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  1. Sigh, kinda bored - wishing there was some new H-jrpg out and in english (something like Kamidori). In the mood for sexytime mixed with actual gameplay, but I've played everything that I know of that already meets that criteria. (Rance, bible black, little witch - even Kingdom, lol.)


    Meh, maybe I'll just ditch the sexytime aspect and buy Andromeda or something~

    1. TexasDice


      Don't do it. There are lots of great games coming out recently and Andromeda is not one of them.

    2. Suzu Fanatic

      Suzu Fanatic

      Yeah decided against it heh, from all that I've heard - and a pricetag just abit too high for me. Decided to just dust off something from my backlog, rather then buy something new~