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  1. VN Player Mentors Wanted (for Science!)

    Sadly, of all the VN's I've so far read, none of them are on said starter list. I personally tend to recommend Hoshizora no Memoria as the best starter, since it's got just the right balance (and plenty of feels) to get someone really hooked into VNs. Still love to be a mentor, though.
  2. Howdy

    Hey, welcome, Steecchi. Looking for some feels? Go read Hoshizora no Memoria!
  3. Daisuki-yoo

    Welcome to the madhouse, Kat! I mean welcome to Fuwa! I totally meant....yeah, no, we're all mad here. But it's fun! For anime, I recommend Shiki at the top of the list. For VN, I recommend Hoshizora no Memoria.
  4. If Fuwanovel Was a Movie (Contest)

    Coming this summer. An epic like no other before it. The story of a community struggling to get by in the modern world of torrents and love. The story of one user's hopes and dreams. Visual novels. Internet trolls. And ONE MAN'S DREAM. *cue epic music* Action. "Get this message to the Archmage's Tower! *slaps him* Listen to me! Get this message to him, no matter the cost!" Romance. "No, we can't do this..." "But I lo-!" *turns away* "No! You're an admin! It could never be..." The sudden appearance of a little sister and a childhood friend that must now fight for her love. "Onii-tan is mine!" "No way! I won't hand over my best friend to some skeevy little girl!" Clothes-rending fight scenes that will take your breath away. "Come! Fight me for onii-tan in this pool full of vanilla pudding!" "Show me your kung-fu, little brat!" Cliche supernatural plot twists. "HAHAHA, you thought you could defeat the great Daimaou? FOOLISHNESS." "Tch! Of course she's the Great Demon King!" An unexpected friend in the yakuza. "We got your back, aniki!" "Yeah, kick his ass!" "Actually, it's a demon pretending to be his imouto, you idiot!" And enough smut to choke a bus full of nuns. Filled to the brim with intruigue and danger, a heart-pulsing, edge-of-your-seat thrill-ride, this is one story of courage and lust you can't afford to miss. Co-directed by Micheal Bay, Hugh Hefner and Quentin Tarantino: FUWAPOCALYPSE. *SPLOSIONS*
  5. Long time, no see!

    Eh, probably not. I wasn't around too long before my sudden, uhh, "hiatus".
  6. Long time, no see!

    Oh man, that's an actual thread? Totally on it, though I'm not terribly surprised by this. xD
  7. Long time, no see!

    Fuwapocalypse...... ....I can hear the movie trailer already. Coming this summer. An epic like no other before it. Visual novels. Internet trolls. And ONE MAN'S DREAM. *cue epic music* Action. Romance. Supernatural plot twists. Co-directed by Micheal Bay and Quentin Tarantino: FUWAPOCALYPSE. *SPLOSIONS* ....oh my god, I need more coffee. I mean sleep. I mean. .........what day is it, again...?
  8. Long time, no see!

    Thanks, Meogii-tan. It's good to be back.
  9. Long time, no see!

  10. Long time, no see!

    Haha, yeah, that's why I came in the winter, so I could gradually acclimate to the heat and not get totally slaughtered by moving here in the dead of summer heat. I'm also told the lightning during monsoon season is a sight to see, so I'm looking forward tot hat, too.
  11. Long time, no see!

    Four days and three nights on a Greyhound bus, but most of it was spent with the same handful of colorful characters, so it went by pretty quickly. So far I'm loving it here, and the heat is way better for my back. The people are also so much nicer out here! It's almost like night and day compared to New England. Though, the job market's still not great, but hey.
  12. Long time, no see!

    Yeah, I heard about that. Well, I basically had already gotten the things I wanted off here anyway, so I'm not too worried about it. Not like I'll leave the community just because I can't download things from here anymore.
  13. Hey there!

    Welcome to Fuwa, please enjoy your stay! -wait, what am I, a secretary or something? Just post in whatever interests you, and friends will come your way. It's not hard to gain a post count (or friends) if you actually talk to people here. This is, after all, possibly the coolest place on the internet.
  14. Long time, no see!

    ....oh my god, I just face/palm'd so hard I woke my roommate up.
  15. How long before Fuwanovel shuts down?

    Oh man, this gave me a heart attack! Jeez, don't scare me like that, guys. I'm glad that the forums are sticking around, and I'll still be glad to be a member of the community. Tough shit to anyone who leaves, though. I bet half of them will come crawling back with new accounts once they realize Fuwa was the best place for this kind of stuff. Ah well.