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  1. デイスクの読み書さでエラーが発生しました。 "An error has occurred in the read and write of the disk."
  2. I'm using Win 8.1 myself and don't have any problems. Stop seeding the torrent if you're still at it. Make sure the files aren't read-only.
  3. That's intriguing. Your job is rejecting? And welcome back, by the way. I'm sort of new to this forum myself, and I don't think I've met you before. From what I've noticed from the time I've registered and become more or less active member, the biggest change is probably in structure of this forum (as you may have noticed yourself as well). Member's Lounge, Help Us Out. Other than that - haven't noticed anything drastic. While I'm at it, allow to express my joy regarding the fact that we share the same favourite visual novel.
  4. Instant rejection. I like that.
  5. Stop smoking~~~~~

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. 傍観者


      What, the avatar?

    3. Monmon



      Well, i havent really see ur face wholly, but i think it fits ur sexy voice.


    4. 傍観者


      Hmm. I chose him because I think we share a similar personality. I wonder about the voice..

  6. At times motivation can be hard to find. Other times I even happen to look for a way to motivate my motivation itself. The best method (for me, at least) is the one Ren mentioned - find a person who has already travelled the path you're treading on, and be inspired by him by simply following in his footsteps. What may often keep you from progressing are doubts about whether what you're doing (or planning to do, in this case) is right or not, whether it will truly get you what you're aiming for. Following your own path (the one you pointed out for yourself using your own knowledge, for inst
  7. Your signature was made for cases like this, wasn't it? How is it?
  8. Finished Komomo's and Kosame's routes in Hoshizora no Memoria. Next comes Asuho. Probably.
  9. The details would be highly appreciated.
    1. Onlineglax


      Really like the detail that you can change the sound level. Just opened it and after a while I checked if it was raining outside...

    2. 傍観者


      Immersive, isn't it?

    3. Onlineglax


      Very immersive.

  10. Grisaia no Kajitsu is the safest bet. Pragmatic protagonist, intense story, beautiful graphics.
  11. 1) The main issue seems to be that most VNs consider the moral values of the protagonist and not your own. Well, think about this for a moment: what determines one's moral values and principles in the first place? Isn't that his/her own past experiences? If every given choice reflecting moral principles has to be picked by you, wouldn't that mean that the protagonist himself has no integrity of his own? What most VNs do is provide you with a point of view of an individual whose moral values are already established. It's obvious that at this point what's left for you is only to pick the route o
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