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    reading, writing, occasionally drawing, listening to music, and (now) collecting awesome otome games (by any means necessary lol) :D

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  1. ...should I be worried? XD Also, I refuse to comment on that last statement. Thank you! (for the welcome and the suggestion...and the moe of course!) XD
  2. LOL. Yups. Is that a bad thing? XD
  3. Thank you all~! ^u^ Answering your questions: Nopes, my username is not a reference to the pokemon (I didn't even know there was a pokemon to refer to haha), and I haven't played Katawa Shoujo... is it good? o u o And my favourite VNs so far are the DRAMAtical Murder series and Starry Sky~After Spring.. (I honestly feel like saying the whole Starry Sky series even though I haven't played the others yet - though not for lack of searching.. lol) The Second Reproduction is pretty good too, though I preferred the art of the others better.
  4. Hi everyone ^u^ My name is Frogie (obviously not my real name, but bear with me please.. >u> ) I've only just started getting into visual novels and the like this year but so far I'm hooked! And this website seems pretty awesome - I hope to be active on it~ (Even though I've already made a post regarding a game error... heh.. >x< ) So, 'tis nice to meet you all~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
  5. Are you running your computer with Japan system locale? (link to instructions): Yes Game Name: DRAMAtical Murder Description of Problem: I've managed to complete all routes except Ren's. For some reason it won't let me. There is a point, where I assume Aoba is about to go into Ren's mind (?) and the whole screen turns black. The normal visual for a Scrap or Rhyme intro is that black and blue/red mini movie thing. I assume this is what's supposed to happen next. The screen does go black, but then the whole game stops and it closes down. I've tried many times to re-do the route but it always s
  6. playing DMMD and waiting to see if I have to make a game-error post... >.>

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