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  1. Before editing and/or TLC, someone should probably turn the current script into readable sentences. I'd be happy to help with that. (I'd be cross-referencing with the Japanese game script, so don't worry about me just winging it.)
  2. Sekai Project Official Grisaia Translation?

    Cool. I trust Sekai Project will do their best.
  3. Sekai Project Official Grisaia Translation?

    You're going overboard. This is nothing like IMHHW. There's still sexual stuff in the Vita version. Things like http://www.gamer.ne.jp/news/201307230047/image/8/
  4. Sekai Project Official Grisaia Translation?

    I'm still going to support the Kickstarter, since I was going to buy both versions (the Vita version has extra CG not in the 18+ version.) In the best case, I'll end up with vouchers for the 18+ version as well.
  5. Littlewitch Romanesque thoughts

    I've got my copy preordered. It's a little Christmas present to myself.
  6. Do you buy VNs?

    Fan discs, with the exception of My Girlfriend is the President. I have both ENG and JPN copies of that game.
  7. Do you buy VNs?

    I do, indeed. I haven't bought any JPN releases lately, though, and I'm buying my ENG stuff digitally.
  8. What do you look for in a Translation Project?

    Readability and (close to) error-free prose are things I take as a given. Neglecting to proofread your translation before final release is inexcusable. There will always be something that slips by, but you need to make an effort. I definitely err towards faithfulness rather than localization. While I occasionally use English idioms, I try to retain the original or something similar as often as possible. Translation notes come in handy for cultural references. Keeping the length and flow of the English text similar to the Japanese, especially during voiced dialogue, is also important to me. You don't want to have three lines of text when a character only says a few words. That really bugged me about Grisaia's translation. In short, I'm kind of a picky person.
  9. Speaking of FAVORITE scripts, I can't get the tools from the Irotoridori thread to work. Could somebody who knows how to use Python dump them to txt for me? The file that needs dumping is here: http://www57.zippyshare.com/v/61766395/file.html
  10. Fan Translator Skills Registration

    1) Handle (the one you use or plan to use): Nakige_R_Us 2) Positions you can fill: editor, proofreader, can translate in a pinch 3) Types of projects (VNs) preferred: nakige, moege, story-heavy games 4) Availability (edit this one as you get involved in projects): Unavailable 5) VNs most interested in producing an ftl for: Irotoridori no Sekai/Hikari, Majo Koi Nikki, Hapymaher 6) Motivation for joining in on ftl: love for the genre, boredom 7) Conditions* (any additional conditions, under which you will or won't work): No BL, otome, or yuri games. (Single yuri or BL routes within a larger game are okay.) No extreme dark sexual content (rape, tentacles, etc.) Nothing overly gory. Don't ask me to do anything technical. I can't do it.
  11. Are you interested in Irotoridori no Sekai, by any chance? I'd be happy to switch to the editor position, if you'd like to translate. Astral Air is okay with me, too. I'm happy as long as we're working on a nakige.