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  1. Walkthrough Requests

    Requesting a complete walkthrough for Wanko to Kurasou The current one is incomplete, meaning you won't be able to get a number of hidden CGs. ...and that means people won't be able to "100%" the game.
  2. If there were any other threads regarding this topic already posted here somewhere, than I'll apologize in advance. Please link them here if that's the case! So I want to know how difficult it is to edit in text when being part of a TL Team. Can I have an explanation from any of the editors here that frequent the forums? Do you use an installed program, or is it just editing/adding/replacing codes in a text.doc? Need to be informative in the programming area? Any tutorials would be appreciated as well. :3
  3. Thaank you for all the replies you guys! I can see alll the different views of what an editor is expected to do now, if they wanted to be seen as a potentially good editor. I've got all my answers. ps; Yea, I was talking about the position.
  4. VN Translation Suggestions/Poll

    VN Name: Secret Game Code:Revise VNDB link: http://vndb.org/v5435 Is there already a TLWiki project for this: No Hack/no hack: If it's required. Why do you want it to be TLed: I just simply love the visual novel because of it's "survival of the fittest" setting, as well as the conspiracies that happen along the way. Other info: This visual novel was released in January 2011, and the length is 10 - 30 hours (according to vndb.org)
  5. The Best AMVs Thread

    An amazing Date A Live AMV - edited by madaraxDAmv An amazing Clannad AMV with a misleading story portrayed - edited by aresshiachan85 An amazing Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo AMV - edited by bloosomangel10 Watch it all. :3
  6. The Best AMVs Thread

    The AMV called "High Correction" edited by Skydean, is probably the best one I've seen so far for that anime ...but you seem to already have seen it. I don't think there are any other AMVs that are up to that kind of level of editing using SzS, sorry. XD A Madoka Magica MAD, fan-made parody of Goku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei's Opening (created by Leco): Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei AMV edited by Irany
  7. The Best AMVs Thread

    If any of you guys want to see your favorite animes edited in a very good AMV, tell me and pass me your requests. I have a really large list of AMVs I've built up through my subscriptions and from my editing friends. I'll can share them if ever needed. :3
  8. The Best AMVs Thread

    This is a 15-minute MAD compilation of edited parodies, contains a large number of fan-made work of various visual novel and anime openings: I'm pretty sure a lot of you will love this, if you are all both a big fan of visual novels, as well as anime adaptions. Many editors were involved, and it was originally uploaded from nicovideo. This was compiled by 熊-kuma-. This one was awesome as well, various novels by Key are in this MAD: The visual novels used in this MAD seems like it dates back to probably the core member's first works, before the group "Key" was even created, up until their latest work aka Rewrite.
  9. The Best AMVs Thread

    An amazing Kanon 2006 AMV edited by Overture: An Air TV AMV that's really well done technically, a favorite of mines that portrays this anime, edited by BeautyxPain101: An AMV of mines that I'd thought I'd share as well, using Strike Witches:
  10. The Best AMVs Thread

    An AMV with a crossover of Hyouka & K-ON as the central story, along with other various animes: (created by Umika & ZEVS1993) Puella Magi Madoka Magica MAD by N.ec鱼丸: Clannad MAD by 寂寞风尘:
  11. The Best AMVs Thread

    Rewrite MAD by アルル: Irotoridori no Sekai MAD by かなで: Hoshizora no Memoria MAD by 芽愛:
  12. The Best AMVs Thread

    Amagami SS MAD by Kain-x-Spirits: Hatsuyuki Sakura MAD by 遠野: Mashiroiro Symphony MAD by かえる, 朝奈, nanakko & hatter:
  13. Koiken Otome: Recruitment and News

    I've just recently seen the opening just a few weeks ago, and it was truly eye-candy. If this visual novel is getting translated this soon, I'll support you guys all the way with this project! :3
  14. Link: http://vndb.org/v5000 I heard that this visual novel is very similar to Ever17, so I wanted to find out if anyone here has played this VN before? I want to hear your opinions if you've played either only this visual novel, or both. The summary of the VN makes it all the more intriguing: LABO - a giant research facility with a nuclear reactor... September 16, 2030 - 6:19:30 AM - the "incident" occurs... The security system malfunctions, locking down every section of the basement, trapping 3 rescuers and 6 people waiting to be rescued inside. The incident occurred because the nuclear reactor caused a meltdown, filling LABO with the ashes of its dead. There are still 9 hours before the system recovers. The rescuers have only enough drugs to prevent radiation exposure for 6 people, but what about the other 3 ... ? And strange unexplainable phenomena keep happening... There are 6 mysteries surrounding this incident: 1. During the incident, the captain of the rescue team lost his memory. What happened ? 2. Why were these normal high school students locked up in a place like this ? 3. A murdered body was found in the research facility they've been locked down in. Why ? 4. Why did this incident happen ? Why can't they get out ? 5. Why is one that cannot exist --- "that guy" --- here ? The mystery gets deeper and deeper. Gradually, the constant conflicts get more and more on these people's nerves... Which one of them can make it out of this hell alive ? The key to surviving is hidden 6 days ago. In the sealed memories of the young man ----
  15. New VN localization company: MoeNovel

    You guys seem to be going on pretty hard on this visual novel, and it's translations. It seems interesting though, and the artwork is very good. I might actually pre-order it without trying it out. B)
  16. VNs you would like to be animated~

    I heard that there is a visual novel that's completely animated throughout the whole game. Is there such a visual novel? o:
  17. VNs you are waiting for translations~

    Oh, thank you very much for the information.
  18. VNs you would like to be animated~

    Rewrite, that is all!
  19. VN Translation Suggestions/Poll

    VN Name: Irotoridori no Hikari VNDB link: http://vndb.org/v10028 Is there already a TLWiki project for this: Unconfirmed. Hack/no hack: If it's required. Why do you want it to be TLed: This is a fandisc of the original visual novel, Irotoridori no Sekai, which is currently being translated at the moment. I'm a fan of the visual novel, so a fandisc that continues the story is everything to the fan. Other info: The lead of the team that's translating Irotoridori no Sekai said that he might not be up for translating the fandisc when he's finished with the original visual novel. Until recently though, the translators seem to have disappeared and left the original project hanging... so this is an another problem to consider.
  20. VNs you are waiting for translations~

    Hatsuyuki Sakura Rewrite Harvest festa! Irotoridori no Sekai ...and Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a Shooting Star-