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  1. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    I have nothing but praise for Ouraibaa and Dowolf who are working hard for the translation, as well as the rest of the team. Now, this might just be my impatience speaking, but I think that if other programmers out there who know how to patch have offered their services, you should accept their help in the interest of getting this patch out as soon as possible (if, of course, Azengar doesn't mind - I'd like to think it'd be a load of his shoulders since he's preoccupied with real life now anyway) if it really is a max 10 hour job as another user has said before. I think that regardless of whose patch and translation will be used in the end, both Azengar and Kosuna should be credited for their work in this translation. Just my two cents, and keep rocking, people. I downloaded Majikoi a week ago and was really disappointed to see Miyako not translated. I can't express how happy I was when I saw that there was a translation project with actual progress being done. So, thanks to all of you.