messages I sent you a little something.
  14. I'm finally going to read Miyako's too, I've waited so long !
  15. Hey everyone ! I'm dropping by to give news since I was inactive during something like 6 months due to real life problems, but well it's mostly settled up now so I'm coming back on Fuwanovel ! I also want to thank everyone in this thread since you gave me so much motivation when I was still extracting the scripts, seeing you all encouraging us gave me so much courage. I'm also really happy this project came to life, it's been really long and many people were involved but well it's here and I want to thank everyone who was involved for giving birth to this and doing awesome work ! I'm so glad we beat the cursed game and finally translated the last route, it's only deserved for such a good game. So thanks again everyone and cheers !
  16. This, truly a masterpiece I also enjoy very much the Key's OST.
  17. Not all of the Fate/stay night OST is awesome but some of the songs definitely are amazing.
  18. I was just kidding, meaning that most of the translation is done but I don't know when Kosuna will finish.
  19. We'll release it once we reach 500k on kickstarter.
  20. Maan, you all write an awful lot. I have to spend my little free time everyday to keep up with the thread haha, and I think it's going faster and faster these days. Also the translation is still going, I'm still discussing various things with the translator, Kosuna, but his days are very busy so that's quite complicated. I really think that this saying really fit the situation, "slowly but surely" !
  21. I agree, having a great understanding of the japanese media if I would've discovered visual novels before watching and reading tons of animes & mangas I don't think I would've enjoyed much, not to mention that most VN are also very long.
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