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  1. Download link to what? If you're talking about the actual visual novel, we can't really provide it ourselves; if it's the patch, it's not ready.
  2. Welp... We ran into another error that's now coming from a .bin file, related to one of the patch files... B) Editing progress will cease for awhile, might as well slow down anyway to let translations go further ahead. If anyone has any knowledge to share, feel free to do so.
  3. I only just recently found out that there was a complete translation for Flyable Hearts prior to Umikaze Translations's translation project, but read it was apparently on the level of a machine translation? Is this the infamous complete patch for the visual novel?
  4. I wish you all luck on the project! I'm a big fan of Mashiro Symphony (both the adaption and visual novel)! Seeing a new release with the same art really caught my attention. xDDD
  5. I would recommend you to play Hikoukigumo no Mukougawa :3
  6. I will re-read the conversations again and compare, thank you Cyrillej :3 Bow to Krylan, huehuehue.
  7. If anyone that is learning japanese is bored, and wants to do some random translating to test whatever they are trying to improve... then join this free-for-all xDDD
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nENucKzyQ3w Embracing
  9. I plan to finish the editing myself, but we will need some betatesters sooner or later. We need them to play the game while proofreading/QC'ing(quality checking) at the same time for me when a certain point in translations come to pass. :3
  10. It probably is cursed.. I tried packing the revised scripts to test it myself, but look at what happened when I tried opening it using my patch! This is giving me a headache. xDDD
  11. Oh look, it's that visual novel with that addictive opening. xDDD I wish your team the best of luck on the project.
  12. Team reformed a few weeks ago and broken down; it's only a few of us now.. xDDD Updates are still coming now and then, but there is actually some new progress with our new translator now!
  13. Kamikaze Explorer and Tsuisou no Augment are beginner levels? Whoa... I thought that they would have a lot of unique kanji. >>
  14. I don't know how the original translation got "I'll kill you" from.. so I guess my listening skills were right this time. Thank you :3
  15. 「重いって言ったら、承知しないわよ」 「If you ever tell me I'm heavy again, I'll kill you.」 ...or..... 「If you ever tell me I'm heavy again, I won't be as forgiving next time.」 Are these translations accurate? The one above is the original translation, and the one below is my own translation. xDDD
  16. < 4 of the 5 routes for the new heroines (Tatsuko's route isn't translated.) + 2 side routes >
  17. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4FOT3A4Exy2yt6rLzk5QeXAIKZDDCX5D ^ It's not complete but someone is currently giving translations for Miyako's Route and uploading it, hope it helps
  18. I read the continuation of the heroine's routes b/c I wanted to find out what happens to them afterwards.. it was pretty average but enjoyable. As expected of side-stories though. I think it's worth picking up but it'll be pretty boring at times. :3 There is also Houzuki's backstory if you're curious about the guy's past and how he turned out that way losing all emotion.
  19. My list of vn quotes i've noted down just because they were that memorable:
  20. Time to start reading these two vns; I already had a feeling these two vns were the best releases for March. XD Thank you for putting the time on writing this up!
  21. "Becoming stronger helps you gain more choices, you won't be able to do anything if you have too few choices. But don't be too obsessed about becoming strong. If you become too strong then you might gain too many choices. Many have ended up regretting choosing the wrong choice along the way and strayed from their original path. Aim for strength in moderation. Even the weak can overpower the strong exactly because they have fewer choices. It all comes down to the strength of the resolve of the individual." — Kuki Youkou (Ayakashibito) "When you change yourself, the world changes with you. For example, say there's someone you hate. You never greet them when you meet. In fact, you get into fights when you do meet. But then one day, you try smiling at this person you hate. Then you don't get into a fight even though you always did. One single action you take causes something different than usual to happen. That's one of the little things meant by the world changing. Everyone lives through their relationships with other people. So if one of those people changes, then the other is forced to change too. So if you change yourself, then the world changes too. I think the simplest way to change the world is to change yourself." — Shouichi Suganuma (Deardrops)  <⌒/ヽ-、___ /<_/____/
  22. I'm not dropping this even if I have to replace a whole new active team. I'll finish this to the end! You can consider this pretty inactive though. We're keeping the progess for the editing % amongst ourselves since I can't come by and update it every chance I get. As for the translation side, I don't actually know what's happening with the translator but he told me that he'll get it done. Not sure if his life is too busy yet.
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